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Affordable Life and Health Insurance From USHEALTH Group Inc.

With over 15 million customers, USHEALTH Group Inc is a premier insurance company that offers a portfolio of plans that are tailored to your specific needs. The company has a broad choice of solutions for families, self-employed people, small business owners and their employees in the United States. The life and health solutions are perfect if you want coverage for short-term illnesses or a peace of mind for more severe medical conditions.


Every customer has different needs, and USHEALTH Group provides a variety of options to ensure all customers get plans that are appropriate for them. For customers with a limited budget, the company has innovative packages that guarantee first dollar benefits for their insurance plan and multiple discounts across different providers. Although these products are more affordable than the comprehensive plans, customers still enjoy first dollar protection and benefits offered in these plans.


Some of the most innovative plans provided by USHEALTH GROUP include MedGuard, Accident Protector and Life Protector. MedGuard caters for the insufficiency of the standard health coverage that covers medical treatment but excludes non-medical expenses. With MedGuard, you will receive a lump sum cash payment if you are diagnosed with a covered condition.


The Accident Protector plan helps cover out of pocket expenses related to an injury or accident. If you are involved in an accident, and this results in a loss, the Accident Protector will pay you lump sum payments. The Life Protector plan bridges the gap if something unforeseen happens to you by helping you with important obligations like car payment, educational expenses, and mortgage repayment.


To facilitate exceptional buying experience, USHEALTH GROUP Inc. offers specified diseases/sickness coverage, life, and supplemental products through its subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors. The licensed USHEALTH Advisors Agent must pass specific product training and certification standards before being allowed to sell the company products to customers. As a result, the USHEALTH Advisors have become a world leader in innovation and customer care.


In 2013, USHEALTH Group was named the 2013 Top 50 North American Call Center for their exceptional customer service. Also, USHEALTH Group has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau for its prompt response to customer queries.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Holds Position As One Of Texas Best Plastic Surgeons

The state of Texas has a number of fine plastic surgeons. However, there are some who are considered the creme de la creme of the field. The top plastic surgeons are considered among the best in their field in terms of expertise, experience and a commitment to excellence. All of the doctors are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and known internationally for advancements in the field of cosmetic surgery.


The best of the best include: Dr. Steve Byrd of Dallas; Dr. Camille Cash of Houston; Dr. Mahlon Kerr of Austin; Dr. Sacha Obaid of Southlake, Dr. Robert Wilcox of Plano, Dr. Paul Vintenas of Houston; Dr. Jeffrey Kinkel of Dallas; Dr. Fred Wilder of Austin; Dr. Warren J. Katz of Dallas and Dr. Jennifer Walden of Southlake. These doctors are highly regarded among their peers. If you are considering plastic surgery, it is advisable to research and contact a doctor who can assist you with your specific cosmetic need.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has been featured in Texas Monthly as one of the most skilled plastic surgeons in the state, as well as the U.S. The University of Texas Medical Branch graduate performed her residency at the prestigious Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami. Shortly thereafter, she was invited to work at Manhattan’s Eye, Ear and throat Hospital. Walden is considered one of the most skilled surgeons in her field, with a specialty in breast augmentation and face lifts.


Dr. Walden recently resettled in Texas and has opened up her own facility in Marble, Texas. In addition to performing surgeries, she sits on a number of boards and philanthropic organizations. Dr. Walden is also a fixture on television, having lent her expertise to such shows as 20/20, The Today Show and CBS’ Early Morning Show. She is also a published author, who has won numerous awards for research.

Ground Breaking Stem Cell Treatments For Lung Therapy Use

People who have chronic lung conditions must fall into a certain list of criteria in order to be eligible for a lung stem cell treatment but if administered, this life saving procedure can greatly improve the quality of life for a patient who is suffering from something like cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, COPD, etc, more info at The process that is widely being used at The Lung Institute involves removing stem cells from the patient’s own body. Then, after the stem cells have been separated from the blood or bone marrow, they are immediately reintroduced into the blood stream of the body by way of an artery or vein. In just a couple of beats of the heart, these stems cells pump through the heart and into the lungs. According to the, this is done very quickly and the lungs actually trap the stem cells in that specific area, making it easy for the cells to target damaged lung tissue and repair it.

The Lung Institute has done much research involving this stem cell treatment and as the process is used more and more, its results are impressive. Patients are finding they have improvement in how they breathe and how they function on a day to day basis. Thankfully, this is a relatively minor procedure and it does not carry very many risks. In general though, it is important to undergo The Lung Institute’s rigorous screening process to ensure a patient is a good candidate for the stem cell treatment. Years being added on to a person’s life and improving their quality of life is impressive and appreciated.

Taking each breath we take for granted isn’t something that people with chronic lung conditions do. For them, breathing can be an exhausting process and it can be devastating to live a life like this. With more and more patients showing promising results after undergoing stem cell treatments for the lungs, The Lung Institute will continue to administer this procedure to patients and will continue their research and work as the years go on. The procedure can also be utilized multiple times to provide ongoing therapy and relief to these patients who need assistance.

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InnovaCare Health Partners with LAN

In recent years, the healthcare industry has made some major changes. These changes have been met with mixed reviews and never seems to be settled. The changes have hit across the board and have affected providers, hospitals, insurance agencies as well as the patients. Even with all of the changes that have been implemented, there are still areas for improvement. This is where InnovaCare Health comes in.

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare management firm offering their services to the people of Puerto Rico. The company is headed up by Rick Shinto, M.D. and Penelope Kokkinides, M.D. This company has made huge advancements in the healthcare industry. They are working to change the way health care is received and how payments are made.

InnovaCare Health has recently added themselves to the Health Care Payments Learning and Action Network, or LAN. The main objective behind LAN is to make big changes to the U.S. healthcare system. They would like to transform it into a payment based model that is more focused on quality of care as opposed to the current system where it is fee-based and centered on quantity.

The partnership between InnovaCare Health and LAN is based on a mutual goal to make changes to the U.S. healthcare system. Both goals and plans have been put in place to make this partnership a positive one and to move in the right direction to accomplish those goals.

The main objective is to provide the best care possible to all patients. LAN and partners believe a quality-based payment system is the best way to improve care and patient health. The current healthcare system can be expensive and is a fee-based system on Fees and services are added and the result generally ends up being the same. LAN believes that when quality is the focal point, better results can be achieved.

LAN and InnovaCare Health have already amassed a large number of partners that are committed to this cause according to Penelope Kokkinides. Some of the companies on the list are huge players in the healthcare industry. Healthcare is an industry that is always changing and what LAN and InnovaCare have planned will be a change in a positive direction. These changes will benefit all players in the system from the providers all the way to the patients.

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Skout Organic Offers A Healthy Snack Option

I love it when I happen upon a product that is good for my health and made with simple ingredients, and that is just what Skout on prnewswire is. This brand is dedicated to giving people a good and healthy snack option. Those who choose to eat an item from this brand are feeding their body something that is good for them. They are making a healthy choice, and they are able to go about and do all of the things that they want to do with a good feeling, because of that.
Treating one’s body with care is something that everyone should be doing, and I love it when brands offer something new and healthy for people to try out. The items that are sold from this brand are things that everyone can feel good about eating. They are made with the simplest of ingredients, which are organically grown, and no one has to feel guilty about consuming the bars sold from this brand. Instead, they can know that they are making a positive choice for their body every time that they eat one, and I believe that that is very important. Everyone needs to start being more conscience about what they are putting into their bodies on a daily basis.
There is all kinds of junk foods out there and available to those who want it, and it is encouraging to see a new, healthy brand like Skout Organic take off and make a difference in the world. Now when someone wants to treat themselves to something good to eat they can pick up a bar from Skout Organic instead of going for one of their usual, unhealthy snack options. Its good to have a brand that sells products that are so easy to eat, and one that sells products that taste delicious, as well. No one is going to want to eat products from a brand, no matter how healthy they are, if they are not tasting good. Skout Organic has made the perfect balance of good tasting and good for you products that everyone can enjoy.
I love seeing brands like Skout Organic come out and do their own thing. It is very encouraging for the way that things will go in the future of food. People are starting to realize that it is important to be eating simple, healthy ingredients, and I think that that is great.

Jonah Hill Gains an Incredible Amount of Weight

Jonah Hill is one of the highest paid actors in the world right now. Hill has starred in several classic comedy films such as ‘Superbad,’ and the reboot of ’21 Jump Street.’ Jonah Hill has had a strange physique over the years. When we first saw Jonah Hill, he was rather overweight in ‘Superbad,’ but then he made a stunning transformation when he appeared in ’21 Jump Street.’ Jonah Hill looked like he had lost a ton of weight and put on some muscle, but it looks like that has all changed once again.

Jonah Hill was recently seen on the set of a new movie, and the star looked extremely overweight. Many people, including nutritionist Ray Lane, are concerned at the startling transformation that Jonah Hill went through (full article at GloboTV). Not too long ago, Jonah appeared alongside Channing Tatum in ’22 Jump Street,’ and he didn’t look that bad. However, Jonah Hill’s recent weight-gain is nothing to laugh about, and he should seek some professional help before his life becomes in danger. Many fans believe that Jonah Hill was instructed to gain the weight, because certain roles require a heavy actor. We all remember that Robert Dinero gained weight to play the role of Jake LaMotta in ‘Raging Bull,’ but we are unsure if Jonah Hill has the discipline necessary to lose the weight again. To see Jonah Hill’s incredible weight-gain, visit