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Jason Colodne Investments of Colbeck capital management

Colbeck Capital is a private company under the management of two individuals by the name Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman. In addition to the management parties, the company has a team of very dedicated staffs that are result-oriented. The company’s main objective is to provide workable solutions in investments and acts as a consultant for financial assistance. The company’s interest in strategic loans is helping other companies to have a different approach in the credit market. Their attitude towards international investment is set to generate a constant flow of income by targeting passively marketed areas. Considering partnership is one of the strategies that the company is capitalizing on to expand its market. They believe that providing room for other external forces to sponsor their services will boost their ability to grow exponentially. Currently, the effect of the company is experienced internationally. Visit for more information.

Colbeck is one of the companies with a broad client base because of their genuine services. They also exercise giving strategic loan underwriting advice to their customers. There are several companies that Colbeck is in partnership with, and the bond is showing a tremendous improvement for both the parties. The ability to maintain its joint investment with other companies is a skill that is highly practiced in the company to maintain the income flow at a higher level. The board of the company consists of many departments that work hand in hand to see the management successful.

The current vice president of the company joined the team after gaining some skills in trade and investment. Mr. Christopher Brown is one of the vice presidents of the company and is a former member of staff at Barclays Bank. Mr. Brown has advanced knowledge of financial analysis. A skill he invested into after graduating with a bachelor degree in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. The office of the vice president also consists of Keith Johnson, who also shares the responsibilities of the vice president. Mr. Johnson has a beautiful record of leadership skills. Before Colbeck, he worked with Wells Fargo Commercial Banking where his performance earned him the position of vice president.

The management of Colbeck is run by funds which are under the protection of the chief financial officer. The person in charge of this department is Mr. Baabur Khondker. He is one of the forces in IPO team that brought Blackstone to the light. He is a holder of a bachelor degree in accounting. The company entrusted him with funds management since 2016. Mr. Baabur made a long journey in his career that began in Delloite and Touche. His department at Colbeck recently stroke a deal with Ron Burkle. The details of the agreement involved Colbeck loaning Mr. Burkle a sum of 200 million dollars. Mr. Burkle is investing the money in Relativity’s film industry. The investment is expected to generate 15 percent interest for the Colbeck team and hence improve their services for the public. Colbeck is one of those companies that invest in loan utilities and are makes a fortune out of it. See more:

Ara Chackerian: Restructuring Mental Health Discussion in the Tech World

Technology is home to some of the best inventions, and pundits predict that the trend will continue for the next two decades. However, few people pay attention to the people working in this competitive niche. Mental health, for example, is one of the most ignored aspects in the tech world. Fortunately, professionals such as Ara Chackerian are talking about this reality. Chackerian — one of the most vocal investors in this niche — believes that lack of conversations on mental health has made the topic a taboo. He has been instrumental in shaping the conversations on mental health in this space in the last five years. Some of the approaches Ara Chackerian is using include the following.

First, he has been instrumental in creating awareness, especially in big tech companies. In a 2018 piece, Ara Chackerian argued that one of the reasons why people are not talking about mental health — in the tech world — is the stigma associated with the conditions. However, through education and awareness, he believes that it is possible to reverse this reality. He has therefore teamed up with other stakeholders in this niche to educate people on mental health. Chackerian is also in a good working relationship with other organizations and foundations with similar interests.

Second, he understands that apart from creating awareness, people need professional help. Ara Chackerian is, therefore, helping significant companies in restructuring working arrangements to accommodate therapy sessions. Apart from creating a suitable environment for therapy, Chackerian is also passionate about helping companies to develop appropriate working environments. He believes that accessing treatment is essential, but ensuring that the working spaces are at par with the global standards is irreplaceable. His passion for an ideal workspace is the main reason why he is one of the key investors in healthcare technology. In the next ten years, he hopes that the world of tech will be a leader in mental health awareness. Find out more about Ara Chackerian:

Entrepreneur Bernardo Chua Shares The Health Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil

Bernardo Chua is the innovative businessman behind the beverage firm Organo Gold. His company, based in Canada, sells quality beverages around the world using the direct marketing approach. He founded Organo Gold in 2008 after having spent nearly 20 years in the direct marketing sector at Gano Excel.

His business idea was to provide consumers with healthy bioactive beverages that contain the Ganoderma Lucidum. This is an ingredient that is derived from lingzhi mushrooms. This ingredient is included in everything Organo Gold sells including teas, coffees, supplements, and personal care items. Learn more about Bernardo Chua at

He was born in the Philippines. He grew up wanting to become a medical doctor so he could help people live healthy and longer lives. To that end, he attended the University of Santo Tomas and earned a bachelor’s degree. He wasn’t able to attend medical school, though. Despite that, Bernardo Chua has had a career where he helps people due to the healthy beverages his company sells.

He says that grapeseed oil is the next big trend in health supplements. Grapes have two to four seeds inside them. When extracted and ground down to a liquid, these have a range of health effects. One of the things this liquid contains is Procyanidolic Oligomers. This substance is a powerful antioxidant. It also helps remove free radicals from the body.

Bernardo Chua says other healthy things about grapeseed oil include linoleic acid, resveratrol vitamin E, and flavonoids. He started producing supplements at Organo Gold because of all the health benefits he saw of consuming grapeseed oil. It strengthens the immune system, can be used to treat breast cancer, and helps to treat nonalcoholic liver disease. s time goes on, he expects to introduce grapeseed oil into all of his company’s products. It’s just another way of improving the health of his company’s customers.

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A New Order of Business with CEO TJ Maloney

As the Chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney has bringing a significant amount of positive change to his firm and his clients. One of his best skills is his ability to remain active with the companies that are active in the porfolio.

TJ Maloney had much to bring to the table when it comes to working with a top-notch firm like Lincolnshire Management. His business acumen was built around working with a focus on mergers, securities law, and even acquisition. His knowledge is so revered, that he is often invited to speak wherever he travels. One of his best guest appearances was his speaking engagement that took place in the Columbia MBA program.

 TJ Maloney is also noted for the numerous awards he has won throughout the course of his career. As a middle-market private equity firm, he has worked hard to ensure that the average investor is able to get the information they need into their hands to start investing.

There are also some new team members that were brought on board to assist in growing the company far beyond it’s potential. The team gained two senior associates, along with two analysts. The addition of these strong analysts represents the commitment to stay strong as a growing firm, in order to stick to their growing track record for success.

The biggest evidence linked to their success is their track record spanning 30 years. Having worked through various cycles of business, both good and bad has made them strong and more focused when it comes to operational cycles. This is why it’s exciting to have someone like TJ Maloney brought on board o make such a tremendous difference in the day to day operations of the firm.

The President Michael Lyons is beyond thrilled to have a group eager young professionals that can come alongside him and utilize their skills.

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Max Salk: How to Become Successful By Following Five Basic

New York City is considered as one of the melting pots of the United States, where people from all over the world live and work. People from different countries are proudly displaying their culture, and it draws a lot of visitors from other American cities, and even overseas. New York City is also home to visionary entrepreneurs, like Max Salk. He is a businessman based in New York City, who also works as a part time landscape photographer. Max Salk stated that one of his secrets in becoming successful is following certain principles. He stated that by following these principles, he is able to become a better person, and he is able to reach his goals easier.


These principles are the following: 

  • He thinks about the importance of preparation
  • He tries his best to adjust and adapt
  • He is making every moments count
  • He pursues his passion
  • He chooses the problems that he needs to resolve wisely


By following these principles, he is able to become effective in doing his craft, and he becomes more confident in his skills.

The importance of preparation is important when it comes to practicing his skills in photography and being an entrepreneur. Max Salk is taking down notes on what he should be expecting, and he stated that when he is preparing for something, it ends up positively because he already knew what could happen in every decision that he makes. Another principle that he strictly follows is adjusting to the environment and becoming more adaptable.

Max Salk also highlighted the importance of making every moment count. As a photographer, capturing the perfect moment is important, and Max Salk is making sure that his photograph will highlight an important moment that is being presented by his clients.

Pursuing his passion is also important, and people who are doing their best to go after their passion are ending up successfully in their career. When someone is pursuing their passion, they would need to work hard for it, but the ending is usually satisfactory. Finally, Max Salk stated that people should be facing hteir problems with confidence, and they should do everything to resolve it.

Igor Cornelsen on Retirement Saving

Investing can seem like a mind-bending concept, but experts like Igor Cornelsen make it easy for newcomers to understand. It’s important to note that some investment information sources only want subscribers and fame. Igor Cornelsen has plenty of money and enjoys sharing his secrets to success. Also, he has a head full of markets and currency exchange rate conditions that others can’t understand without his detailed analysis.

He’s able to take all that information and make accurate market predictions and invest wisely. A few years ago, when Europe experienced a devastating recession, many experts suggested introducing a new currency to save the countries struggling. Igor Cornelsen predicted that if the Euro remained the currency, it would bounce back.

At the end of the recession, the Euro slowly regained its stability and gained value. If nothing else, Igor Cornelsen has an unmatched understanding of foreign markets and currencies. As the United States ceases to be a good investment, Cornelsen recommends taking a look at Brazil.

Brazil has many countries coming to it to establish mutually beneficial trade agreements. China is among the biggest nations looking to form agreements with Brazil. After Brexit becomes law, the U.K. is hoping to form some sort of trade agreement with Brazil as well.

Brazil may not offer such an explosive market like the U.S., but it does offer plenty of people the option of passive income. Passive income allows investors to acquire a reliable stream of income without any direct involvement or constant oversight.

It’s difficult for new investors to understand all the market jargon. Most of Igor Cornelsen’s audience is blue-collar workers struggling to make ends meet. The complexity of such an investment is what makes Igor Cornelsen’s advice important. People can take his advice and apply it. Read more about Igor Cornelsen:

Nitin Khanna Knows How To Market CBD

Nitin Khanna is a skilled entrepreneur who has managed successful businesses for many years. He also has started his own companies and continues to create more. He is successful and smart in many ways. One of his latest adventures in business is into CBD. As a Portland-based entrepreneur, it was an easy choice to bring to the market one of the newest and most sought after pain reliever. Khanna’s approach to providing the CBD is a little different than a bottle with a happy face on it. Like everything, Khanna does he has approached selling CBD in the most responsible way.

Nitin Khanna is the CEO of Cura Cannabis Solutions. The companies approach is offering marketing and packaging with a more sophisticated and streamlined approach. Solid colors, clean fonts, and white bottles give the CBD products more of a medical look than something fun and casual. Nitikin is dedicated to making sure there are no pesticides or other harmful substances in his CBD products. You can check their test results for purity and cleanliness on the website. The company offers vape with essential oils. Cannabis Solutions are wanting you to be able to have a nice flavor vape for every part of the day.

The CBD gels Cura offers run in line with how much gummies usually cost with CBD. It is about $65.00 for 30 gel caps that have about 33 mg of CBD in them. Nitin Khanna is dedicated to helping provide wellness for the many pain sufferers around the world. Cura started off with 15 employees and now has 125 employees. There are offices and processing plants in Oregon, Nevada, and California. Cura provides excellent jobs and products thanks to hard work and dedication from their leader Nitin Khanna. There is no doubt we will see more and more from Nitin Khanna in the business world.

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CEO TJ Maloney Of Lincolnshire Management Makes Four New Hires

Lincolnshire Management Inc. is a New York City-based mid-sized private equity firm. This company was established in 1986 by TJ Maloney. He is the chief executive officer of a company that has acquired over 85 other companies in multiple industries. They currently manage $1.7 billion in assets under management.

TJ Maloney recently added four new people to his team at Lincolnshire Management. One of these people, Matthew Nacier, used to work for his company and rejoined as a senior associate. The other senior associate to join was Nicolas Vega Llona. He also hired two analysts who are Georg Stolt-Nielsen and Yashna Ginodina.

TJ Maloney said he was excited to welcome these people to his team. All four take a hands-on investing approach which matches how his company operates. He was looking forward to their finding new companies for Lincolnshire Management to invest in and drive the growth of its portfolio.

Matthew Nacier had spent the past few years working as a consultant and at Iconic Holdings where he was the US Investment Director. Nicolas Vega Llona is going to work on the execution and diligence team. He recently graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business where he earned his MBA.

Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Neilsen will join Nicolas Vega Llona on the same team. Yashna is a recent graduate of New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. Georg just graduated from Georgetown University where he majored in economics.

TJ Maloney graduated in 1975 from Boston College where he earned his undergraduate degree. He also has a JD that he earned at Fordham Law School in 1979. After working in the financial industry for seven years he decided to launch Lincolnshire Management. In 2007, Fordham Law School gave him their prestigious Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award. This award is given to business leaders who have shown the highest moral standards.

In addition to his position at Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney was once on The Tilton School’s board of trustees. Additionally, he served the English Speaking Union by serving on their executive committee and their board of directors.

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Factors That Attributed the Success of Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a successful entrepreneur who was born in a wealthy and political family. Flavio Maluf is an independent minded man who chose to exploit his business skills regardless of the financial and social status of his family. Falavio Maluf is a Mechanical Engineer by profession who decided to venture into business where he took over the leadership and management of the family saw milling business in Brazil when he was still very young. Flavio Maluf has a long experience in the business sector for most investors to consider him as a role model in this field. Flavio Maluf appreciates various factors that attribute towards the success of a business which include; commitment, diversity, planning, team work and healthy leaving.

Flavio Maluf has the capacity to generate many and new ideas as he keeps on reading literature related to his line of work. He also appreciates diversity by embracing the dynamics taking place in the business sector such as online marketing and software that enhance record keeping and data analysis. Flavio Maluf believes that having an open mind as an entrepreneur has a significant contribution towards the success of a business. According to Flavio Maluf, all entrepreneurs should ensure that perfection of their products is not compromised at any particular point otherwise the business will be at risk. At no particular point should entrepreneurs neglect office work for their business as this is the central point of all the operations undertaken.

Flavio Maluf Is an advocate of environment friendly businesses as he is a strong believer of maintenance of a healthy eco-system regardless of nature of the business. Failure is a mandatory experience that has to be encountered by every entrepreneur during establishment of a successful business. Failure, therefore, should be a motivation to the stakeholders. It is important that entrepreneurs consider giving back to the society through funded education, health or cultural projects as this is verified by the federal governments. For a business to be successful, it is important for the entrepreneur to comply with the law which includes payment of taxes in due dates. Visit:

Vijay Eswaran and His Achievements

Dr. Vijay Eswaran was born in Penang on 7th October 1960. He was born to Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu working with the Malaysian Labor Ministry and Pushpavathy Chinnaiah, who was a teacher. Currently, he is the chair of the QI Group. He graduated with a socio-economic degree from London School of Economics.

Vijay Eswaran early life

Vijay Eswaran had the opportunity of traveling to many parts of the world during his childhood. He attended London School of Business and graduated with a degree in socio-economy in 1984. He resided in Europe for over a year where he did a variety of odd jobs. He operated a cab in London and also worked at a construction site in Belgium. While in the UK, he was introduced to a binary system marketing that prompted him to obtain an MBA and CIMA in 1986. During this time, he was engaged in Multilevel Marketing (MLM) while working with Synaptics.

  • QI Group

He returned to Asia, and he founded a multilevel marketing company that grew to become the today’s QI Group. QI Group is an e-commerce based conglomerate with businesses in corporate investments, training, wellness, telecommunications, media, travel, and luxury products. The QI Group has offices in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. It has subsidiary companies in over ten countries.

  • Author and speaker

Dr. Eswaran is a highly respected speaker and lectures on topics ranging from business to spirituality. He has spoken at business as well as management forums around the world, for instance, the World Economic Forum and Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in India. He wrote the book In the Sphere of Silence in 2005 where he explained his personal life management and his habit of starting the day with an hour of silence. He has also spoken at business and leadership forums and leading universities.

  • Philanthropist

Dr. Eswaran is a prominent philanthropist, and he has established the RYTHM Foundation. The Foundation is an arm of the QI Group that is engaged in philanthropic activities. He has also established the RF’s chapter in Malaysia. It works with local Non-governmental organizations and other charitable institutions that work on projects like special education, child mentoring, youth development and women empowerment.

He was named in Forbes Asia’s annual list of philanthropic heroes in 2011. He was awarded at the 3rd world Chinese Economic Forum.

Apart from his philanthropic character and a renowned motivational speaker, he has also written three books in addition to ‘In the Sphere of Silence‘. The books include On the Wings of Thought, In the Thinking zone and 18 Stepping Stones.