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What You Should Know About Dating In Russia

Dating in Russia is quite different in some ways, when compared to other parts of the world. Find out more about dating in Russia, as well as dating Russian women, by reading the rest of this article.

Expect To Plan The Date
In many cultures, both the man and woman plans their date, even their first date. However, Russian women tend to expect the man to plan everything. This means if you start talking to a Russian woman and you want to date her, then you will likely need to bring it up and then plan the date.

Women Make A Great Effort
Russian women usually act very girly and they tend to expect men to act manly. Asides from that, women put in a lot of effort when it comes to dating. This means you can expect a Russian woman you are about to date to take great pride in her looks and the way she acts.

Russian Women/Men Are Very Affectionate
One major difference between dating in Russia and elsewhere is that men and women are typically very affectionate.

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