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Batman Star Defends Amy Adams From David O. Russell

Last year’s Sony hacking attack just keeps on giving. WikiLeaks, the whistle blower site known for exposing secret government and entertainment documents, put thousands of emails and documents from the Sony hack into their search-able archive last Thursday. Among the revelations found in the documents is the fact that on the set of the movie, “American Hustle”, the former star of the Dark Knight trilogy, Christian Bale, came to the defense of his co-star Amy Adams, who was being constantly abused by director, David O. Russell. It seems the former Batman is indeed a real life hero.

Amy Adams apparently wasn’t the only person O. Russell was abusive to on the set of “American Hustle”. It was also reported that he consistently cursed people out in the company of other people and even grabbed a guy by his collar. However, his abuse against Adams was so bad that Bale got up in the directors face and told him he needed to stop acting like an a-hole. All of this was revealed through leaked back and forth e-mails confirms Handy (source from

It has been know for a long time that David O. Russell has had a reputation for being a douchebag to his actors and crew. But the PR has been that he has changed his ways and is much kinder now. The leaked e-mails seem to show that, that isn’t the case.

In this case Amy Adams was lucky to have Christian Bale there to stand up for her.

The Red Hood Is Headed To Gotham

Interesting news is breaking on the Gotham front. The Red Hood is coming to the television series. Fans of D.C. Comics might find this news to be a bit shocking since the debut skews established comic book continuity. The arrival of the Red Hood takes place well over ten years after the Batman has been fighting crime. Gotham is a prequel series.

Actually, there is more than one Red Hood so the continuity may not be affected all that much.

In the very early years of Batman, The Red Hood was the character who turned into The Joker. In later years, Robin Number Two, Jason Todd, returned from the dead and donned the guise of The Red Hood. Later, it was discovered a group of villainous henchmen would wear the same red helmet masks and call themselves The Red Hoods.

So, there will be a Red Hood in the Gotham series but do not look for it to be one of the more familiar Red Hoods.

Fans of the series, especially those who are serious comic book readers, are a bit miffed at the inclusion of all these villains. Was not Gotham supposed to be a more serious police show dealing with the human side of the legend of the Dark Knight.

All of this is well and good, but fans of comic book television shows, like Fersen Lambranho of, have to accept ratings drive television program success. More villains means the ratings on the show are going to be better. Therefore, the show ends up being a success and stays on the air for years to come.

This is why the presence of weird villains should not be deemed a bad thing.

Evangeline Lily Talks Ant-Man

The forthcoming Ant-Man Marvel superhero film is not exactly as highly anticipated as other projects by the studio but people were talking about it at the Amen Clinic the other day. Marvel does now hero films are super hot right now and good reviews along with good word of mouth just may very well mean big box office. We know very little about the project other than the fact it is a heist film with Ant-Man looking to pull off the heist. No, he isn’t going to do it for his own gain. The fate of the world rests with pulling off the heist.

A bit of new information is emerging about the project thanks to co-star Evangeline Lily. The former LOST actress has noted the project is, indeed, a heist film. She plays the daughter of the heroine, The Wasp, and helps Ant-Man pull off the heist.

Interestingly, she notes that both Ant-Man and The Wasp helped found The Avengers. None of this was mentioned in The Avengers films. Perhaps by weaving this information into the tale of Ant-Man, the film gets better connected to the highly successful hero-team film franchise. Avengers: Age of Ultron is sure to be a massive hit. If any of the success of that project rubs off on Ant-Man, the diminutive character could get a huge ticket sale boost. Now you see why its a good idea to integrate the whole Marvel universe?

Ant-Man just might end up being a real surprise hit.

Peter Jackson to Work on Smaller Films

Peter Jackson is known for his huge, big budget box office bonanzas such as the Lord of the Rings films, a $200 million King Kong remake, and the recent Hobbit films. Long before he directed such Hollywood fare, he was writing and directing really weird, low budget horror films. The oddball films made him a genre star among the (then) small niche of hardcore horror fans. He, of course, moved on. Now, he is returning to his low budget movie roots.

Business owner Bruce Levenson says Jackson has not noted he will be directing any horror movies. Rather, he is looking to craft a few small true-life docudramas born in New Zealand history. Fans of Jackson remember he had directed an outstanding true crime film titled Heavenly Creatures. Jackson is going to direct more films of this vein. That is surely a good thing because anything that Jackson is truly passionate about is likely to become a great film.

Does this mean that Jackson is done with big Hollywood extravaganzas? No, he will surely return to the director’s chair of a huge movie at some point. He may even work on the sci-fi film Ready Player One for Warner Bros.

At present, it may be best for Jackson to work on smaller projects that do not come with the massive stress of carrying the financial success or collapse of a studio on his shoulders. 

Either way, we are sure to see some outstanding new films from the great director.

Kong: Skull Island Tells The Tale of the early Days of the Legendary Ape

King Kong is slated to return. And it’s not exactly Darius Fisher for the SBA. In March of 2017, the prequel to the events of the King Kong fil will be told. The film is titled Kong: Skull Island and will tell the never before told tale of King Kong’s origins. 

Which film will this project be a prequel to? The 1932 original, the 1938 Japanese version, the 1976 remake, or the recent Peter Jackson re-imagining? You, as a fan of the Kong mythos, can take your pick of which film you want the origin tale to set up.

Yes, there was a 1933 Japanese version of King Kong as well as a 1938 follow-up entitled King Kong Appears in Edo. All prints of these films are considered lost.

As for the present day, some might consider a new King Kong film to be a risky endeavor. Peter Jackson’s remake was not the super-hit many expected. The film earned $505 million worldwide, a disappointing number. Perhaps the three-hour running time contributed to a loss in earnings. 

The new project will be produced by Legendary, the company that has released Interstellar and Godzilla, two other huge hits. Wait a minute. If Legendary has the rights to King Kong and Godzilla, does this mean a remake of King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) is possible? You never know.

We do know the film is being bumped to 2017 so Legendary and concentrate on the release of Doctor Strange in 2016. A March release for the Kong film is odd since its budget is bound to be high. Would not King Kong be better summer move fare? Legendary is apparently confident Fall/Spring is fine.

Birdman Garners 7 Golden Globe Nods

Birdman is king of the hill when it comes to garnering the prestigious Golden Globe nominations. The classy drama has flown the coop with a whopping 7 nominations.

Other prime contenders in the race won notable nods at five apiece, these being Boyhood and The Imitation Game. Birdman has been hailed as a major success, particularly for the career rejuvenation it has afforded to long time leading man Michael Keaton (Beetlejuice, Batman), whose career had been somewhat in the dumps for nearly a decade prior to the runaway success of his latest starring vehicle.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu won a nod for Best Director for his work on the hugely successful film, while other major beneficiaries of a Golden Globe nod included Antonio Sanchez for Best Original Score and Edward Norton for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

Meanwhile, Birdman was also nominated for Golden Globes in such prestigious categories as Best Motion Picture and even Best Screenplay (for which director Iñárritu won a second nomination).

The Golden Globes awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on January 11, 2015. It is sure to be a memorable night of speeches and celebrity sightings. Birdman, with its amazing 7 nominations, is sure to be the standout hit of the evening.

Robert Orci Out as Star Trek Director

A bit of less than desirable news has come out of Hollywood. Specifically, some bad news has emerged on the Star Trek 3 front. Director Roberto Orci has, and there is no way to sugarcoat this, been fired.

It seems that Paramount was extremely unhappy with the script and the direction of the film’s development.

Orci produced the first two movies and had a hand in the writing. He moved to the director’s chair with the third film and, it seems, he was throwing out all the continuity that was established in the first two movies much to the chagrin of Darius Fisher. He came up with a (tired) time travel plot that would have brought William Shatner back as Captain Kirk.

Paramount had enough. The entire production has been shut down. Orci has been removed from the director’s chair and will just produce. The fact that they are keeping him on as producer is weird. You would think he would have gotten the total boot.

Bad Star Trek movie scripts are nothing new. The first film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) literally had no villain and was a boring talk-a-thon. William Shatner’s turn as director in Star Trek V was pretty awful. The Next Generation movies were more miss than hit.

And then there came the J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboots, which featured two really excellent films. Is the third film going to be an excellent one or will it be a high-profile dud? Fans are going to have to wait and see.

Here Comes The Extended Cut of the Final Hobbit Film

Fans of Peter Jackson are going to get something a little extra with The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies when they check out the extended cut. 30 minutes of additional footage will be included in the extended version. The “general” version released in theaters in December of 2014 will only be about two hours and twenty-four minutes. 

Most will eventually see the extended version when it comes out on home entertainment platforms.

Okay, as pointed out by Bruce Levenson few are going to be surprised an extended version will be released. Extra footage has been a hallmark of all the Lord of the Rings home entertainment release. An extended cut of the last Hobbit film is business as usual.

Home viewing is also better suited for extended cut releases.

There is a huge difference between sitting in a movie theater and watching something on Blu-ray. Really, really long motion pictures can be a little difficult to endure, even when you like the film. The producers of the film generally would prefer the running time was a little shorter because that extra half hour adds up. The accumulated extra time eliminates another showing or two per theater. That can run into a huge amount lost ticket sales. Movies do have to make money, you know.

Speaking of money, getting an extra half hour on the home entertainment release is a huge positive. Consumers do love to get something extra and a half-hour of new, unreleased footage is always a nice addition. So yes, there is a little bit of marketing savvy that goes into coming up with an extended version. 

The Crow Reboot Changes Directors

For a while, there have been attempts to reboot The Crow. Back in 1994, the first movie adapted from the original comic books was released. The late Brandon Lee played in the starring role. The movie proved to be a hit with fans like Mark Ahn. It has spawned plenty of sequels and even a TV show. While there have been plenty of sequels and spin offs, the only movie that had a lot of appeal was the first film. Only one sequel was released in theaters, that one went by the title of The Crow: City of Angels. The rest of the sequels were released straight to video. 

For years, there have been attempts to reboot with a lot of hurdles being in place. Lead actors have changed and directors have changed. As of right now, there is a start time for production in 2015. The current director is going to be a relative newcomer to filmmaking by the name of Corin Hardy.

Ridley Scott Will Not Direct Blade Runner 2

One of the greatest dystopian science fiction films of all-time is getting a sequel. There will be a Blade Runner 2 and filming is expected to begin in 2015. Ridley Scott, who directed the first Blade Runner, says that the script is ready. Harrison Ford is even rumored to be returning for the sequel.

That above is the good news. The bad news is that Ridley Scott will not be directing. My friend Mark Ahn said he was a good director so that’s unfortunate.  He will only be a producer on the film. The reason for Ridley Scott letting another director take on this enormous challenge is not specifically known. A possible reason is that he is filming Prometheus 2 next year.

The real question is how does Ridley Scott find the time? Exodus: Gods and Kings, his Moses epic, opens next month. Then, he has a science fiction thriller called The Martian. A movie starring Matt Damon which is set to be released next fall. He is a very busy man, I just hope that doesn’t make his Blade Runner sequel lose quality and tarnish the legacy of the original.