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Dick DeVos Aims At Reforming Michigan

Dick DeVos is a household name throughout the state of Michigan. For starters, he was the CEO of Amway, the family business, for years. Alongside his work atop one of the largest corporations in the country at the top, Dick DeVos is also a prominent contributor to Republican policy. As a prominent conservative and donor to the GOP, Dick DeVos has floated his name in the political arena for decades. In fact, Dick DeVos’s wife, Betsy DeVos, is currently serving as the Secretary of Education for President Trump in Washington D.C. While many titles and names can apply to Dick DeVos, his history deserves more exploration than his title.


Dick DeVos formed the Grand Action group back in the 1990s in response to a potential convention center being built in the state of Grand Rapids, MI. DeVos worked alongside several other prominent businessmen in order to push against the construction of the facility. DeVos was on top of the ball and quick to point out how badly Detroit suffered when the Pistons and Lions abandoned their respective stadiums. A convention center that doesn’t have a pro team in it can quickly turn into an albatross on the economy.


Once Grand Action was successful in helping to stave off the prospective convention center, they got to work on their own. The goal of the group was to improve the city of Grand Rapids through intelligent, thoughtful, and important contributions to the area. Dick DeVos is directly responsible for the erection of several important facilities like Michigan State University’s medical division. Additionally, the DeVos family was the driving force behind the construction of a children’s hospital in the region. Both of these projects only serve to exemplify exactly what Dick DeVos has tried to give back to the city.


Outside of his direct work in the field of business, Dick DeVos and his family have been active philanthropists. The DeVos Family Foundation gives hundreds of millions of dollars to charities in the area over the past 30 years. Alongside the $103 million donated toward the children’s hospital, the DeVos family has given over $138 million art, leadership, and cultural development programs. The state of Grand Rapids and its current booming presence can be tied directly back to their work. While Dick DeVos doesn’t get to take credit for all of this work, due to a politically divided America, it is inarguable that he has had an impact on the region.


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The Past and Future of GreenSky

Online Lending

GreenSky is an online lending company that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was founded in 2006, and it has enjoyed tremendous success so far. Many customers enjoy working with the company for various reasons. Not only does GreenSky offer excellent customer service, but the company also has multiple lending programs that customers appreciate.

Online lending is a developing area of the banking industry. Numerous customers enjoy the convenience of online loans. Not only is online banking faster, but it is also easier to manage for most people.

Surviving the Financial Crisis

The financial crisis in 2008 happened just a few years after GreenSky was founded. The GreenSky credit program remained solvent for multiple reasons.

The GreenSky credit programs also had more demanding requirements than other online lending programs. While many online banks went bankrupt during the financial crisis, GreenSky grew every year. The company did make some changes to the GreenSky credit program to reduce financial risks after the crisis.

Housing Upgrades

With the strong housing market across the country, many people have interest in utilizing home equity to make various improvements. One of the biggest reasons that customers use the GreenSky credit program is to make home improvements.

Making a substantial home improvement is expensive. Not only have material prices increased, but paying for labor is costly as well. Most people underestimate the amount of money a significant home repair will require. The people who work at GreenSky have years of experience helping customers through this process.

Although the company is relatively new to the industry, the GreenSky credit program has overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers.

Rocketship Education Helps Right Listing Ship of Public Education

Ten years of personalized learning through the Rocketship Education schools has brought to the forefront quite a few lessons in personalized K-5 learning according to their CEO Preston Smith. California, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C have all certainly benefited from the charter schools, and the plans to expand even further should take these lessons to even more students over the upcoming years. Here are those lessons enumerated:

Personalized learning begins at home

  1. More demand will help to change the system
  2. The power of parents should be honored
  3. Teachers are the key to culturally responsive schools
  4. Actions are louder than words
  5. To benefit all kids use meaningful inclusion
  6. Do not stop learning
  7. Mindset complements skill
  8. Partnerships are better than solo ventures
  9. It’s good to be a public school

One of the best ways to ensure that low income communities do not remain that way forever is to deliver a solid education experience so that the next generations will have the ability to transcend. That is what Rocketship aims to do by gathering together some of the best minds in parents, leaders, teachers and students to work together towards that goal. The Rocketeers (students served by the Rocketship public schools) are then able to take what they learn into the higher grades and eventually into the real world in order to give back and earn their way.

There are even some celebrities who certainly believe in what is being done through the organization with people like former tennis number 1 Andre Agassi helping to open a charter school in Washington DC. His Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund understands the problems that lurk beneath the surface of these lagging communities, and he and others see the beauty of the Rocketship Education model as a way to right some of that trouble. There is definitely going to be many others who join along the way as the trek towards better students continues to be made on a daily basis, and Rocketship Education schools should continue to flourish across the country to help those in need.