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A mere two years after its launching, Handy is pulling in some very impressive money. Currently their bookings claim $ 1 million per week and with a new mobile app making it so easy to engage their services, that number is likely to increase. Consumers are comfortable allowing Handy into their homes and businesses because they know all its employees are trusted professionals who have been background checked and otherwise thoroughly vetted before hire.

Handy is more than a cleaning company. Over 80% of their bottom line is from house cleaning services, but they also offer certain types of plumbing and “handyman” services. It’s no wonder they have grown so fast when all a person has to do is pick up their cell and order whichever service they need. Now Handy can be said to have global ambitions with two cities in Canada as well as offering services in London.

Handy has earned its reputation on as being the best at what they do, and according to the numbers they can show, consumers agree. Busy people are more than willing to spend their hard earned cash when they know they will get exactly what they are paying for, or it will be free. Handy has a 100% money back guarantee if one isn’t happy with the job but according to that $ 1 million a week, their customers are all the happy, satisfied kind.

Having Handy show up at your door ready to work is as simple as picking up the phone, and using the app to schedule your appointment. An experienced, professional cleaner will be there when agreed and that’s all there is to it. You will then be able to take all that time you save and put it to other uses besides cleaning when professionals are taking care of the household chores for you.