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What Does Chris Pratt Bring to Jurassic World?

Chris Pratt may be one of the most likable stars in Hollywood thanks to his work on ‘Parks and Recreation’, but it is who he is when not in character that wins so many people over. Pratt earned a few laughs, and nods from feminists,when he ran in high heels on The Late Late Show, parodying what so many actresses have to go through in action oriented films. Yet the focus will more largely be on what he does on the big screen when his second most important film to date, ‘Jurassic World’, makes its way to audiences everywhere.

Chris Pratt proved that he could draw at the box office when he led ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’ to an improbable box office success says Brian Bonar. Pratt embodied the role of Peter Quill to great effect and now he is the lead in the franchise for years to come. But ‘Jurassic World’ is a different animal and it is one that will demand excellence from several different places.

The ‘Jurassic Park’ series has been critically going downhill ever since the first Steven Spielberg pioneered legend. Much like the audience in ‘Jurassic World’, real life moviegoers have needed a reason to be excited by what is being put on screen. Pratt should be that reason. He oozes charisma, leaks comedy, and has the charm and grace of a leading man that earned his way to the top.