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New Star Trek Movie Gets An Official Title

Fans of Star Trek can finally relax. Director Justin Lin has finally confirmed that the official title to the new movie is, drum roll please, Star Trek Beyond. Jaime Garcia Dias says this information comes direct from the source, which can be seen here and includes the first on set photo from the new film.

According to the rumors that surrounding the film, this thirteenth installment will finally see Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise begin their five year voyage of exploration. The films script was written by Doug Jung and Simon Pegg who reportedly spent over six months creating it. The story goes that they spent time watching episodes of the original series in order to get the feel and atmosphere just right. Pegg also stars as Scotty in the franchise, which should help Lin out if he needs any emergency rewrites.

The title for the film seems to be carrying on the tradition set by the Next Generation movies of having a secondary title instead of a number. The first five sequels were all numbered and followed the original actors reprising their roles from the television show. Since the new movies are set in a parallel universe created by time travel in Star Trek it follows that they would want to slightly distance themselves from the older movies.