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Matt Badiali: Banyan Hill Publishing Company Unique Investments In Oil And Gas

The quest for American energy independence from foreign nations has enabled a unique piece of legislation that was recently discovered by Matt Badiali known as statute 26 – F. The U.S. Congress enacted this piece of legislation in an effort to propel the nation toward energy independence. As a result of this legislation, corporations were entitled to tax-free operations if they were able to meet specific requirements. In order to meet these requirements, the corporations must generate 90% of the revenue from the production, processing, storage, and transportation of oil and gas domestically within the United States of America. In addition to the source of their revenues, they must also agree to pay out profits to shareholders in a process referred to as distribution. It is this process that Matt Badiali is referring to whenever he says Freedom Checks.

In a manner that is analogous to dividends from stocks, Freedom Checks are taken from the profits generated by these oil and gas companies and given to investors in the company in order to maintain their position as master limited partnerships. Currently, there are 586 companies within the borders of the United States of America that qualify to operate as a master limited partnership. This gives these companies a tax advantage to operate, and they must give out Freedom Checks to their investors. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

These Freedom Checks are given out on either a monthly or quarterly basis similar to how traditional stock dividends are divided. There is one fundamental difference, however. The funds that are generated from Freedom Checks are treated as a return of capital and not treated as income. For the average investor, this has a significant meaning. Instead of increasing your tax liability through personal income tax you were only subject to capital gains tax which is taxed at a lower rate than income from profits generated through these Freedom Checks. Also, if you had decided to sell your investment in a master limited partnership any profit from the sale will also only be subject to the lower capital gains rate of tax and not the higher personal income tax rate. Matt Badiali believes that this represents a unique investment opportunity that usually provides investors with the ability to take advantage of an advantageous tax situation but also to help invest in the future of America’s energy independence. The returns that are generated through these Freedom Checks are substantial. Read more:


Dr. Mark McKenna’s Commitment to his New Orleans Community

As a Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners licensed doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna has given more than ten years of service to society. During his studies, Dr. Mark McKenna attended the Tulane University Medical School where he graduated with a degree in medicine. He immediately after completing his studies joined his father in practicing medicine. Despite his practice of medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna did not abandon his entrepreneurial ambitions.

He concurrently launched a boutique real investment firm known as McKenna Venture Investment. The company adopted an aggressive approach and soon acquired Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. Having adopted an aggressive growth strategy the company soon grew its employee base to more than fifty. McKenna Venture Investment offers a variety of services including real estate closing services, finance, and turnkey design-build.

As the August 2005 Hurricane Katrina wrecked the city of New Orleans, most properties of many individuals including Dr. Mark McKenna were destroyed. Being a person with the interests of the community at heart, he participated aggressively in the rebuilding of the communities in New Orleans.

In 2007, he founded a wellness and aesthetic based company known as ShapeMed. On November 1st, 2014, ShapeMed was taken over by Life Time Fitness Inc. As part of the deal, Dr. Mark McKenna was appointed National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness Inc. He held the position until July 2016.

In July 2017, Dr. McKenna was at his entrepreneurial best again. He founded a consumer-facing, technology-enabled, medical aesthetics company. The company looks forward to revolutionizing elective healthcare. Dr. Mark McKenna is a family man with a wife and a daughter. He runs a busy daily schedule that includes waking up early, working late, and hitting the gym for Jiu-Jitsu training before resorting to working again. He is a respected member of renowned Entrepreneurs Organization. He has also on a previous occasion offered his services in the board of New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the board of New Orleans Jazz Festival. The commitment to his community is unparalleled whether he is doing it professionally as a doctor or as an entrepreneur.

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Highland Capital Management: A Name You Can Trust

Highland Capital Management or HCM is a firm that deals in optional investment management that manage distressed investment, hedge funds, and structured investment funds. There is a huge number of diverse investment focuses scrutinized by HCM such as in fixed income, global public equity and hedging markets with a spotlight on structured products, leveraged loans, and high yield bonds.


Highland Capital Management founded in 1993 and based in Dallas, Texas. It operates offices in Singapore, New York City, Sao Paulo, London, and Seoul. HCM reported around US$18.7 billion worth of assets in 2014 under the management.


The company and the offices that associated with it have reported almost US$20 billion in different assets under management. It also has maintained high values when dealing with financial investments, mainly a substitute investments HCM specializes in, for above twenty years. Headquartered in Dallas, HCM started operations in 1993. HCM co-founded by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada, the firm the most experienced and largest universal substitute investment management company.


These include high yield bonds, CLOs or collateralized loan obligations and much more. Highland also serves a diverse and huge clientele from across the globe. While numerous are top richest individuals, this company also serves endowments and foundations, financial institutions, plans for public pension and numerous mutual and governments fund investors.


An investment strategy that used by HCM has been developed gradually and developed throughout its journey of 2 decades and continue, HCM is becoming the more reliable choice for the end user. HCM learned about its alternative process for investment to build up more alpha with passing the time. It also uses thorough, descriptive research across the portfolio of a company, blended with an eagle eye view aimed at finding a different type of investments with a highest possible return in numerous market sectors and asset classes.


Mark Okada, CIO for Highland along with one of his manager who deals in the portfolio, sets risk targets of the portfolio as well as top-down risk positions. HCM works on strong contact between portfolio managers, analysts, executives, and researchers. It is paying attention to its financial methods and its ability to decide when assets have incorrectly priced.