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Venezuelan Regime in Bid for Survival

There’s a growing opposition in Venezuela to Nicolas Maduro’s rule. Many now suspect that the recent killing of the opposition leader, German Mavare, was politically motivated.
According to Fox News, Mr. Mavare was walking home with a female companion named Norka Luque, and then a man on a motorcycle stopped and attempted to rob him.

But as Congressman Luis Florido claims, “The man then said that he didn’t want to rob them, he wanted to kill him.” Mr. Mavare was shot in the head.

Luque says”the government is known to have set up a Chavista base, a group of government supporters who are willing to resort to violence if necessary”.

As the opposition gathers signatures to call a referendum to remove President Maduro, it is likely the Venezuelan regime will resort to under-the-table tactics in order to preserve itself. Mr. Mavare, indeed, was one of the organizers of the calls for removal of Maduro. A political assassination could as well have taken place.