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Tempus’ Eric Lefkofsky Establishes New Partnership To Research Brain Cancer

In 2015, tech entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, Inc. His company helps doctors treat cancer patients by providing them access to a database filled with clinical information about past cancer patients. The doctors can match their patient’s genomic sequencing information and other details against this database to establish what is likely the best treatment plan to follow.

As the chief executive officer of this company, he recently established a partnership with Feist-Weiller Cancer Center. They are jointly conducting research into brain cancer so that patient’s with this disease have better outcomes. Among the data that Tempus analyzes are RNA and DNA. Along with proteomic data, this gives doctors a detailed insight into their patient’s tumor. They can then put together a plan that is the best match for that patient.

Tempus has been collecting vast amounts of data for their platform. The data is processed by machine-learning algorithms as well as advanced analytics. Combining this technology with artificial intelligence, Eric Lefkosfky says that all of this technology can help people live longer lives free of cancer.

Dr. Maria-Magdalena Georgescu is a leader at Feist-Weiller Cancer Center. He studies glioblastoma which is the type of brain tumor that is most commonly found in patients. She studies patients whose tumors are not likely to respond well to conventional therapies. Glioblastoma is a very deadly form of cancer.

In order to Help Dr. Georgescu’s patients, Tempus will take care of her genomic sequencing and clinical data structuring. They will collect anonymous clinical data at LSU Health Shreveport which is where Feist-Weiller Cancer Center is located. Tempus will use both advanced bioinformatics and machine learning to spot patterns that could be helpful in curing glioblastoma.

Eric Lefkofsky has been co-founding tech firms with a business partner for over 20 years. He co-founded Groupon in January 2007 where he is the chairman of the board. He has also co-founded Mediabank, Lightbank, and Echo Global Logistics among other ventures. He lives in the greater Chicago, Illinois area and helps people there and globally through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

Isabel dos Santos Is the Richest Female Entrepreneur in Africa.

In the business world, many factors influence the prosperity of an investor. For starters, they must be able to identify the different opportunities that are around them. Additionally, they must always be ready to make the necessary risks. As always, business is unpredictable. At the moment, investors such as Isabel dos Santos are reaping the fruits of their labor since they enacted on each chance they got to invest in different areas. Forbes has also recognized her since her business empire is worth billions.

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An Overview of Isabel dos Santos

In 2019, Isabel was listed as the eighth most affluent investor from Africa. She is from Angola. In 2018, she was in position nine, of which this is a significant improvement. Many factors contributed to her rise in the Forbes list. One of these factors includes the economic crisis that has affected Africa. For starters, the currency grew weak. The companies where these investors have shares also incurred a drastic drop in the stock prices. As a result, the net worth of Isabel dos Santos and other African investors was also affected.

Some of these changes led to a decrease in the number of billionaires on the Forbes Africa list. In 2018, there were 23 billionaires on the list. There are only 20 billionaires in the Forbes Africa list in 2019. Besides the losses incurred, Isabel dos Santos is at least happy that she is the wealthiest female investor in the African region.

Isabel was worth $2.7 billion in 2018. In 2019, the losses she incurred were worth $0.4 billion, and she is currently worth $2.4 billion. The shared that she had at Galp, Nos, and Unitel decreased in value. Other people who have also been affected include Aliko Dangote. For eight years, he has maintained the first position in the Forbes Africa list of billionaires. He has many companies including Dangote Cement. The stock prices of all the firms were affected, and the results could reflect on his current net worth. Despite being worth $8.9 billion, Dangote underwent a loss worth approximately $2 billion. Folorunsho is also an African investor, and she is from Nigeria. She is also happy to be listed alongside Isabel dos Santos as a successful investor.

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HGGC Making Big Promotions And Hiring New Team Members

HGGC has been showing impressive performance and this performance has led to several members of their team being promoted to higher positions within the firm while hiring on 5 more people to fill roles that were opened up. The recent new hires were executive directors Lindsay Sparks and Greg Caltabiano, vice president Mo Gulamhusein, Investment associate Holland Reynolds, and fund accountant Chandni Shah. The executive team of the company is happy to welcome a talented group of individuals to the private investment firm.

In total, 10 people were promoted to a higher position at HGGC. 5 of these people were named Partners to the firm after working for the company for several years. The new partners are Les Brown, John Block, Stebe Leistner, Harv Barenz, and Lance Taylor. They have been with the firm since 2007, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2014. All of the people who have been promoted have shown that they are instrumental in the progress and growth of the firm since they joined it. The other team members that have been promoted to different positions are new Chief Legal Officer Kurt Krieger who had joined in 2008 and was formerly general counsel, new vice president Chris Schulze who became part of the company in 2016 and served as senior associate, new senior associates Peter Cozzi and Neha Vaidya who were both promoted from associates after joining the firm in 2017.

Founded in 2007, the San Francisco-based HGGC is a private equity firm that focuses on investments in the tech field. They work with middle-market companies mainly through growth capital investments and leveraged buyout transactions. When HGGC is working with a company, they do everything that they can to align their interests with the interests of the other parties to create a situation in which everyone can succeed. Through the efforts that the private firm makes, many of their middle market investments are able to outperform the rest of the market. The company was founded by managing partner Steve Young, executive director Bob Gay, managing partner Gregory M. Benson, as well as CEO and managing partner Richard Lawson.