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Vincent Parascandola: The Man Who Builds his Clients’ Future

Vincent Parascandola is one of the most senior financial experts in the United States. He is the Vice President and the financial advisor of AXA Advisors, LLC, a firm that specializes in consultation and advisory services in the realm of finance and investment. He is a veteran broker with an immense expertise in selling and buying of shares. His decades of experience in financial market have earned him a lot of respect and appreciation in the fraternity of finance and brokerage. For the last four years, he has been working in his current position with Axa Advisory, LLC.


Vincent specializes in several areas of financial services which include retirement planning; asset management, life insurance, and estate planning. On these areas, he has an excellent expertise and over the years he has gained momentous success in these areas. At AXA Advisory, he is investing his energies and skills in these areas. As Financial Advisor at AXA Advisory, the chief responsibility of Vincent is to figure out the needs and basal financial interests of his clients. He is the focal person at the firm who is entrusted with the responsibility to devise and implement various strategies to meet the company’s short term and long term goals.


Vincent has gained extensive experience in almost all the financial services the AXA Advisory provides over the last four years of his association with the company. He advises his clients in how to secure their financial future by giving his valuable expertise and innovative knowledge in estate planning, investing in stocks, retiring planning. Moreover, he is of useful guidance to the clients who need advisory services in traditional and Roth IRAs’, annuities management, and risk management. In short, Vincent is a dynamic and experienced financial advisor who believes in making his clients’ future bright and productive; he helps them forge a planned strategy to realize a peaceful post-retirement life.


Vincent Parascandola earned his bachelor’s degree in science and an MBA in Finance from Fordham University. He is also an eloquent speaker and presents his informative speeches and presentations in seminars. In these informative sessions, he guides both people who want to plan a better future and those aspiring finance students who want to pursue a career in financial services.