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Toyo Setal: An Award-Winning Brazilian Company

Toyo Setal is a company that is based in Brazil. If you want to find out what they do, projects they’ve worked on, awards they’ve won and other useful information, then continue to read on.

About Toyo Setal
As previously mentioned, they are a Brazilian company. They are a multi-national company that engages in several sectors, including the construction industry, engineering industry and the commissioning industry. They also engage in the construction industry.

The company operates various segments of the company TSPI, short for TS ParticipaƧƵes e Investimentos SA. To be more specific, they operate in the segments of energy, oil/gas, mining, infrastructure and chemical to name a few. Others include iron, petrochemical, fertilizer and steel.


Toyo Setal is no stranger to recognition, as they’ve received a notable award a few years ago. In 2014, the company took home an award at the annual AVEVA World Summit. The theme of the summit was to use AVEVA systems to solve issues within integration technology. Toyo presented a solution and they were chosen as the winners.

Projects Worked On
One of the major projects the company completed was the Belo Monte. It’s located in Para and it took five years to complete. Another project the company completed is UGH, which operates within the energy sector according to Construction took a period of three years to complete and the structure is located in Toronto, Ontario. Do bear in mind that these are only two of the many projects the company has worked on.

As you can see, Toyo Setal has won a a very prestigious award, which is due to their commitment to ensuring they deliver high quality work for each and every one of their clients. They have worked on a number of projects and they are expected to continue to work on many more projects.