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In a perfect world we all would be great at math. For a student, understanding the concepts of math can be the most frustrating lesson of life. Teach to One empowers teachers, students and parents to set year-round goals and gain math skills needed to be productive and go far in life.

Just like fine tuning a guitar or sharpening your skills in math, Teach to One gives students just what they need to excel. Teach to One is a math program that customizes math lessons for the individual student and allows the student to excel at his/her own pace. In fact, each student learns at their own pace and ability within the daily curriculum. No student is left behind because they work on skills that enhances the learning. Students become successful because they gain full comprehension of the lessons. To know more about TEACH TO One visit

It’s no wonder why Bill Gate calls it the future in math. Teach to One is taking responsibilities for each child’s education. They have found what works and what doesn’t work so well when it comes to getting students to understand the goals they wish to accomplish through math. The flexibility and adaptive ways of Teach to One has earned them rave reviews on this software program. With combined approaches to comprehending the lessons, students are better equipped to accelerate their own learning process, reports by

The results from the “new math” are strong and continue to improve. Students are making more meaningful and measurable gains in math after utilizing the personalized lessons. Teach to One is committed to assisting each student with the right assessment for their level.

Teach to One is taking math to a whole new level. With a math program proven to grow the student up academically, Teach to One makes students want to go to school and be successful in life. Teach to One is truly the future of math concepts.

Academy of Art University: A Day in the Life

Choosing a place to study that will be the perfect fit is one of the challenges that all students face. Pairing the end of high school with the sense of excitement and adventure has a nagging fear of choosing the wrong place. This makes you think, wouldn’t it be amazing if students could follow someone for a day or more at one of the colleges of their choice and actually get a feel for the people, campus, and overall atmosphere before you commit to going there?

Luckily, Sam Bear a student at the Academy of Art University, shared a typical day of study in the world of motion pictures and television. He was able to document everything that happens in a normal day of a student at the Academy of Art University. Sam starts by rising early at 9am in his room at the Commodore Dormitory to prepare himself for the day. The Commodore was built as a merchant seaman hotel in 1928 and is one of the 15 total residence facilities for the Academy of Art University.

Sam then takes part in 2 different classes in the School of Motion Pictures and Television. Each class is spaced far apart to make time for other college things like project collaborations, studying, and even relaxation. His first class, Production Design, begins at 11am. This is where the students are able to focus on a variety of things like props, sets, and even costumes. Classes like these give Sam the opportunity to share his work as well as be encouraged and challenged by his peers and professors. Sam is able to start building the relationships that will become crucial in his future career. At 3pm, he has a Directing Actors Class. This is a collaborative class that allows the students to work together.

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Peter Harris, Giving Shareholders a Chance

Peter Harris, the managing director of CBL Corp gave shareholders a chance to own a share of CBL Corp Ltd earlier this year. Many shareholders could not believe that CBL had placed so many shares on the market for sale, but they did. Earlier this year, CBL allowed prospective shareholders to purchase stock from CBL. The company placed more than $20 million dollars in the stock market. CBL Corp. is a great company to invest in. The company is one of the most elite European insurance companies to date. CBL has been in business for more than 10 years. Peter Harris has been with the company since its grand opening. Peter Harris was the employee of the company who decided to allow shareholders to purchase shares for the company.

If you aren’t familiar with Peter Harris’ background, he is an educated professional. Peter Harris attended the University of Auckland where he earned his master’s degree in financial services. In addition to being educated, Peter Harris is also very involved with several other projects. Peter Harris is currently a member of the Australian Graduate School of Management and NZ Latin America Business Council. He helps both of these organizations with their finances and he also helps to make various decisions for these schools.

Peter Harris made an informed decision when he decided to place stock for the company in the stock market. This opened many doors for the company and shareholders. The public is eager to see the stocks grow.

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james reese tigerswan

TigerSwan: A Highlighted Veteran’s Business

james reese tigerswanTigerSwan is a US business that focuses on protecting international and American based companies. The owner, James Reese, is a veteran who retired out of the Delta Forces in the late 2000s. During his time in the military, he served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many might say this is where James Reese fine-tuned his leadership talent that he was born with. TigerSwan is Reese’s newest challenge.

TigerSwan uses the newest equipment to train their elite staff. One piece they have relied upon lately is the Suburban SUV. This workhorse was put to the test. The crew practiced taking it out in the dark of night, but the drive is nothing like ours. They drive in the dark because during any of their missions this may be how they have to come into any compound or rescue situation. The team uses their high-tech night vision gear to survey the landscape and road ahead. The SUV must be able to traverse rugged landscape where no trail exists.

In addition to transportation, TigerSwan must use rifles and other firepower. They practice with their guns to keep their sharp edge, but their shooting is not on any average target practice range. TigerSwan needs its people to aim with accuracy after getting to the location. It could be night, blistering hot, and there could be gunfire all around them. TigerSwan prepares them for this environment by practice and mental preparation. The shooting range might include hitting a target off in the distance or obscured. The time of day can vary when the real missions strike, so everyone must get comfortable firing at night using night vision, during high noon with the temperature soaring, and at dusk when it is hard to see.

James Reese and the team at TigerSwan are proud to be a blend of veterans and other skilled workers. They are all very humble in their service, and they do not boost or show off any of their skills. They are a team that is there to protect and complete missions. Under the watchful care and eye of James Reese, TigerSwan is a shining example of a successful veteran business.

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How ClassDojo Is Helping Our Educational System

After first hearing about ClassDojo from my 10-year-olds 5th-grade teacher, I didn’t quite understand all the hype behind it. Being a mother of 4 children ages ranging from 18-years down to 4-years, and feeling like the educational system has gone downhill since my day, I began to read up on it and see what it’s all about. I have to say, this is one modern educational management app that definitely has taken the right direction in bridging the gap between educators, parents, and the students that they all teach.

For a long time, we as a culture didn’t cater properly to the needs of bridging the gaps between school and home.

  • The educators were complaining about the lack of involvement from parents.
  • The parents were complaining about not having any way to be extremely involved with their children’s education.
  • The children complained about being bored and education not being fun.

Well, ClassDojo was built with all of these needs in mind. And because of that, there are now educators, parents, and students all over the world that have the opportunity to communicate consistently with one another and streamline education across schools and homes. Students of all ages get to experience a fun educational environment at school with a great point system that can be utilized in school or at home with an in-app subscription for parents.

Whether you’re an educator or a parent looking for classroom management, ClassDojo is for you and your students.

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A New Order of Business with CEO TJ Maloney

As the Chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney has bringing a significant amount of positive change to his firm and his clients. One of his best skills is his ability to remain active with the companies that are active in the porfolio.

TJ Maloney had much to bring to the table when it comes to working with a top-notch firm like Lincolnshire Management. His business acumen was built around working with a focus on mergers, securities law, and even acquisition. His knowledge is so revered, that he is often invited to speak wherever he travels. One of his best guest appearances was his speaking engagement that took place in the Columbia MBA program.

 TJ Maloney is also noted for the numerous awards he has won throughout the course of his career. As a middle-market private equity firm, he has worked hard to ensure that the average investor is able to get the information they need into their hands to start investing.

There are also some new team members that were brought on board to assist in growing the company far beyond it’s potential. The team gained two senior associates, along with two analysts. The addition of these strong analysts represents the commitment to stay strong as a growing firm, in order to stick to their growing track record for success.

The biggest evidence linked to their success is their track record spanning 30 years. Having worked through various cycles of business, both good and bad has made them strong and more focused when it comes to operational cycles. This is why it’s exciting to have someone like TJ Maloney brought on board o make such a tremendous difference in the day to day operations of the firm.

The President Michael Lyons is beyond thrilled to have a group eager young professionals that can come alongside him and utilize their skills.

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Dick DeVos and Better Schooling

The United States is the name of a huge nation that’s part of the sizable North American continent. That’s reason to treat it in a delicate manner as well. Since it has so many residents, people need to put a lot of time into it. There are so many people of all kinds living in the country. They reside in its bustling metropolises on both coasts. They reside in its markedly smaller towns and communities, too. Dick DeVos understands that reality. That’s the reality that makes him want to take things into his own hands. There are many issues that involve lifestyles in America in this day and age. There are many young individuals in the United States who feel helpless with regard to schooling paths. There are many families in the nation who have limited options. This isn’t something that makes DeVos feel good. It’s something that bothers his wife Betsy endlessly. They’ve never been people who have been okay tolerating things that are less than ideal. They’ve long been people who have fought for causes. They started fighting for causes long before they were even a married pair. Betsy DeVos was a fighter during her college years at Calvin College. Dick DeVos was a fighter all throughout his formative years, too. They’ve bonded over that.


DeVos isn’t a man who ever sits around twiddling his thumbs. He isn’t a man who ever sits around waiting for others to take initiative, either. He’s the kind of person who makes taking initiative an art form of sorts. He likes to take initiative in order to better all sorts of components. He cares about artistic endeavors. He cares just as much about political ones. He devised the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation when he was a lot younger. He did so with the help of his tireless and thoughtful wife.


Why does Dick DeVos back aviation? He backs it because he believes that air travel is something that can do so much for basic human existence. Human beings everywhere rely on airplanes daily. They go on planes any time they want to go on faraway trips. They go on planes any time they need to handle business trips in faraway locations as well. He adores aviation and all of the promise it holds. The West Michigan Aviation Academy epitomizes the passion he has for air travel. It’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the moment. It doesn’t have a standard backdrop, though. It’s tucked away inside of the city’s busy airport. DeVos has been monitoring the charter school and its activities for many years now. He’s never going to stop monitoring it, either. He wants it to do better and better.


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Dick DeVos Aims At Reforming Michigan

Dick DeVos is a household name throughout the state of Michigan. For starters, he was the CEO of Amway, the family business, for years. Alongside his work atop one of the largest corporations in the country at the top, Dick DeVos is also a prominent contributor to Republican policy. As a prominent conservative and donor to the GOP, Dick DeVos has floated his name in the political arena for decades. In fact, Dick DeVos’s wife, Betsy DeVos, is currently serving as the Secretary of Education for President Trump in Washington D.C. While many titles and names can apply to Dick DeVos, his history deserves more exploration than his title.


Dick DeVos formed the Grand Action group back in the 1990s in response to a potential convention center being built in the state of Grand Rapids, MI. DeVos worked alongside several other prominent businessmen in order to push against the construction of the facility. DeVos was on top of the ball and quick to point out how badly Detroit suffered when the Pistons and Lions abandoned their respective stadiums. A convention center that doesn’t have a pro team in it can quickly turn into an albatross on the economy.


Once Grand Action was successful in helping to stave off the prospective convention center, they got to work on their own. The goal of the group was to improve the city of Grand Rapids through intelligent, thoughtful, and important contributions to the area. Dick DeVos is directly responsible for the erection of several important facilities like Michigan State University’s medical division. Additionally, the DeVos family was the driving force behind the construction of a children’s hospital in the region. Both of these projects only serve to exemplify exactly what Dick DeVos has tried to give back to the city.


Outside of his direct work in the field of business, Dick DeVos and his family have been active philanthropists. The DeVos Family Foundation gives hundreds of millions of dollars to charities in the area over the past 30 years. Alongside the $103 million donated toward the children’s hospital, the DeVos family has given over $138 million art, leadership, and cultural development programs. The state of Grand Rapids and its current booming presence can be tied directly back to their work. While Dick DeVos doesn’t get to take credit for all of this work, due to a politically divided America, it is inarguable that he has had an impact on the region.


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The Past and Future of GreenSky

Online Lending

GreenSky is an online lending company that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was founded in 2006, and it has enjoyed tremendous success so far. Many customers enjoy working with the company for various reasons. Not only does GreenSky offer excellent customer service, but the company also has multiple lending programs that customers appreciate.

Online lending is a developing area of the banking industry. Numerous customers enjoy the convenience of online loans. Not only is online banking faster, but it is also easier to manage for most people.

Surviving the Financial Crisis

The financial crisis in 2008 happened just a few years after GreenSky was founded. The GreenSky credit program remained solvent for multiple reasons.

The GreenSky credit programs also had more demanding requirements than other online lending programs. While many online banks went bankrupt during the financial crisis, GreenSky grew every year. The company did make some changes to the GreenSky credit program to reduce financial risks after the crisis.

Housing Upgrades

With the strong housing market across the country, many people have interest in utilizing home equity to make various improvements. One of the biggest reasons that customers use the GreenSky credit program is to make home improvements.

Making a substantial home improvement is expensive. Not only have material prices increased, but paying for labor is costly as well. Most people underestimate the amount of money a significant home repair will require. The people who work at GreenSky have years of experience helping customers through this process.

Although the company is relatively new to the industry, the GreenSky credit program has overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers.

Rocketship Education Helps Right Listing Ship of Public Education

Ten years of personalized learning through the Rocketship Education schools has brought to the forefront quite a few lessons in personalized K-5 learning according to their CEO Preston Smith. California, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C have all certainly benefited from the charter schools, and the plans to expand even further should take these lessons to even more students over the upcoming years. Here are those lessons enumerated:

Personalized learning begins at home

  1. More demand will help to change the system
  2. The power of parents should be honored
  3. Teachers are the key to culturally responsive schools
  4. Actions are louder than words
  5. To benefit all kids use meaningful inclusion
  6. Do not stop learning
  7. Mindset complements skill
  8. Partnerships are better than solo ventures
  9. It’s good to be a public school

One of the best ways to ensure that low income communities do not remain that way forever is to deliver a solid education experience so that the next generations will have the ability to transcend. That is what Rocketship aims to do by gathering together some of the best minds in parents, leaders, teachers and students to work together towards that goal. The Rocketeers (students served by the Rocketship public schools) are then able to take what they learn into the higher grades and eventually into the real world in order to give back and earn their way.

There are even some celebrities who certainly believe in what is being done through the organization with people like former tennis number 1 Andre Agassi helping to open a charter school in Washington DC. His Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund understands the problems that lurk beneath the surface of these lagging communities, and he and others see the beauty of the Rocketship Education model as a way to right some of that trouble. There is definitely going to be many others who join along the way as the trek towards better students continues to be made on a daily basis, and Rocketship Education schools should continue to flourish across the country to help those in need.