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Orthopedic Genius And Innovator Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

One of the best and pioneers of orthopedic surgery is Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum. He currently has one of the most successful Orthopedic practices in America and in New York City. He is known globally for developing many of the joint replacement systems that are used by orthopedic surgeons across the globe today. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has many different types of orthopedic surgeries that he performs but he is known for his reconstructive knee surgeries and correcting musculoskeletal issues that are obtained from birth. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is not just a great orthopedic surgeon but his skills expand beyond this into areas of engineering, operational leadership, and information technology.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum gives back to the community by educating them on the important changes in the medical field and by publishing different articles on the changes. He prides himself on being an educator when it comes to informing the general public. Dr. Kirschenbaum attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine and graduated from there with his medical degree. He then went on to attend Thomas Jefferson University and completed his reconstructive surgery fellowship. Studies have shown that replacement surgeries are on the rise and these surgeries are becoming more common among men. Dr. Kirschenbaum himself conducted the study. He also pointed out in this study that these joint replacement surgeries are mostly elective procedures. The average age of joint replacement candidates has decreased from the age of 68 down to the age of 65.

In the study Dr. Kirschenbaum states that 3 years may seem very minimal but when you look at the health of this age group it is actually very significant. Dr. Kirschenbaum takes multiple different things into consideration before recommending joint replacement. An example is that if an individual is overweight he may recommend diet, exercise, or changing eating habits. Dr. Ira is truly a leader in the orthopedic industry and a pioneer. He cares about healing his patient and getting them back to full functionality.

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Drew Madden Successful Career

Drew Madden is considered to be one of the most respected figures in the US. Many people love him because of his numerous accomplishments, especially when it comes to healthcare. Madden is also a respected businessman who has turned out to be very successful. At the moment, the successful entrepreneur is serving as the managing partner in a company called Evergreen Healthcare. The healthcare company is considered to be among the fastest growing firms in the United States. As the managing partner of the institution, the businessman has been instrumental in introducing several changes, and he has made the company a leader in the competitive market.

In a recent interview, Drew Madden says that he is very passionate and also dedicated when it comes to creating caliber teams that are attractive and unique at the same time. The businessman says that he loves being part of partnerships that work and end up being profitable at the end of the year. After making these partnerships successful, the businessman is happy and contented.

Drew Madden has managed to do very well in his successful career. However, this success did not come on any silver platter. According to his resume, Madden went to some of the best schools in the world, and this is where he acquired the important knowledge. Apart from being highly educated, the businessman is very experienced in matters concerning the modern market. The experience he has acquired over the years has played a key role in his success in several companies in the past.

The successful investor started his great career several years ago when he got an opportunity to work in a company called Nordic Consulting Partners. After working in the institution for a while, he acquired a lot of expertise, becoming one of the leading healthcare institutions in the whole country. The success of the private company is believed to have resulted from the presence of the businessman. Although the market is very challenging to the new investors, Madden has worked hard to ensure that his company is the best and most profitable in the competitive climate. Drew Madden wants to expand his company in the future.