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McDonalds Supplier OSI Group Partners With Impossible Foods

OSI Group, a company that was founded in 1909, is the original supplier of beef patties to McDonalds. Their relationship stretches back to 1955 when the first of this fast-food chain’s franchises opened in Des Plaines, Illinois. Today, OSI Group is one of the biggest food producers in the world. Impossible Foods is a much newer company that has struggled to meet the demand for its plant-based patties that taste exceedingly similar to beef. This especially became the case when top Burger King decided they will offer Impossible Burgers at all of their locations in the United States. The Impossible Foods production facility in Oakland, California, has been working overtime to meet demand with only limited success. Impossible Foods and OSI Group have now teamed up.

OSI has installed equipment in one of its 65 facilities that will exclusively produce Impossible Burgers. Both companies are going to invest in OSI’s other food production facilities so that eventually all of them will be able to produce Impossible Burgers. President Dennis Woodside of Impossible Foods said that the growth his company has experienced is real and sustainable. He hadn’t planned for Impossible Burgers to be as successful as they have been and so didn’t have the facilities in place they would need to meet demand. Given OSI’s history, he was asked if Impossible Burgers would be sold at McDonalds. He said there were no plans to do so but anything could happen in the future.

In this partnership to co-manufacturer Impossible Burgers, Impossible Foods retains all of its intellectual property rights. His company’s patties will also be manufactured in a separate area apart from OSI’s meat product manufacturing. OSI makes food for multiple competing restaurant chains, so Dennis Woodside said it had the experience he was looking for. This partnership will help Impossible Foods retain and grow their market share. They would have lost market share if they continued to not be able to meet demand. Getting their patties out quickly is very important given that big food producers like Tyson Foods are entering the plant-based burger industry. Click here.

OSI Group McDonalds- A Giant in Global Food Production

The OSI Group McDonalds is a world producer of meat products, baked goods, vegetables among other popular food products. Under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, the company has grown to rank 63rd on the Forbes list for America’s Largest Private Companies in 2018. With 110 years in service, the outstanding company has a focus on the exemplary production and delivery of food products. In 1909, German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened a butchery to serve his community. After the world war, operations expanded into wholesale businesses in Oak Park and Maywood. They rebranded it to Otto & Sons. Later, there was an agreement between Otto & Sons and McDonald’s restaurant for the supply of beef patties.

The deal, which exists to date, was the beginning of a significant business venture. Over the years. OSI Group McDonalds as expanded to serve America, Asia, and Europe. Through technological advancements, the company was able to support the growing demand for consistent, affordable, and storable food products for McDonalds. The first facility located in Chicago, built by Otto & Sons in 1973, was for the sole purpose of meeting McDonald’s franchise needs. In 1977, OSI industries opened another facility in West Jordan, Utah and as soon as McDonald’s went international, OSI Group McDonalds followed suit. Within Asia, OSI Group McDonalds entered into a joint venture with K&K Foods in Taiwan, established GenOSI in the Philippines and opened a Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China in 1993, in Beijing.

The company later found another facility in Shanghai in 1996. In Europe, the company made headlines after acquiring Dutch food company- Baho Foods in an undisclosed transaction. The company also acquired Flagship Europe, a European food production company that produces frozen poultry, pies, and condiments. The acquisition cemented OSI Groups’ control in the European food market. In America, the company purchased a 20,000 square feet facility in Chicago, previously owned by Tyson Foods among other notable transactions. The company is set to operate more than 65 facilities in 17 different countries and employs 20,000 people. The company keeps close ties with Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America, among other charities as part of its service to the community. Click here.

Details of the merger between OSI Group and Rose Packing Inc

Ever since it commenced its operations, Illinois based food processing company, OSI group has been exhibiting an upward growth curve, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. The company’s growth strategies revolve around exemplary customer care, top quality products, and expansion through acquisition and partnerships. One of its recent expansion moves involves the purchase of Barrington based food service and food retail company, Rose Packing Co. Through the acquisition, OSI group will now be able to set camp in Barrington, hence increasing its footprint across Chicago even more. Even though the terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, there is no doubt that it was a significant transaction, as Rose Packing is already a well-established and influential company in the region.

About Rose Packing

As noted above, Rose Packing Co, Inc is quite an influential company in Barrington. It began its operations back in 1924 and since then, has grown to a company with over 700 employees. It deals with the production of a diverse range of products such as Canadian bacon, boneless turkey, breakfast sausages, pizza, Guinness beer brats, and salad toppings, among many others.

What the leaders think

OSI Group North America’s senior executive vice president, Kevin Scott said that they are glad to have Rosewood on board. He further added that Rosewood being among the oldest companies in the food industry perfectly complements OSI group and directly aids the company’s growth strategy through the provision of its state of the art processing facilities as well as its strong presence in the market.

Rose Packing leaders also shared the same sentiments. Commenting on the matter, executive officer of the company, Dwight Stiehl said that he and his team are looking forward to working with OSI group. According to Dwight, OSI is the perfect fit for Rose Packing as the two companies share the same goals and commitment in pursuit of excellence. Despite Rose Packing being a part of OSI, its management team will not be altered in any way. Instead, the team will join OSI’s leadership panel in propelling the company to more success.


The outstanding career of Sheldon Lavin

Being a reputable professional, Sheldon Lavin has continued to maintain his traits as a leader. Through the collaborations he has brought at the OSI Group food company, he has ensured that the firm continues to be the leading food producer. He started his work at the firm thirty decades ago and he is one of the most trusted executive of the firm. He has continued to guide the employees of the company on the fundamental issues they ought to target to see the firm continue being the best.

Sheldon Lavin successes are as results of his yearn to gain insight from other qualified people in the field. He has always sought the insight of his role models that are experts in the field. He has learned many secrets from his role models and they have always happily shared great tips with him on how he can continue achieving success in the field. Besides, he also has learned to trust his workers. He believes that each of them works hard for the sake of the companies benefits. He never ceases to mentor and encourage them to keep chasing the dreams of the company regardless of the problems they go through in the production process. As a gentle leader, he has always paid attention to the burning issues that the team raises. He strives to listen to the things and changes that they advocate for in the running of the venture and this has proved to many the excellent skills he holds as a leader.

Sheldon Lavin is also a supportive and organized leader. He always insists that employees are a special part of a company and he continues to offer them his support every time. He understands every employee even when they are on the wrong and his target is to help them grow professionally. Sheldon Lavin shuns discrimination at the workplace and he never advocates for rudeness towards workers. He has brought every member of OSI Group together and the togetherness that the entire team has exercised has enabled all the members to identify the key areas that they need to to pay attention to ensure that SOI Group maintains its ranking as a leader in the food and beverage industry.

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OSI Food Solutions: Presenting a Pallet of Palates

OSI Food Solutions amplifies success in culinary service delivery by recognizing environmental and social trends then tailoring their recipes to attune accordingly. The company started as the ‘go to’ for Germans and other eastern European immigrants for the best quality butchered and charcuterie meats that reminded them of home. Established in 1909 as a limited liability corporate entity, Otto’s Meat Market was founded by Otto Kolschowsky. His sons came of age to assist and they became known as Otto & Sons circa 1928. In the mid-1970’s, the popular food provider took on the name OSI Industries, LLC having benefited exponentially from the collaboration with Ray Kroc’s McDonald’s of the 1950’s. With its original headquarters still in Aurora, Illinois, USA, today OSI Food Solutions serves the global palate in partnership with other business ventures that are keen on service, quality, and safety.

Location, Location, Location

OSI Food Solutions operates out of 65 locations in 17 countries including Germany, Spain, Australia, China, Japan, The Netherlands, Denmark, and the UK. The company serves as source, processor, and transporter of its award winning recipes. Within the USA you can find its shops in Illinois, California, Iowa, Utah, and Wisconsin. Some of the more popular restaurant chains that depend on the company’s dependability, consistency, and flexibility include Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway, and Papa John’s Pizza. The company prides itself on its nearly ubiquitous placement strategies that serve for enhanced accessibility among the other key factors in the delicate formula of food delivery service. Similarly, its reputation toward versatility and reliability helps provide a solid financial framework and contribution to local economies across the globe.

Food As Chemistry

Through the workmanship of the chefs and staff at its Culinary Innovation Center (CIC) also located in Aurora, OSI Food Solutions addresses the desires of its global clientele and the many palates they serve. Do you want to know whether the flavor of lime will mesh well with your taco or cheese dish and in which markets, TexMex or southeast Asia would enjoy it more? Have you wondered about an otherwise common recipe that you often tweak with fennel and garlic as to whether your restaurant’s customer base would appreciate it as much as your family and friends? CIC is where the magic happens to help you ascertain ingredients’ impact on one another on entrees featuring pork, beef, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, buffalo, goat, lamb, eggs, and cheese. Their culinary chemists apply their expertise regarding the various palates of the world, determining which palates, medium or average tasters, non-tasters, or supertasters with their cultural acquisition of flavor preferences, some sweet, some bitter, some spicy, some salty, and others a combination, would receive which ingredients most welcomingly. CIC’s experts can help your restaurant determine whether a dish requiring certain ingredients is best served using venison, mature beef, or lamb. Likewise, their CIC research and development teams advise the company’s clients regarding the best options for retaining flavorful offerings depending on their restaurants plan to serve up the food tableside using a flaming spectacle of culinary flair, or microwave it and deliver it in a hotbox, or some process along that spectrum.

Relationships With Food

OSI Food Solutions also distinguishes itself via its development of close relationships with all of its global partners at the regional level. Their managerial teams maintain awareness and local presence for immediate appreciation of flavor trends. While some dishes remain somewhat sacred culturally (imagine someone adding lamb chunks to the American Apple Pie), others experience a regular flux of flavor designs without backlash. The use of social media and digital connections to assess trends and maintain communication has its perks. But the presence of mind, body, and palate trumps remote reviews. But OSI doesn’t stop there. The company was recently rewarded honors for their due diligence regarding global sustainability having reduced its energy consumption by over 20%. With an historical success rate peppered with accolades and surpassing most among its peers as one of the largest, private corporations of the USA, that’s still nothing to sneeze at.

OSI Food Solutions Poised to take over the World’s Meat Processing Sector

OSI Food Solutions has been on the lead of transforming the world’s value-added meat processing industry. The company focuses on the production of quality meat products, processed to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Recently, OSI Food Solutions’ management announced that it had acquired top food processing companies, as well as opened new meat processing plants in various parts of the world. The acquisitions and new opening would help OSI to outwit its customers, as well as reach out to more customers.

What companies were acquired by OSI Food?

In 2016, OSI Food solutions acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch-based food processing company. Just like OSI, Baho manufactures value-added beef, fish, poultry, bacon, and fast foods. It serves the Netherlands, Germany, and other countries in Europe.

In the same year, OSI acquired Flagship Europe, a prominent food supplier serving the United Kingdom’s food industry. The food processing company specializes in value-added sauces, pies, poultry, sandwich feelings, beef, and dressings after acquisition OSI changed Flagship Europe’s name to Creative Foods Europe.

In 2018, OSI merged with Turi Foods, the largest supplier of poultry products in Australia. Unlike most value-added meat processing companies, Turi Foods breeds, rears, and harvests its chicken.

New Processing facilities opened by OSI Food Solutions

Apart from the acquisitions, OSI opened new food processing plants to cater to the ever-increasing demand for value-added meat products. The prominent meat processing company opened a facility in Toledo, Spain to increase its chicken, pork, and beef processing capacity.

The Toledo-based processing plant used energy efficient equipment, and it created additional job opportunities.

In May 2017, OSI Food Solutions established GenOSI, a processing plant that would serve the Philippines foodservice market. The 7500 square meters facility processed chicken, beef, and fish products to the Philippines’ major restaurants.

Presently, OSI runs over 65 food processing plants in the United States, Australia, Europe, India, the UK, Australia, and other countries.

How OSI Group has Redefined Corporate Growth in the last Century

Growth in the food industry is one of the most discussed items by economists. OSI Group is a perfect illustration that growth in this sector is possible and more importantly, holistic growth is not farfetched. In more than 110 years, the company has been on a journey to redefined growth in the following ways.

First, the company understands the importance of infrastructural growth. This infrastructure growth and development of facilities is one of the most critical aspects of corporate growth. In the company’s journey to become one of the biggest companies in this niche, different leadership teams in OSI Group have used different ways to acquire facilities. In the recent 20 years, however, the company has started a journey of acquisition in different parts of the world. According to management, acquiring companies is cheaper compared to building new structures. Some of the markets the OSI has facilities bought through corporate acquisitions is the Dutch market. The management of OSI is also making some progressive steps in other markets in Europe and Asia.

Second, the company has also exhibited growth in employment procedures. According to pundits, the quality of employees can make the company an innovation hub or they can make a company financially stagnant. In OSI Group, the company understands its obligation in the employment procedures. One of the ways the company attracts talents in the food industry is by creating one of the best working environments. The company is also one of the most progressive hiring procedures, where all the potential candidates are judged on their potential and their experience.

Thirdly, it is a growth-oriented company due to their approach to sustainability and diversification. The food market has changed, and the management of this company believes that the company has an obligation of changing with the market trends. Sustainability is one of the factors that have redefined this important market. OSI Group has invested a portion of their incomes in making sure that the global agenda of sustainability is a reality. Apart from contributing to different projects on sustainability, OSI Group has also redefined its production process to match the global standards on sustainability.

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OSI Group’s Humble Origins To Modern Day Business

In the modern age, all the consumers see are the major global companies who run the food distribution system. However, very few of these consumers realize the humble origins of the modern day giants. The story of OSI Group began nearly a decade ago. A company that presently boasts its large operation network, and workforce, all began on the street corner of Chicago through the inspiration of a lone man. A recent Gazette Day article describes the uphill journey of this little company.

It was just past the turn of the century, and German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky found himself at a crossroads in life. The economy was good, and the city was booming, so he established a salugther shop. The business was an instant hit and it quickly grew over the decades. By the 1950s, the shop was firmly established as a local staple under its new ownership. This is when the company encountered Ray Kroc, the man who would soon make the global fast food phenomenon McDonald’s. The two companies entered into a agreement to produce and distribute their meat across the region. Soon after, technology began to evolve at a rapid pace. A method for long distance food storage emerged, and likewise the future of OSI Group appeared.


This partnership with McDonald’s was the first step for OSI Group to expand globally. Its food network expanded their distribution across the country, and eventually abroad. Through the 1970s and 1980s, the company underwent several internal changes. A pair of new CEO and President, Sheldon Lavin figures joined for the company to grasp its future operations. They began to seek out new opportunities through foreign acquisitions across Europe in particular. Naturally they didn’t forget about their home operations, with a new plant bought in Chicago. The company was now one of the modern global leaders.

OSI Group is a company that encompasses the American spirit. A single man saw potential in his local market, and over the years new faces brought new ideas into the company. It ultimately beyond the bonds of its home, and turned one of the globally recognized companies.

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Sheldon Lavin: A Master of Processes

Born in 1932, who would have known that Sheldon Lavin would be so successful?

Being one of the biggest players when it comes to the OSI Group, he has plenty to be happy about and success continues to follow him as time passes.

If you have never heard of Mr. Lavin or the OSI Group , a company that Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of, then you must be under a rock. OSI is a meat processing company that has its headquarters in Aurora, IL. OSI operates over 65 facilities in 17 countries.

Before OSI received its name, it was called Otto & Sons up until 1975. Prior to that, Sheldon Lavin was associated with the company in 1970. Now, back to Mr. Lavin…

Mr. Lavin attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern University where he majored in Accounting and Finance. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.

To this day, Mr. Lavin helps companies within their financial sectors. The goal is to put together food chains that run smoothly with minimal error. He studies the current chain in place to discover its flaws and how they can be fixed through troubleshooting.

Some may think the success that Mr. Lavin has in this industry would make him a mastermind, but he has spoken before regarding the matter stating that he works with a lot of talented people in order to make it all mesh well together.

On top of his success with OSI, Sheldon Lavin is also known for being quite the philanthropist. One of his favorite places to donate is to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation which helps families with houmes that is a result of extreme illness.

Since he was younger, he wanted to use the knowledge that he had gained through schooling and experience to help people and make a difference in the world. Sheldon Lavin once stated that he felt like his ability to plan for the next step is what has truly set him apart from others. With all of the successes he has had so far and with things seeming to not be letting up, who can really doubt him?

OSI Food Solutions: A Portfolio of Innovative Excellence

OSI Food Solutions is a leader in providing quality goods to the food industry in 17 countries with key locations in many places like America, Europe, Australia, China, and India.

With their broad product line of processed foods like meat patties, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish, pork, poultry, vegetable, and dough products, OSI Food Solutions provides these quality products to high profile clients across the world such as McDonald’s, KFC, Subway and Papa John’s. OSI Food Solutions’s expansive portfolio has developed in part thanks to its ability to provide impeccable customer service.

Take OSI Food Solutions Spain for example. There’s been a fast-growing demand for chicken products in Portugal and Spain according to José María del Río, the managing director of OSI Spain who reported seeing a 6% average annual growth over the last decade and 8% average annual growth since 2014 alone.

In order to meet the needs of their local customers, OSI Spain sought to double their chicken production capacity by purchasing an expansive 22,6000-square-foot facility in Toledo, Spain to the tune of €17 million.

There, OSI Spain went on to make massive improvements to the new facility with an upgraded production hall, storage rooms, service areas, surveillance system, advanced firefighting system, and product development kitchen. They also upgraded the equipment with energy efficient models that are expected to cut electricity consumption by as much as 20%. All of these changes have resulted in OSI Spain being able to not only double production but become more profitable in order to continue investing in the quality of their products.

Undoubtedly, it’s this level of dedication that saw OSI Food Solutions recognized on the world stage in 2016 when they were presented with the Globe of Honour Award, a prestigious honor given by the British Safety Council to businesses that have proven themselves to be true beacons of excellence in environmental risk management.

With such clever solutions and their strong commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s easy to see why OSI Food Solutions is a highly sought business partner for those within the food industry.