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Sheldon Levin Using Teamwork To Bring About Exceptionalism

Exceptionalism is a state that is purposefully acquired. It takes multiple people working towards a similar goal. It takes multiple points view and ways to accomplish things. It takes a team. Sheldon Lavin has spent his 55 year career developing exceptional businesses that shine and excel in a very competitive field.

Mr. Lavin has both the experience and the education to bring out the exceptional in both businesses and people. He graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago Illinois with a Bachelor’s degree in business. He also attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern for accounting and finance.

Sheldon Lavin was born in 1932 and calls Chicago his home. He has opened a financial consulting firm in downtown Chicago. It was this firm that would give him his first big success and spell out exceptional in his career.

The firm Mr. Lavin started specializes in large scale financial operations. He offers guidance to his clients as to how to better serve their consumer base. This includes moving stock to where it is needed, how to improve on in store delivery of product, and how to enhance profitability.

In 1970 Sheldon Lavin first became involved with Otto & Sons. Since that time he has helped them grow from a small local company to an internationally recognized meat and protein based provider. Since his first encounter with the company he has moved from financial advisor to Chief Executive Officer for the company.

One of the key aspects to his success is communication. All employees are treated like family. Every person has a say in every decision. Humility has kept Lavin grounded and in touch with his team. He surrounds himself with people with all types of experiences so he has a huge base of insight when having to make important business decisions.

Sheldon Lavin has always desired to make a difference in the world. He states that having a basic plan is one way to accomplish goals. One must also rely on personal knowledge and instinct to accentuate changes in your community and business. Sheldon has a specific talent in being able to build businesses. He finds the best business builder is learning how to build up the people who work in the business. Read More:

Bhanu Choudhrie: An Indian-English Entrepreneurship Role Model

It is one thing for a professional like Bhanu Choudhrie to simply be blessed with a son, a wife and a luxury home. It is quite a difference, however for someone like Mr. Choudhrie to have earned himself a $25,000,000 home and multiple professionally-oriented awards. In order to do this, the Indian-born Mr. Choudhrie had to traverse multiple nations and industries on his way.

Leaving New Delhi, India, in 1996 was, for Choudhrie and important jump. The result of this jump was Mr. Choudhrie landing on a Boston University degree in 2000. Bhanu Choudhrie managed to parlay this degree into a temporary position inside of JPMorgan that same year.

Eventually he moved on from JP Morgan and went over to Great Britain. This marked the beginning of Bhanu Choudhrie’s London time financial rise. C&C Alpha Group Limited might not be a household name to casual financial readers, but it is precisely this entity that allowed Mr. Choudhrie to gain his current wealth, as well as his supreme philanthropic status.

It did so well, in fact, that its revenue paid for much of the operations that Path to Success, Choudhrie’s most beloved charity organization, needed to carry out. These operations were related to disabled women, and the bulk of the efforts involved career-oriented duties and aid. It makes sense to many in the London financial sphere that Mister Choudhrie would become the Public Life Award;s champion 2010.

From there, graduate studies back in America would begin. These would begin in 2013, and they ended in 2016. Impressively, that time was spent by Bhanu Choudhrie at none other than the University of Harvard.

Leaving there with his presidential management credentials opened up for Mister Choudhrie some opportunities with both Megalith Financial Acquisition Corporation and its peer known as Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation. Mr. Choudhrie found that he belongs on these groups’ boards, and his directing efforts were well received. Mister Bhanu Choudhrie even rose up to executive director at one of these groups. Clearly, Bhanu knows just how to prosper. This prosperity was achieved by him in education, investment and philanthropy.


Oren Frank’s Talkspace – A Revolutionary Approach to Therapy

Oren Frank, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talkspace, has developed an unprecedented platform for online therapy. Mr. Frank’s prestigious career has included positions such as Regional Creative Director at EMEA in London, CEO of Worldgroup Israel and Global Chief Creative Officer for MRM Worldwide. While this list doesn’t give all of the high level positions Frank has held, it does lend itself to his credibility as a leader in the corporate world. Check out Oren Frank’s videos

Oren Frank has developed an online platform that makes therapy accessible to individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have access to much needed psychological support. Because therapy can be costly for many, the Talkspace platform allows individuals to manage the way they receive therapy. It allows people to do therapy on their own terms and helps to mitigate the already existing stigma that comes with the word “therapy”. In his 2017 interview on Cheddar TV, Frank discusses how the stigma that is naturally associated with therapy has been a barrier to entry in his endeavor to expand the Talkspace platform. In his 2016 speech on the Future of Therapy, Oren discusses how our expensive yet ineffective system of healthcare has failed to accept this type of platform as a sufficient way to provide mental health support to individuals. In his speech, he references the fact that the major players in our healthcare system are, in fact, not motivated to see the potential of how the Talkspace platform could revolutionize how patients receive the mental healthcare support they need.

Oren Frank has used his own personal and private experiences to develop a platform that has helped tens of thousands of individuals. Through his own vulnerability and transparency, and sharing his own personal challenges, he is providing a much needed resource for individuals who face issues such as anxiety and depression.

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The Pre-eminent Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is a renowned entrepreneur in the food industry internationally. He is the CEO and chairman of the lucrative OSI Group in Chicago. He holds a crucial role at the OSI International Foods Ltd as the President. His academic background is in finance and accounting. Before his current company, he started as a financer to Otto & Sons in 1970. With time, the domestic company grew to the global OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin developed an interest in the food and meat manufacturing industry during the period. For this reason, he actualized the passion by leading in the organization’s growth.

In terms of achievements, Sheldon Lavin has set a record of various accomplishments. He holds prestigious accolades to his name. The notable one is the Global Visionary Award that he received in 2016. The decoration came from India’s Vision World Academy since he evolved Otto &Sons to OSI. Additionally, Sheldon took home the Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP. It was mainly to honor him for the philanthropic endeavors that he did for the Chicago community. He has contributed to various charities as a way to uplift the needy.

Sheldon Lavin employs various strategies at work to ensure utter success. For instance, he encourages teamwork such that they work as a family. He values the opinions of his employees, as well. He dedicates time to listen to them regarding all aspects at work. Moreover, he is pleased with his employees since they are talented and trustworthy. The unique work culture at OSI also entails calling each other using their first names. On that account, he is addressed as Sheldon or Shelly. The highlight is eating lunch together to foster great relationships at work.

Subsequently, Sheldon Lavin predicts a profitable future for the OSI Group. As of now, the organization serves in over 80 locations in 17 different countries. According to Sheldon, there will be more growth, even if he retires. Furthermore, the venture has proficient individuals who will carry on with the legacy. He attributes success to innovation that the firm has helped bring out seamlessly. Thus, he envisions the business will become the leading enterprise in the entire world.

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Achievements of Sudhir Choudhrie

Sudhir Choudhrie finds business and finances to be overly related. In his venture, he has noted that most processes cannot be handled without finances. From conducting the sales matters to giving thanks to employees, finances are always a big part of a business. He believes that all investors must always have enough capital for such needs. When the sales process is guided by substantial capital investments, they always turn out to be great for the venture. The modern marketing methods always make people have to spend a lot in the industry for everyone to understand the products that an enterprise has to offer. The more eye-catching and advert looks, the higher the chances of bringing clients to purchase them.

On the other hand, Sudhir Choudhrie does not always focus on the ideas that he discusses with the team that he gathers. For him, he believes that looking at the alternatives in business always helps him to identify those that can affect valid his potentials. For a long time, Sudhir Choudhrie has always found the most excellent tactics out of the ideas that he does not believe can bring him the successes he targets. He is still quick to reject those ideas that he thinks can be disastrous to his life. His family also shows him a lot of support and care as it depends on his methods of doing business to keep surviving.

Among the support he receives include the encouraging words, they give to him in his low moments. Besides, they also provide him with time to rest when he gets back home to enable him to continue reasoning efficiently when he is back to work. As the venture is a family business, he likes to engage with everyone on the crucial decisions that he needs to make for the company. Sudhir Choudhrie also likes to take trips abroad as he sees it as his chance to learn more things and make himself better in his career. With all the experiences he sees in other countries, he knows what he needs to bring to his diverse company to make life easier and better for everyone.

: How Boris Ivanov Went From International Diplomat To Oil Industry Leader

Boris Ivanov has a considerable amount of experience in the oil exploration and production industry, with much of this stemming from his work with several notable organizations. While Ivanov may be best known as the founder and managing director of GPB Global Resources, as well as time spent at Gazprom, he spent a large amount of his career with several other organizations before starting the firm. Born in Moscow, Ivanov graduated from university with a degree in International Relations before starting to work for the then USSR’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Boris Ivanov spent a decade with the agency, where he gained experience in a wide range of activities.

During this time, he was also able to make a variety of international contacts, some of which would prove to be useful in his later career. During this time, Boris Ivanov was stationed in Washington, D.C., where he was a member of the Soviet embassy’s the diplomatic staff. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, he was forced to consider other careers. As a result, he left the public sector in 1993 and began working as a private consultant to a few budding oil companies. In 1995, however, he returned to Moscow to work for Unibest Bank as its Vice President, a position he held until 2000. Over the following few years, Boris Ivanov held a variety of other positions, each of which helped to advance his career.

One of the more notable of these was working with Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG, where he served as Deputy Director-General. Following this, he soon began working with Gazprom, where he was responsible for a variety of activities. Some of the more prominent of these include helping to develop its international expansion strategy, among others. As a result of his success with the firm, he was tapped to lead Gazprom Exploration and Production International, where he specialized in creating a variety of new income streams for the overall business. Following this, Boris Ivanov would go on to found GPB Global Resources, which received a significant amount of success within a short amount of time. For example, after a few short months of operation, the company received a $1 billion contract with the government of Namibia.

Bhanu Choudhrie Predicts Women Will Save Aviation In Asia-Pacific

There is a storm on the horizon in the aviation industry. As of today, only industry insiders are concerned. However, if the issue at hand is not addressed responsibly, there could be serious trouble for both the airlines, their passengers, and the world economy.

To understand the menace, you only need to ask Bhanu Choudhrie, the founder of Alpha Aviation Group (AAG). Mr. Choudhrie has his finger on the pulse of the aviation industry. Since establishing AAG 13 years ago, the company has trained 900 pilots from 40 different countries around the world.

900 may sound like a lot, but Bhanu Choudhrie knows that it is a drop in the bucket. The boom in civil aviation in Asia, where AAG is based, has been overwhelming. Increased demand is actually the problem that is threatening the aviation industry worldwide.


According to Boeing, 645,000 additional pilots will be necessary by 2038. One-third of them will be needed to fly passengers in the Asia-Pacific region. The root of the problem is that there simply are not enough men available to train.

So far as Bhanu Choudhrie is concerned, the shortage can be managed. The solution is to make the cockpit available to women who up until now have not gravitated toward careers as airline pilots. Worldwide only 3% of airline pilots are female.

The aviation leader sees this as a sign of things to come. Without female pilots, regional carriers will not be able to expand their operations enough to meet the expected passenger traffic in coming years. As more women become licensed pilots, the clouds on the horizon should begin to clear up.

AAG has initiated a recruitment program that is intended to encourage women to apply to their flight school. It involves having female pilots presenting at universities around the Philippines. They share their experiences with young women who are curious about aviation as a possible career.

A trip to AAG’s campus in Pampanga province, just north of Manila, demonstrates that Filipino women are accepting the challenge. Currently, two out of every ten cadet pilots enrolled in the program are women.

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James Dondero Uses Quarter Of A Century In Dallas To Enhance Philanthropy

The people of Dallas, Texas have a large amount to be thankful for as the investment specialist and philanthropist, James Dondero has secured the future of many non-profit organizations across the city and the wider Texas region. The arrival of James Dondero and Mark Okada in Texas came in the early 1990s when the pair established Highland Capital Management in Dallas where the financial sector was growing steadily alongside the arts.

Dallas is usually seen as a vibrant and exciting city where the oil sector has brought a large number of investment and financial companies to the fore. In Dallas, Texas the influx of professionals in the financial and oil sectors has seen the arts and not-for-profit sectors grow at a fast rate with the need for donors never been greater. James Dondero has stepped into the void for financial donors to charitable groups and made a huge difference to the future of this bright and cheerful city.

When James Dondero was looking to start his philanthropic career there is little doubt he dreamed of the success of Highland Capital Management that now has over $17 billion in assets under management. As he built on the future of the Highland Capital Management brand, Dondero became more concerned with some of the social issues that were building throughout Texas and looked to back charities with financial support in different areas.

The issue of domestic abuse has been one that has concerned millions of people and is a problem in Texas where the Family Place has been working to build a safe haven for victims of abuse. James Dondero has become one of the most important supporters of the group as it builds for the future. In terms of the success that has been achieved by the charitable group, their work has been expanded by the funding provided by James Dondero and Highland Capital Management.

Peter Harris, Giving Shareholders a Chance

Peter Harris, the managing director of CBL Corp gave shareholders a chance to own a share of CBL Corp Ltd earlier this year. Many shareholders could not believe that CBL had placed so many shares on the market for sale, but they did. Earlier this year, CBL allowed prospective shareholders to purchase stock from CBL. The company placed more than $20 million dollars in the stock market. CBL Corp. is a great company to invest in. The company is one of the most elite European insurance companies to date. CBL has been in business for more than 10 years. Peter Harris has been with the company since its grand opening. Peter Harris was the employee of the company who decided to allow shareholders to purchase shares for the company.

If you aren’t familiar with Peter Harris’ background, he is an educated professional. Peter Harris attended the University of Auckland where he earned his master’s degree in financial services. In addition to being educated, Peter Harris is also very involved with several other projects. Peter Harris is currently a member of the Australian Graduate School of Management and NZ Latin America Business Council. He helps both of these organizations with their finances and he also helps to make various decisions for these schools.

Peter Harris made an informed decision when he decided to place stock for the company in the stock market. This opened many doors for the company and shareholders. The public is eager to see the stocks grow.

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VJ Eswaran Explores the Importance of Change in His Book, Two Minutes From the Abyss

In his popular book, Two Minutes from the Abyss, international businessman and philanthropist VJ Eswaran said it is important to recognize the quality of “change.” He said change is the equivalent of survival and necessity. Change is a way of forcing people out of their comfort zones.

VJ Eswaran says that change will happen to all of us, whether we want it to or not. That means you should anticipate that is going to happen so that you can react to that change in a positive and productive way.

Not all change is bad, Eswaran writes. Sometimes positive things sweep into our lives. At other times, change results from disaster. But it’s one response in the wake of a negative change that’s important.

The larger point about change that VJ Eswaran makes in his book is about the kind we consciously choose for ourselves. For example, a business owner may find that his or her profits have been dwindling for months. For any number of reasons, what was working in the past to make the business thrive isn’t working anymore. Something has to change.

The problem is, Eswaran writes, is that most people are naturally resistant to making the changes they need to make. They make a thousand excuses for themselves about why they should remain mired in the status quo. Mr. Eswaran said people easily get trapped in a “comfort zone” even long after that “zone” has ceased to be “comfortable.

But Eswaran said change is not just a tool for becoming better. He said change is a necessity. An examination of the “One Percent” shows that these people embrace change and welcome it. By “One Percent,” Eswaran is referring to the “movers and shakers’ of the world. He said they have become super successful because they understand that complacency is our worst enemy.

VJ Eswaran identifies the fear of change as one of the top factors that keep most people from achieving great things. They fear change because they convince themselves the outcome might be worse than their current situation.

Thus, Mr. Eswaran suggests we learn to embrace change. If we are fearful of change, then we must stare that fear directly in the face and push through it.