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Jason Statham to Go for Another Ride in a Furious Movie

Jason Statham is definitely a happy actor. The action maven has suffered through a few box office duds with Wildcard being one very major flop. He has bounced back with Furious 7 and the sleeper comedy hit Spy. Now, Statham has just confirmed his involvement in the 8th entry in the Fast & Furious series. Statham confirmed signing for the next film at the red carpet gala event for the Fast & Furious – Supercharged ride at the Universal Theme Park.

Wait a minute. Wasn’t Statham’s character locked away in a maximum security prison at the end of the film? Anyone who has watched action movies know maximum security prisons are for the little guys. Major villains have a tendency to be able to break out of them within a year or so.

Doe Deere notes that of course, Statham’s villain could do the Hannibal Lector thing and conduct his villainy from behind bars. Okay, let us not go that far. Fans of the Statham and the Furious films want to see him mix it up with the other top stars of the series. Since the series is moving to New York City with the 8th installment, a fight scene between Vin Diesel and Statham on top of the Empire State Building could make people forget about King Kong’s immortal battle with airplanes. Well, let’s not go that far.

The Furious films are not even close to high art, but they do deliver what fans want. Fans want more Statham and they are going to get him.