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Todd Lubar Excels in the Mortgage Industry

According to, serving as the President at TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar has built an impressive career over the years. A Syracuse University graduate, Lubar has built his legacy mostly from his work in the banking industry. He has excelled in a number of positions and has influenced a tremendous amount of people.

Todd Lubar graduated school with a degree in communications and speech. After college he began working his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It was here he learned the in’s and out’s of the mortgage industry. He began building the foundation for his future jobs. Lubar with stay with Crestar for about five years for moving on to more demanding roles. It was around this time he became a member of the Legacy Financial group. He helped lead this group’s e Maryland branch to production several 100 million dollars a year. Lubar was well on his way to great success.

Todd Lubar would continue in a number of other roles in the mortgage industry. He served as the Senior Vice President with Charter Funding in the early 2000’s. Here Todd was a member of one of the largest mortgage companies in the US. This collaboration allowed Todd to increase his business. He learned from a tremendous amount of overwhelming products and programs.

The mortgage industry would soon start to change. An unexpected turn caused Lubar to began to explore other options. Lubar began experimenting in other industries including the demolition industry, night club industry and recycling industry. Lubar again would experience great success. With the demolition industry he was able to lock in very large contracts with some of the largest general contractors in the country.

Todd Lubar has experienced great success over the years. He continues to find time for his great family and friends in the Maryland area. He continues to be open minded to other ventures. With his dedication and work ethic, he is certain to be around for many years to come.




OSI Group’s Explosive Growth

Under the leadership of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin OSI Group has grown into the 58th largest privately held company in the United States. OSI Group is a worldwide provider of food products with a specialization in processed meat products. Today they have facilities around the US as well as in Europe and operate in 16 countries.

OSI Group started in 1909 as a family meat market. In 1955 they became the supplier of beef to local McDonald’s restaurants. With the invention of cryogenic food processing in the late 60’s, McDonald’s was able to get rid of its network of local beef suppliers and rely on just 4 suppliers, one of which was OSI Group. OSI Group blew up in size and operations from there.

Under Lavin, OSI Group has acquired several companies, with the most recent companies being Flagship Europe and Baho Foods in Europe, greatly expanding their reach. Flagship Europe, based in the UK, was acquired in December 2016. Flagship Europe provides the UK market with poultry and sous vide products, sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, and dips. Baho Foods, based in the Netherlands, was acquired in August 2016. This company sells convenience foods, snacks, and deli meats throughout much of Europe and has processing plants in both Germany and the Netherlands. The company has gone from $3 billion in revenue in 2011 to $6.1 billion today. In recognition of his leadership, Sheldon Lavin was awarded a Global Vision Award by the Vision World Academy.

OSI Group is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. They have production facilities in North American, Europe, and Asia. They employ many people at their headquarters and at their facilities. They provide many jobs in America at their facilities including in Illinois, California, Utah, Iowa, and Wisconsin as well as their European and Asian locations. In all OSI Group employs over 20,000 people.

John Goullet, the Man behind the Success of Diversant LLC

John Goullet is a prominent and successful IT tech staffing expert and businessman. He began his lifelong career as a consultant in the IT sector before making a transition to IT staffing in 1994. Working both in the staffing and consultant side of IT gave him a broad and extensive perspective on the industry. John Goullet applied this understanding of emerging market trends to establish his own firm called Info Technologies. This company offered amazing IT staffing solutions to diverse companies nationwide including Fortune 500 Companies. His leadership in the company proved effective and within a period of 5 years, Info Technologies was worth $30 million. Additionally, the firm was listed as one of the successful and fast growing privately held US companies on the Inc. Magazines list.

Step to Great Success

As a visionary leader, Mr. Goullet saw that he could bear more fruits by partnering with other firms, and so he decided to merge his company, Info Technologies with the well-known Diversant Inc. The merger therefore formed Diversant LLC. He was then appointed the principal of the firm and still serves the same position to date. John Goullet is an active member of Diversant LLC. He specializes in forming important strategies to assist the firm face and conquer different challenges within the evolving IT industry. Working as the principal at Diversant LLC, John ensures that all services are well delivered to clients. Under his direction and that of other executives, the firm has managed to build a good reputation and maintain its position on top of the curve.


Mr. Goullet has shown a lot of professionalism and dedication in steering the firm, and this is evident following the drastic growth the company has had even in times of economic downturns. Being a committed and enthusiastic IT expert, John encourages his staff on daily basis to be creative thinkers and maintain high level of ethical behavior, discipline and respect. He strongly believes that team work is one of the factors that has enabled him build the IT staffing firm. Through Goullet’s exemplary work, Diversant LLC is one of the largest African-American owned firms located in the United States. This company has certification as a market leader and a successful Minority Owned business enterprise.

George Soros Brings Home The Bacon: A Recap In Recent News: Not A Motley Fool

Retired billionaire and hedge fund manager, George Soros still holds a large position in the stock market. With over 4.6 million dollars of funds under management, it is no surprise that investors pay attention to what he is buying or selling.

Quite recently in 2016, Soros sold his holds on iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund, Gilead Sciences, and Novavax. Other investors took a strong interest in these transactions. There was a setback in the pharmaceutical market in 2015 due to drug price increase. However, it is expected to have a rebound in 2017, after the presidential election. George Budwell explains Soros’ decision to sell out of the pharmaceutical market on August 28th, 2016 in his Motley Fool Article on Soros.

So why did Soros do this? That is something for your inner investor to consider, but Soros surely did not do this not without reason. The hedge fund business is, well, a risky business. Soros’ fund started as a family office investment group. Later, it turned into a hedge fund; which by definition means to take risky chances of investments with (hopefully) a large capital gain. This means for a man that is worth 24.9 billion dollars and returns 30% excess a year, he is a professional risk taker.

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A Quick Biography of Soros

Soros graduated at the London School of Economics in 1952. Shortly after, he obtained a job at Wall Street brokerage firm F.M. Mayer. Finally, in 1973 he set up his own hedge fund known as the Soros’ Hedge Fund, Quantum Fund, or Quantum Fund Endowment. George Soros has lived and breathed economics for all of his adult life. His legacy of money management is not only impressive but also runs parallel with his humanitarian ambitions. His many humanitarian organization wins the hearts of many individuals. The complete biography of Soros can be found at

Soros’ Open Society Foundation
Since George Soros has an exorbitant amount of money he has the power to take a stand against controversial topics, which may be difficult or career threatening for others. He also feels a personal obligation to take a stand and help those who can’t help themselves. One action, Soros’ Open Society Foundation offers are scholarships to minorities whom can’t afford university. Soros truly is a monumental man.

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Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães Thinks Anheuser Bush Is Committed To Premium Brand Profiling

Beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers know about the Anheuser-Bush Company. In St. Louis, Anheuser-Bush is bigger than life. It almost seems like the King of Beer built the city. The Anheuser-Bush presence is felt over town. It’s hard to find a person that doesn’t think the giant beer brewer can do no wrong in that Middle America gateway to the West metropolis. But investors have been disappointed over the last couple of years. Not because of a major drop in the stock price, but because there’s a market share shrinkage in progress and the company can’t seem to stop it.

Anheuser-Bush has a new strategy in place that puts more emphasis on InBev’s premium brands. Imports and craft beer are the two categories that have produced the most growth over the last three years. Distributors around the country are carrying and promoting more independent breweries, and Anheuser-Bush wants that to stop. AB wants distributors to promote their craft beers and if they do, distributors will be handsomely rewarded, according to Brazilian Banker and beer investor, Ricardo Guimarães.

Ricardo Guimarães is the president of BMG Bank in Brazil. He is also a soccer executive and environmentalist that has substantial investments in cattle, coffee, mining, soccer and beer. When Guimarães heard about the new Anheuser-Bush incentive plan, he thought he was hearing about a Brazilian company that wants to stack the deck against competitors. The plan that Anheuser-Bush is pushing gives distributors a payback if they promote AB InBev brands. The payback comes in the form of a 50 percent reimbursement for marketing and retail display costs. The savings to a distributor could be more than $200,000 a year.

Brazil is famous for deal like this one. It’s commonplace to pay companies for playing favorites, and this new AB incentive plan is all about favorites. Independent breweries think so too. The Justice Department was notified, and they are in the process of investigating the plan. Some industry insiders say the plan won’t be approved by the DOJ, but Anheuser-Bush says the plan breaks no laws, and it is not a kickback for favors type agreement.

Industry insiders say executives at Anheuser-Bush are nervous about the plan as well as the mega-merger that is process. If the Justice Department allows Anheuser-Bush to buy British beer maker SABMiller PLC for more than $108 billion, investors think most of the InBev’s problems will be solved. But new beer drinkers aren’t going to let their independent craft beer makers be forced out of business by the King of Beer that easily, according to Guimarães. The baby boomer generation is not buying beer like the old days. There’s a new beer drinking generation, and they want to drink beer that has a different taste, with different ingredients from innovative breweries.

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Calling A Wikipedia Writing Service Takes Good Business Sense

Wikipedia is home to an enormous amount of entries focusing on people, places, events, and, yes, businesses. A business would hugely benefit from Wikipedia business page creation. Any person who has done anything of note should think about publishing a Wikipedia page. Any individual whose reputation has suffered some harm could reap rewards thanks to the rehabilitation a Wikipedia entry serves up.

Good news has arisen for women who are concerned about the bulk (90+%) of the Wikipedia writers being men. At West Virginia University, a new endeavor is being launched to help get more women writers and editors signed up with the Wikipedia community. A “Wikipedia edit-a-thon” hopes to draw the attention of talented women to compose content that relates to women’s issues. The gender equality promoted by the campaign could assist in producing solid content for the site. 

The West Virginia University project sheds light on a little fact not everyone is aware of. Writers and editors are able to produce content on behalf of others. Anyone who wants to make a Wikipedia page may wish to think about hiring a writer-editor to develop the perfect page.

Get Your Wiki is a service that employs the best Wiki writers for hire who also specialize in editing work. This Wikipedia writing service also handles monitoring tasks. This way, anything written and published on Wikipedia is consistently monitored for spam, changes, rewrites, and more. Get Your Wiki has a strong team of professionals to call upon. Working with these professionals would be hugely positive for anyone who wants the page to look its best and, most importantly, deliver the best results.

Perfect grammar and syntax is a must on a Wikipedia page. Anything less is going to look unprofessional. The text has to be properly layered. The paragraphs must tell a non-fiction story in a logical manner. Each heading has to flow right into the next one so as not to be jarring to the reader. Someone who is not a skilled or experienced writer is going to have difficulty creating such material.

Any volunteer is able to contribute content to Wikipedia. The platform is easily set up to accept submissions. Publishing boring or trite content, not matter how easy the process is, won’t help the subject of the page. 

When serious intentions are behind publishing a Wikipedia page, the person writing the page has to be an equally serious professional. Only through hiring an established writing service does it become possible to be sure professionalism is at the helm.

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Ricardo Guimarães Explains Brazil’s Relationship With China

A recent article quoting Ricardo Guimarães of BMG Bank explains the Chinese relationship with Brazil. Ricardo is the former leader of BMG, and he is still an integral part of the Brazilian investment community. Ricardo works with football clubs on their finances, and he still holds a high position in the financial world. This article shares Ricardo’s thoughts on the Chinese relationship with Brazil, and that relationship is explained in terms of cash flow.

#1: The Chinese Impact Everyone

China has a massive economy that has an impact on everyone in the world. The Chinese economy helps fuel growth around the world, and speculation on their currency makes money for quite a few people. China has struggled in the past, but Ricardo wants all investors to understand that China is still a strong ally for Brazil. Brazil wants to grow in the same way that China did, and China is a good example for Brazil overall.

#2: Development For The Olympics

Development for the Olympics has left Brazil growing on all fronts. There are several developments that are needed to help the Olympic games look great, and BMG Bank has helped pay for much of the development. Chinese investors have spent some of their own money in Brazil, and Brazil must be welcoming to investors even if those investors do not offer the absolute best option for every investment. China has quite a lot of money to work with, and Ricardo prefers that Brazilian investors trust in Chinese cash.

#3: Ricardo Wants Brazilian Investors To Relax

Ricardo believes that Brazilian investors can learn a lot by simply relaxing. There are many economic factors that play into how the Brazilians economy and the Chinese economy are linked. An investor in today’s world could get quite scared if they believe everything they read. Investors must understand that China uses its government to set policies that promote growth, and growth in China helps with growth in Brazil.

#4: How Much Money Is Coming To Brazil?

There is quite a lot of money coming to Brazil via investors from China, and Chinese money will pay for many things that are needed to help Brazil grow. Brazil is a proud nation that needs all the help it can get to grow, and Ricardo believes that billions more dollars will come to Brazil even after the Olympics. Investors from country’s like China will continue to come because of Brazil’s renewed strength.

Brazil’s economy is growing every day, but their attachment to China has scared some investors. Ricardo Guimarães wants investors to understand that there is nothing to fear. He is the respected former CEO at BMG Bank, and he word carries weight in Brazil among investors large and small.

The Role Played by Marcio Alaor of BMG in his Homeland

Marcio Alaor is the executive Vice President of Banco BMG, one of the largest private banks in Brazil. He has been playing a big role of supporting his rural home town especially on matters to do with agriculture and other programs meant to change and improve the lives of those living in that area. Santo Antonio do Monte is Alaor’s home city and he has partnered with local authority in the area to support food court program. Due to his work, Alaor was honored by the leaders and residents of this area, to appreciate the work he has been doing especially supporting the Exhibition Park, and now the food court.
Local officials attended the function to acknowledge the role Marcio Alaor has played in giving back to the society where he was brought up. The honor was meant to show how the executive of BMG is committed to his roots through the support he has always provided to Santo Antonio do Monte. Alaor believes this city has potential to achieve greater things like the municipality is recognized as the largest producer of milk in the region. This city managed to achieve this great potential despite lacking adequate land to favor farming.
Banco BMG is recognized across Brazil for providing affordable payroll loans to those employed in the private and public sectors. The bank targets clients whose rate of default is very low, and this has made it stand out among other lenders in the country. Marcio Alaor has ensured the bank’s position is maintained, as new strategies are developed to counter competition from other banks. As an entrepreneur, Alaor encouraged other successful entrepreneurs to this of this city and collaborate together and help it in changing the lives of residents.
Alaor accepted the title accorded to him, and he thanked the entire team that has partnered with him in ensuring that Santo Antonio do Monte is food secure. Vilmar Octavian, the head of the Rural Union thanked Marcio Alaor for his major role he has played for the city. He believes the support the executive of BMG has provided is fundamental for the union, because it will continue with its initiative of helping farmers in the area. On his part, the mayor of the city, Wilmar Son, stressed the fact that they transformed a structure that was used as a warehouse to be used as a storage facility for food grain, as a great achievement they made.
Alaor was grateful for the accolades he received, because he received them while still alive unlike many instances when such honors are attribute to those who have died. He is highly privileged to be associated with crucial development programs in his rural homeland.

Ken Griffin among the Recognized Hedge Fund Managers

Having studied at Harvard where he obtained a degree in economics, Ken Griffin has been renowned for his hedge fund management initiatives. He formed the company called Citadel in 1990, and today, it has grown to be a ringleader in alternative investment. It is in Daytona Beach, Florida where he was born in 1968.

At college, he was not like other students. He had developed a keen interest in trading options something that gave him an opportunity to make a fortune at that young age. He spent a considerable amount of time in his dormitory room where he traded the stock options. His dedication to trading options on saw him install a satellite dish so as to access the financial market data in real time. This is something that may have helped him to learn his trading strategy.

During the 1978 dipping of the stock market, it made him earn a lot of money. It is the same strategy that he used to trade options during the stock market downfall, which saw him create a lot of money from a convertible bond arbitrage fund he established when in his sophomore year.

And, in the final year of study, he had created a wealth of over $1 million right from the investors’ money he managed through the fund. He established a convertible bond arbitrage fund before the unexpected happened. In 1987, the stock market experienced a downfall, and this is when Griffin made some huge money from stock trades.

Averagely, this firm has an asset base value of $25 billion that he manages. The company has been renowned as a prospective alternative investment company. When Griffin left college after graduating with an economics degree, he was offered $1 million by another renowned financial investor Frank C. Meyer. He used these funds to trade options.

Meyer is the owner of a firm known as Glenwood Capital LLC and was impressed by the stunning performance of Griffin in trading stock options, something that inspired him to offer help of $1 million to Griffin to trade in that financial market.

Griffin has won many awards for his efforts in creating a working environment that promotes performance, productivity, and service delivery. He was recognized for creating an enabling working environment for his workers at Citadel. He nurtured a culture, which allowed the employees to improve their performance.

Griffin achieved such a milestone by offering perks, which include free lunches to employees, museum tours, personal gifts, and involvement in fitness programs. Griffin believes that to spearhead a team of workers to perform better, an investor needs to invest in them.

That’s why he gave the incentives to revamp the performance of his employees. Citadel has grown to a big company, and by 1998 it had an investment of more than $1 billion and a workforce of 100 employees. He gave Harvard a donation amounting to $150 million to help in supporting needy students attain their education goals. He has involved himself in many philanthropic causes and has contributed over $500 million towards different philanthropy works.

James Dondero Should Be Looked Up To Because Of His Success

What does it take to have success in one’s career? Well, while there isn’t one clear answer on that, there is something that everyone who wants to be successful can be doing. Everyone who wants to have a successful career can find someone who has been successful in the things that they want to do, and then they can look to them and try to imitate some of what they have done. Jim Dondero is a great example to all of those who are trying for success, and when someone tries to do some of the things that he has done with his career they may just find themselves having some of the success they had been longing for.
It’s always a good thing to be looking up to someone, and it is especially great when that someone is a person who’s done many amazing things in their career. James Dondero is the co-founder and president of a highly successful company, Highland, and he has gained the respect of many through the work that he has done for it. He has many years of experience, and through all that he has done and all of the places that he’s worked for he has always done his best work. He’s a man who was never satisfied with doing anything less than his best, and that is something that everyone who wants to be successful is definitely going to want to keep in mind as they go about their career. If they are only to try hard enough with everything that they take on, then they should be able to have some of the success that James Dondero has had.
There are so many great people out there who have fought hard to have a good career, and James Dondero is one of those people. He’s a man who has never been satisfied with giving the work that he is doing anything but his all, and that is the reason that he has been so successful. The company that he is co-founder and president at is doing well because of him and the work that he’s done for it. He has tried hard to give it everything in him, and to make it as successful as it could be, and he has been able to do great things for it through that. James Dondero is definitely a good person for everyone who wants success to be looking to.