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Get Fit with Fablectics

If you have not yet heard of Fabletics, it is high time you knew about it because of the affordable prices they offer when it comes to yoga pants. Here there is a report so that you can test and try it out as a customer. There are many deals you can seal with Fabletics such as below;

Get outfit shipped for only $25

Why you need to be a VIP Member

  • You can get lulu-wannabe athletic apparel which is trendy and yet affordable.
  • The first purchase you make will be discounted.
  • The aim of the founders, among them Kate Hudson is to make you sexy and make you feel good.


The Working Fabletics VIP

  • 2-3 pieces of the outfits are sold at around $100.
  • If you are a VIP member, you will be required to pay $49.95 for the outfit.
  • The first VIP purchase you make is discounted to as low as $25.
  • If you are a VIP member, shipping will be done for free.



How they make money

  • You take a short quiz on lifestyle so that Fabletics can know you and serve you better.
  • Every month you will be recommended new outfits based on the style you prefer and also the workout you prefer.
  • On the first of every month, Fabletics sends new outfits.
  • Between first and fifth, you must log in so that you can make your selection or you can decide to skip that month.
  • Outfits start at $49.95, and there is free shipping.



How to cancel your VIP Membership

  • Failure to log between the first and fifth of every month and click skip button, then your account will be charged $49.95 on the 6th, and one outfit will be credited.
  • The handpicked outfit will never be shipped unless you approve of it, but when you log in later, you can apply the credit to anything you want to buy.
  • You can skip many months as long as you make sure that you log in to your account between first and fifth of every month.




  • Anytime you can cancel your VIP membership by just calling 1-844-322-5384 and click 4, and you can inform the person you speak to, to close your account.
  • They will accept returns up to 30 days from the date the outfit was shipped. If the returns are for exchange or store credit, they are not charged. If they are for refund, they will be charged $5.95 fee for restocking.



Should You Start Using Wen?

If you’ve seen advertisements for Wen hair care products, you may have been tempted to buy some of the shampoos and conditioners. Wen uses plant oils and extracts in their products, which gives the hair a pleasant smell and helps to condition the tresses without the use of harsh chemicals. Even though several celebrities have endorsed the products, you may still be a little skeptical. That’s why Bustle’s Emily McClure tested Sephora endorsed Fig conditioner from Wen for seven days and found that it may be a worthwhile purchase.

After using the conditioner just one day, Emily found that her hair was shinier and even felt thicker. She continued to use the conditioner for two more days, and said that her hair felt like it had more volume. Her hair still retained its moisture by the fourth day, even though she didn’t have time to wash her hair. She added a few curls to her coif for added volume, but they fell pretty quickly.

Emily’s hair continued to look healthier throughout the week, and her friends even commented on the shininess of her hair. Overall, McClure says she was satisfied with Wen conditioner. She says it’s best for women with naturally thin hair and will give them total beauty.

FAQ page:


Fabletics: Kate Hudson’s Lazy Girl Rescue

Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics, athletic clothes that are ready to wear wherever you want to go: the gym, shopping, or out for drinks. They have recently opened up a line of “athleisure” dresses, which will differentiate from the usual athletic wear they offer. Kate Hudson spoke with Marie Claire Magazine about her latest debut to give them the latest update on the fashion line. Marie Claire Magazine is a trend-setting information center, filled with tips on beauty, health and fitness, celebrity news, career advice, and so on.

Kate Hudson’s line “Athleisure” is the concept of picking out something comfortable and simple, and wearing it wherever you want; the outfit will work with whatever you plan on doing that day. You can wear the dress to work in the office, you can wear it to the beach with your friends, and you can wear it out on a date. Fabletics uses the same breathable performance materials as their other athletic products, highlighting the ability to go bra-less and still feel comfortable in public. Because they are a direct consumer, they can afford to produce these products with this performance material at a low price. It would be easy to boost this line into something more high fashion, but that is not what the brand is all about. Source:

Fabletics brand comprises a bit of sexiness and femininity while still showing off its story and protected appearance/build. Kate Hudson stands by her brand, encouraging women from all over the world to become happy, healthy, motivated, and fit. She can easily reach a broad range of women by keeping the designs simple and price point manageable. Fabletics started in the beginning of April, reaching tons of women in just moments. Kate Hudson really makes our lazy girl dreams come true with this beautiful and simple brand. 

Fabletics Spring/Summer 16

Let’s hear it for exercise garments that help us feel great, look amazing, and work out in confidence and style. Fabletics’ Spring and Summer 2016 collection not only does all that; it’s gaining deserved recognition from the fashion blogs like the Clothes Maiden. Blogger Avery Parker recently posted an article celebrating Fabletics’ new collection and singling out its co-founder Kate Hudson for special praise.

Avery loves the new Fabletics S/S 16 line for its bright geometric patterns, solids in both bright and neutral shades, and monochrome florals: you can mix and match them without a second thought. Better still, there are loose-fitting blouses and jackets that can pull an ensemble together and let you look great outside of the gym or yoga studio. The Clothes Maiden lauds actress Kate Hudson as the inspiration behind the line’s stylish functionality. Kate’s “passion for motivating and supporting women to lead healthy and active lives” led her to create the Fabletics line, Avery insists. Making women feel beautiful while being active was clearly Kate’s goal, and she has achieved it in stunning fashion at

Kate Hudson and Fabletics’ S/S 16 have received a lot of attention elsewhere on the internet as well. Katie Dunlop at Love Sweat and Fitness raved about S/S 16, especially the springtime colors and patterns and the new lifestyle and loungewear offerings that take Fabletics activewear beyond the gym. The Krazy Coupon Lady was also very impressed by style, fit, and price, stating that Fabletics’ quality “rivals Gap Body, but prices are like what you’d find at Target”.

There’s no doubt that Kate Hudson inspiration accounts for Fabletics’ amazing style. But it’s the Fabletics subscription service that provides customers an easy and inexpensive way to access their collections. This is how the Fabletics system works. When you sign up for a VIP online membership, you’re asked to take a quick and easy lifestyle quiz. Your answers provide the Fabletics team with insights into your tastes and workout routines, giving them clues about which outfits and styles you’ll like the best. Each month, you’ll receive notification of which items have been selected for you. Log in to your Fabletics account and, if you like what you see, do nothing. The garments will be shipped. If you’d rather not buy that month, let Fabletics know and you won’t be charged. Shipping is free, and you get a $25 discount on your first order.

Getting workout clothes you’ll love and that fit comfortably into your daily routine has never been quicker or easier.

Selena Gomez Makes High School Chic Again

Selena Gomez always brings big style to her thin frame. This week she is attending Fashion Week in Paris and has brought with her an American high school staple, the jean miniskirt. Gomez made hers high fashion by mixing it with very adult pieces; including over-the-knee boots, a blazer, and a criss-cross V-neck bodysuit that is cut low enough to expose a belly button. At least we are guessing it goes that low as Gomez has the skirt sit high on her waist, which balances out exposed skin. The all business, not so much prep school, blazer touch is my favorite add.

Jean miniskirts will be filling shops this Spring season. Who What Wear lists the most admirable ones that will be available soon.

5 Must-have Denim Skirts for Spring 2016
1. The Vetements Denim Mini Skirt maintains the classic look by being reminiscent of a pair of jeans cut and resewn as a skirt.
2. The Topshop MOTO Raw High-Waisted Skirt updates your high school teacher’s jeans skirt by keeping the high-waist but cleaning the line around her hips and stomach, as well as leaving the hem unsewn.
3. The ASOS Denim Pencil Skirt With Step Hem in Mid Wash Blue takes a similar approach as Topshops’s jean skirt, but has more of an acid wash.
4. Saint Laurent’s Distressed Denim Mini Skirt brings a Downtown look with perfectly softened rubbings of the fabric, and it looks perfectly worn-in as though you have been wearing it since high school.
5. The A.P.C. Indigo Denim Miniskirt is the most updated of the choices with a black denim that has a sheen to it.

Building a wardrobe only begins with the basics. What you wore in high school has new life when you take an adult approach to them. Sign-up for your VIP Membership with JustFab to set-up your JustFab online boutique and receive recommendations on everything from basics to each season’s must-have items. Your boutique will be filled with handbags, tops, slacks, skirts, denim, and jewelry for the perfect closet. Each month you will receive new items to your doorstep to keep your look updated and fresh.

Read reviews on their Glassdoor.

Kim Kardashian Talks About Meeting Kanye

Kim Kardashian is one of the sexiest women on the planet, and she is currently married to world famous rapper Kanye West. Kim and Kanye are inseparable, and the love that they share for each other is amazing. However, many people may be surprised with Kim Kardashian’s new revealing interview.

Ray Lane of Access Hollywood (WSJ) sat down with Kim Kardashian, and the two talked about everything from relationships to fashion. Ray Lane asked Kim about the moment that she met Kanye West. Kim told Ray Lane that she knew there was something special between herself and Kanye. However, Kim also said that Kanye and herself were always in relationships during their meetings. Nonetheless, Kim and Kanye kept in touch as friends.

Ray Lane continued to ask questions about her relationship with Kanye, and she said that it was actually her that pursued Mr. West. Apparently, Kim Kardashian has always been a huge fan of Kanye West, and it’s obvious that Kanye is a big Kardashian fan as well.

Upon further questioning, Kim Kardashian revealed that it was very hard to start a new relationship after her divorce with her ex-husband Kris Humphries. But Kim said that she had love staring her right in the face, and she could not live with herself if she did not start a new relationship with Kanye West. Celebuzz features the full length interview, and Kardashian fans should definitely check it out.