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Isabel Dos Santos To Speak At AfricaCom

Billionaire businesswoman Angolan Isabel dos Santo will attend the AfricaCom conference to speak on her position regarding investment in the energy sector and the possibility of a 5G network in Africa. The AfricaCom conference will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, from November 12 to the 14. The conference will attract leaders in the technology and telecommunications sectors. Telecommunications providers want a 5G network, but dos Santos doesn’t believe that a 5G network will be possible unless private investors invest in energy.

Isabel Dos Santos was on the board of directors for Unitel, a telecommunications company that she will represent at the conference. Dos Santos will speak in-depth on the need for private investors for the energy sector. She is adamant that this is the only way that a 5G network will eventually be possible. Isabel Dos Santos used Unitel’s investment in the telecommunications field as an example. Unitel has invested in the telecommunications sector for over twenty years. Unitel’s investment has resulted in the installation of 2.2 million dollars worth of fiber optics cable installed in 14,000 kilometers of land, creating a large fiber optic network. Isabel Dos Santos estimates that it will take the same kind of investment in energy to get the result of a 5G network.

The cooperation and partnership between governments and companies are needed to create stable business models that will bring in private investors willing to invest in Angola’s infrastructure and energy sector. Dos Santos is emphatic that this must be done for Brazil’s growing population which is currently at 1.2 billion people and will be at 2.4 billion people by 2050 surpassing China’s large population. Isabel Dos Santos has years of experience working in the fields of telecommunications and technology and foresees that in the future, the African companies that will be successful will be in the business of e-commerce or digital economy.

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Heather Parry’s Successful Career

Heather Parry is the current President of Live Nation Productions and while she has managed to excel at her current job she was a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Parry worked at MTV Films as well as Happy Madison before leaving to join Live Nations Productions. Heather Parry, however, did not announce going to Live Nation because she wanted to show people what she was going to do rather than telling them. Heather Parry has been involved in a couple of big projects that have won huge nominations in the entertainment industry. For instance, Heather Perry was involved in the ‘A Star Is Born’ film. When Parry heard that Bradley Cooper was going to direct the film, she contacted his agent who at the time was on a ski lift and asked to get involved. Heather Parry was confident that her company had the resources to market the film.

The agent called her back, and he talked to Bradley as well about Live Nation. Parry attended a dinner party at Bill Gerber’s place, and he was one of the producer’s on ‘A Star Is Born.’ She pitched Gerber during the dinner party about their media marketing and got the job. Heather Parry is driven, and she does not let any opportunity pass her. Live Nation Productions also participated in Imagine Dragons ‘Believer’ documentary that is about the singer’s involvement in the Mormon Church and LGBTQ issues in the community. Heather Parry landed this documentary after she was pitched by Omar who had spoken to Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons. He had an idea of what he wanted to showcase which was the teenager suicide rates that were escalating by the moment in the LGBTQ community. Heather Parry is a woman that can multitask and even on her birthday she was still working.