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The Pre-eminent Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is a renowned entrepreneur in the food industry internationally. He is the CEO and chairman of the lucrative OSI Group in Chicago. He holds a crucial role at the OSI International Foods Ltd as the President. His academic background is in finance and accounting. Before his current company, he started as a financer to Otto & Sons in 1970. With time, the domestic company grew to the global OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin developed an interest in the food and meat manufacturing industry during the period. For this reason, he actualized the passion by leading in the organization’s growth.

In terms of achievements, Sheldon Lavin has set a record of various accomplishments. He holds prestigious accolades to his name. The notable one is the Global Visionary Award that he received in 2016. The decoration came from India’s Vision World Academy since he evolved Otto &Sons to OSI. Additionally, Sheldon took home the Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP. It was mainly to honor him for the philanthropic endeavors that he did for the Chicago community. He has contributed to various charities as a way to uplift the needy.

Sheldon Lavin employs various strategies at work to ensure utter success. For instance, he encourages teamwork such that they work as a family. He values the opinions of his employees, as well. He dedicates time to listen to them regarding all aspects at work. Moreover, he is pleased with his employees since they are talented and trustworthy. The unique work culture at OSI also entails calling each other using their first names. On that account, he is addressed as Sheldon or Shelly. The highlight is eating lunch together to foster great relationships at work.

Subsequently, Sheldon Lavin predicts a profitable future for the OSI Group. As of now, the organization serves in over 80 locations in 17 different countries. According to Sheldon, there will be more growth, even if he retires. Furthermore, the venture has proficient individuals who will carry on with the legacy. He attributes success to innovation that the firm has helped bring out seamlessly. Thus, he envisions the business will become the leading enterprise in the entire world.

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The Team At Grupo RBS Continues To Diligently Follow Examples Of Business That Were Displayed By The Firm’s Beloved Founder:

Grupo RBS is one of the major players in the media industry within the country of Brazil. The firm was launched with a strong commitment to the concept of communication by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho in 1957. He founded Grupo RBS in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre. The firm has established itself as a major player in its industry by attaining ownership of numerous television and radio stations and also maintains a strong presence in print media. Recent years have seen Grupo RBS build a strong presence in the world of digital media as well. the bottom line with Grupo RBS as it stands today is the fact that all of this success stems from the inspiration drawn from founder Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho and the vision he had for the firm.

Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho always had a strong drive to pursue entrepreneurship throughout his life. He also had a strong vision for how he could put that entrepreneurial drive to use in building a business. He combined this passion with a love of the field of media and communication and created the business model for Grupo RBS. The passion that he poured into the firm led to significant growth over the years. This growth has been further expanded by the work that subsequent Grupo RBS leaders have done. Among these prominent leaders are Jayme and Nelson Sirotsky and current Chairman of the Board of Directors Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. These leaders have worked tirelessly in their efforts to expand the number of markets and sectors of business that RBS has its hands in. This has led to the present-day situation where Grupo RBS has become a leader in the creation of entertainment and other content that features on radio, tv, the print news and digital forms of media. To know more about RBS visit

In terms of the digital media work that Grupo RBS does, the company operates under the e.Bricks label. This branch of the Grupo RBS family works in the areas of mobile apps, the e-commerce sector and sectors of the business world with high growth potential. This branch of Grupo RBS adheres to the same high standards that the firm has always been synonymous with.,297812.jhtml


Academy of Art University: A Day in the Life

Choosing a place to study that will be the perfect fit is one of the challenges that all students face. Pairing the end of high school with the sense of excitement and adventure has a nagging fear of choosing the wrong place. This makes you think, wouldn’t it be amazing if students could follow someone for a day or more at one of the colleges of their choice and actually get a feel for the people, campus, and overall atmosphere before you commit to going there?

Luckily, Sam Bear a student at the Academy of Art University, shared a typical day of study in the world of motion pictures and television. He was able to document everything that happens in a normal day of a student at the Academy of Art University. Sam starts by rising early at 9am in his room at the Commodore Dormitory to prepare himself for the day. The Commodore was built as a merchant seaman hotel in 1928 and is one of the 15 total residence facilities for the Academy of Art University.

Sam then takes part in 2 different classes in the School of Motion Pictures and Television. Each class is spaced far apart to make time for other college things like project collaborations, studying, and even relaxation. His first class, Production Design, begins at 11am. This is where the students are able to focus on a variety of things like props, sets, and even costumes. Classes like these give Sam the opportunity to share his work as well as be encouraged and challenged by his peers and professors. Sam is able to start building the relationships that will become crucial in his future career. At 3pm, he has a Directing Actors Class. This is a collaborative class that allows the students to work together.

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Peter Harris, Giving Shareholders a Chance

Peter Harris, the managing director of CBL Corp gave shareholders a chance to own a share of CBL Corp Ltd earlier this year. Many shareholders could not believe that CBL had placed so many shares on the market for sale, but they did. Earlier this year, CBL allowed prospective shareholders to purchase stock from CBL. The company placed more than $20 million dollars in the stock market. CBL Corp. is a great company to invest in. The company is one of the most elite European insurance companies to date. CBL has been in business for more than 10 years. Peter Harris has been with the company since its grand opening. Peter Harris was the employee of the company who decided to allow shareholders to purchase shares for the company.

If you aren’t familiar with Peter Harris’ background, he is an educated professional. Peter Harris attended the University of Auckland where he earned his master’s degree in financial services. In addition to being educated, Peter Harris is also very involved with several other projects. Peter Harris is currently a member of the Australian Graduate School of Management and NZ Latin America Business Council. He helps both of these organizations with their finances and he also helps to make various decisions for these schools.

Peter Harris made an informed decision when he decided to place stock for the company in the stock market. This opened many doors for the company and shareholders. The public is eager to see the stocks grow.

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Bhanu Choudhrie And The Keys To His Success

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bhanu Choudhrie is the founder of C&C Alpha Group, which, since its launch in 2001, has built a sizable investment portfolio based on its success throughout a number of emerging markets. An executive board member with several reputable organizations, Bhanu Choudhrie has emerged as one of the leading strategic investors of his era, overseeing investments throughout a variety of sectors, including banking, hospitality, healthcare, and real estate. Today, C&C Alpha Group helps to drive established companies, as well as budding entities on upward trajectories, boasting a superb success rate.

Bhanu Choudhrie is a graduate of Boston University, earning a degree in International Business and Marketing, before later attending Harvard Business School under the Owner Management Program. Since beginning his career, Mr. Choudhrie has received a number of awards concerning his efforts as a philanthropist and entrepreneur, including being recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. With a myriad of successes attached to his entrepreneurial resume, Bhanu Choudhrie credits the business efforts of his family during the 1970s, as a critical aspect of his current business trajectory.

In order to ensure that C&C Alpha Group stays abreast of all of its many endeavors, Bhanu Choudhrie adheres to a strict itinerary, beginning his day around 6:30 am. One of the most important details concerning Mr. Choudhrie’s business strategy is understanding global financial trends. Doing so requires him to pay close attention to financial media outlets such as Bloomberg and CNN, as the markets are consistently fluctuating. Arriving at the office promptly at 10:00 AM each day, Mr. Choudhrie generally meets with his staff to discuss the most relevant strategies regarding long-term ventures, continuing this process until breaking for lunch. Each workday concludes at 6:00 PM, allotting Mr. Choudhrie and his staff time to ponder creative ideas for further growth and development. Despite his staunch dedication to growing C&C Alpha Group, he stresses the importance of taking time away from the office, viewing it as an essential part of his continued success. In doing so, he often incorporates an exercise regimen that includes boxing and other forms of cardio at the gym.

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Nitin Khanna’s Success through Mergers and Acquisitions

 Nitin Khanna- the former CEO of Mergerterch is a classic example of an entrepreneur who succeeded by identifying a niche segment. He chose a business that dealt with mergers and acquisitions. The company helps businesses especially tech-companies grow by finding a strategic or financial partner or acquirer according to their unique needs. Nitin Khanna was the key advisor for at least eight mergers and acquisitions before he started his own company called Mergertech. He has become a role model for several new entrepreneurs in the State of Oregon.

Nitin Khanna was born in India. His family served in the Indian army and were also entrepreneurs. He believes in taking risks a t the right time. He had his early education at the Lawrence School Sanawar in India and later attended Purdue University in Indiana. He obtained a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in industrial engineering. Nitin Khanna worked with many companies including International Paper and Oracle Corporation. He founded Saber Corp with his brother in the year 1998. The company provided software systems to the state government of Oregon at first and later to many other states in the US. He sold the company for a large profit to Eds. The sale led him to a new venture. Many entrepreneurs sought his advice on finding a company for mergers or acquisitions. His success in finding partners for these companies gave him the idea of launching a company that assists mergers and acquisitions. In 2015 he launched a company called Cura Cannabis that sought to capitalize on the legalization of Cannabis. The company is currently one of the largest distributors of cannabis oil.

Nitin Khanna helps new US entrepreneurs grow by arranging mergers and acquisitions with strategic and financial partners across the globe. His family encouraged him to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams. He capitalized on all new important legislations. His first company Saber Corp capitalized on the Help America Vote Act in 2002. The act required all states to modernize their election systems within four years. Oregon, Khanna’s home state was the first state to start making changes and Saber Corp won the contract. Soon they were involved in providing software for government departments across the US. He sold the company for nearly four times its revenue and found that he was consulted about how other companies could find financial and strategic partners. He used his experience and expertise to start Mergertech to help new tech-companies find their ideal partners for mergers or acquisitions. He later launched the company, Cura Cannabis when Cannabis was legalized. The company is currently the largest cannabis company in the world. He sits on the boards of Classic Wines Auction, Freewire Broadband and, TiE Oregon. He has also produced documentaries, enjoys music and, spending time with family. Nitin Khanna asks new entrepreneurs to stay critical of their skills and capabilities and hire and fire correctly. He asks them to integrate their work and life to succeed.

Nitin Khanna is a business success story whose growth is based in capitalizing on the best available opportunities at the perfect time.

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Betterworks Is Working Toward A Better Future


Betterworks has been working hard to help change the way that businesses run. They have been creating ways for companies to question their employees about problems going on within the work-field. Companies want to make sure that their employees are being productive and are happy in their jobs. Betterworks is trying to find easy ways for them to find out this information.

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Betterworks has designed a review software that allows employers to send out surveys to their employees to help them address problems within the workfield, ways that they can make their employees happier, and anything else that may be an issue with their employees. Having a software through Betterworks allows the employer’s to get the results back at a quicker rate and is easier than trying to follow up with a paper trail.

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Betterworks has helped employers find new managers within their work field and have helped create even bigger goals to reach for. Even though Betterworks has not been around for a very long time they have become pretty successful in the time they have been running. Betterworks is going to continue to work hard for many more years and there is no telling just how far they will go.

The future looks very bright for Betterworks and they are hopeful to help other companies have bright futures as well. Betterworks is not afraid to work through any problems that may come their way and are determined to take on any challenges that may be thrown in front of them.

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A New Order of Business with CEO TJ Maloney

As the Chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney has bringing a significant amount of positive change to his firm and his clients. One of his best skills is his ability to remain active with the companies that are active in the porfolio.

TJ Maloney had much to bring to the table when it comes to working with a top-notch firm like Lincolnshire Management. His business acumen was built around working with a focus on mergers, securities law, and even acquisition. His knowledge is so revered, that he is often invited to speak wherever he travels. One of his best guest appearances was his speaking engagement that took place in the Columbia MBA program.

 TJ Maloney is also noted for the numerous awards he has won throughout the course of his career. As a middle-market private equity firm, he has worked hard to ensure that the average investor is able to get the information they need into their hands to start investing.

There are also some new team members that were brought on board to assist in growing the company far beyond it’s potential. The team gained two senior associates, along with two analysts. The addition of these strong analysts represents the commitment to stay strong as a growing firm, in order to stick to their growing track record for success.

The biggest evidence linked to their success is their track record spanning 30 years. Having worked through various cycles of business, both good and bad has made them strong and more focused when it comes to operational cycles. This is why it’s exciting to have someone like TJ Maloney brought on board o make such a tremendous difference in the day to day operations of the firm.

The President Michael Lyons is beyond thrilled to have a group eager young professionals that can come alongside him and utilize their skills.

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Strategies That Betterworks Software Can Help With To Improve Workforce Performance

There are various ways through which a business can become people-focused while also ensuring that the staff members are motivated to ensure that there is a lot of growth. Some of the techniques that can enhance such forms of growth include:

Implementing an Efficient Performance Process

The main focus is on progress, and that means that it is advisable to avoid setbacks. Most companies always utilize annual reviews as one of their performance management strategies. The employees are always judged based on their performance for over 12 months. They are given due feedback on the areas that they can improve on, and they also receive benefits such as a pay raise and a promotion. Such strategies are backward-looking, and they are time-consuming. The process is also stressful for employees and managers. The feedback being issued may be obsolete at times since it cannot be utilized promptly. Various firms are now utilizing Continuous Performance Management solutions being used by firms such as Betterworks. Such solutions have been supporting the continuous growth of various companies. Different conversations will also be recorded and documented.

Always Assist The Managers To Attain Their Optimum Potential

Managers play a key role in ensuring that the employees are motivated. As a result, they help to improve the overall performance within the organization while also ensuring that the firm can retain some of the top talents. A leader should also be skilled and talented, and their main focus should be on ensuring that their team can generate desirable results. The managers should ensure that each employee has developed their talents while also showcasing that they are indeed a genuine investment.

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The Success of Lincolnshire Management and its Recent Sale of Holley Performance

On 29th October 2018, Lincolnshire Management, Inc. in undisclosed agreement terms, the sale of Holley Performance Products to Sentinel Capital Partners affiliate whom together with Holley have merged Driven Performance Brands.

Holley was founded in 1903, and it is the largest manufacturer, designer, and marketer of various branded products that are depended upon by the ever-growing performance automotive industry. The company boasts of over 100 years of product knowledge, expertise, and service. Thus, it stands out as the synonymous cornerstone brand in the American auto culture. Furthermore, Holley has established a stable of industry leading and adulatory brands such as Hooker, Superchips, ACCEL, MSD, Hays, Earls, NOS, Racepak, Mallory, Quick Fuel Technologies, among others.

T J . Maloney, CEO of Lincolnshire Management, Inc. stated that Holley’s impressive management team, brand strength and leading product portfolio were the compelling factors for an investment opportunity. He added that since their partnership with the firm in 2013, they have worked together to come up with a dynamic acquisition plan and promote remarkable organic growth through heightened investment in developing new products. Ben Bartlett, Lincolnshire’s principal added that Holley is iconic, having the ability to propel innovation using studious product development and well-cultivated connections with consumers across the industry.

About Lincolnshire Management, Inc.

Founded in 1986, Lincolnshire Management, Inc. acts as a private equity firm dedicated to acquiring and investing in middle-sized companies across a wide range of industries. Its headquarters are based in New York City and focus on acquiring private firms, corporate divestitures, recapitalizations, equity growth for both private and public companies, and management buyouts. The company manages more than $1.7 billion in private equity funds.

Lincolnshire Management has heavily invested in various industries with the last 26 years seeing it make more than seventy acquisitions. Additionally, it is highly flexible in organizing investments. It has professionals with hands-on expertise in managerial and operational skills. Its wide portfolio comprises companies like Desch Plantpak, Allison Marine, Nursery Supplies Inc., Dalbo Holdings, Latite, and True Temper Sports.

The company has its focus investing in .profitable firms, mostly niche manufacturing, service, and distribution businesses with huge customer base and growth opportunities. The leadership of Lincolnshire Management enacted a formal written Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Policy which highlights its dedication to responsible investment models.

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