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Aaron Lupuloff Is Making A Big Difference For The Student Population At One Of The Countries Top Public School Systems

The improvement of academic achievement for students is one of the top points of focus for today’s education professionals today in the United States of America. This is because the country has shown a consistent trend of falling behind many of the world’s other developed countries in terms of the academic performance of its students. Though the task is daunting, there are some dedicated education professionals today that are working to change this trend and guide improvement in the academic performance of today’s students. One such individual is Aaron Lupuloff. Aaron is known for his role as the Public Schools Foundation for Gwinnet County, Georgia’s Senior Executive Director. The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation that Aaron Lupuloff heads up is known for its commitment to areas such as the development of leadership, support of the teaching staff and working diligently toward achieving high levels of student success.

The commitment that Aaron Lupuloff and the staff at the Public Schools Foundation for Gwinnett County has made to student achievement has landed the school system a great deal of statewide and national recognition. The school is currently considered to be the best in Georgia in the areas of technology, sciences, and mathematics. The school also ranks 13th on a national basis. This success has been achieved in large part to the commitment that individuals like Aaron Lupuloff and his staff have made to providing high levels of support to teachers and the staff members of the school. This has helped the school’s staff to provide higher than average levels of education to the student body within the GCPS.

For Aaron Lupuloff and his staff at Gwinnett County, a high priority is put on maintaining the happiness of the students. The student body within the school system is a diverse one and so this kind of support is critical in helping to ensure that all students are receiving the attention that they need to excel. The results have been impressive and Aaron Lupuloff and his team continue to look for new ways to innovate within the educational sphere for the benefit of the students.  To see more about Lupuloff visit

Important Tips For Entrepreneurs From Robert Deignan

When a person is just starting out in the business world, it is important for that person to seek advice and tips from those who are already successful entrepreneurs. Robert Deignan of ATS Digital Services is a who has offered important advice for those starting out. 

Robert Deignan received his degree in business management from Purdue University. He was involved in playing football during college. After college, Mr. Deignan played professional football with both the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. Robert Deignan had an initial business success with Fanlink before becoming the co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services

During his time in the business world, Robert Deignan has found that one of the most important things that he does is to follow his gut when making business decisions. He advises other entrepreneurs to do the same thing. According to Mr. Deignan, a person’s business is a very personal thing. Each individual knows where he or she wants the business to go. If a business proposal or idea seems right in the gut, one should go with that feeling. 

Mr. Deignan also advises budding entrepreneurs to always crunch the numbers to fully confirm any gut feelings. Facts and numbers are vital in order to make a final decision that will be the correct decision. 

Robert Deignan also has some important advice when it comes to hiring people who will work in one’s company. He believes that it is important to hire for culture. A person’s credentials aren’t the only criteria. A person has to have the qualities that will allow that person to fit in with others in the company and with the company’s plans and goals

According to Mr. Deignan, it’s also important that entrepreneurs not hire family and close friends. When close relationships are part of a business decision, it can make it harder to make the correct decision for the bottom line. 

Finally, Mr. Deignan advises those in business to always find time for themselves. It’s not beneficial to work oneself too hard. Creativity can be generated when a businessperson takes time to relax and rejuvenate