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Brian Bonar’s Magnificent Bellamy

Brian Bonar is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, and Trucept, Inc. He established an apprentice degree at the University of Strathclyde, a Master’s Bachelor’s Degree in Staffordshire University, and later, a doctorate from the Staffordshire University of England.

Through his career, he has developed a leadership character, which inspires achievement of extended project partners, team members and client’s aspirations, and goals. Brian Bonar creates the combination of skills and experience that lead to great client relationships, project building, and excellent partners.

His unbeaten entrepreneurial career is driven by knowledge, love for planning developments, and his careful considerations when accomplishing details.

As an engineer Brian Bonar has combined expertise knowledge in design development, site and building design, procurement, land use approvals, contract administration, and stakeholders project guidance through composite procedures.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Brian Bonar is also San Diego’s top Chef. He owns the Bellamy Grand Bistro, a restaurant found in Escondido, San Diego, California.

The restaurant serves the finest food in the entire San Diego City and is home to internationally recognized chefs like Patrick Ponsaty of France. Bellamy’s elegant dishes develop Escondido as the other preferable dining choice in San Diego, California.

His restaurant, Bellamy, was featured in the 23rd August 2013 digital edition of a San Diego Magazine. The Magazine rated Bellamy as one of the best eating points in San Diego, California.

The magazine reported Bellamy as a best-served and a prime food destination in the whole of San Diego. The writer of the magazine, Troy Johnson, had a first dining experience at the Bistro and narrated an appraisal of the restaurant.

Troy encouraged the Magazine readers to head to the bistro and enjoy great cuisines, like the saffron pannacotta dessert supplied with strawberry-hibiscus consommé, warm madeleine, sugar dust, and orange zest.

The writer enjoyed the absolute dish masterpieces at the restaurant. The author explains how comfortable the restaurant’s environment is and how the restaurant rates highly compared to the other tourist based restaurants in San Diego.

The writer gave experience accounts about the excellent skills and service offered by the restaurant’s French chef.

Bloomberg provided an account of the brains behind the magnificent Bellamy Grand Bistro. It established Brian Bonar as San Diego’s most great restaurant upmarket. The article suggested another piece work of Brian Bonar, the Bandy Canyon Restaurant.

The Bandy Canyon Restaurant is Bonar’s projected high-class restaurant to be located in a close by California Ranch. With the vast professional experience, Brian Bonar combines management experience to the different background history to make him a one of a kind restaurant designer.

His success as an entrepreneur and top chef makes Escondido the perfect eating target in San Diego California.