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‘Constantine’ Still Fighting for Second Season

Super heroes are a hot commodity at the box office, but the success has been somewhat mixed on television. One particularly intriguing character that got off to a rocky start with a show on NBC was John Constantine with “Constantine.” Still the series was around long enough for fans to get hooked, and the fate of the character and the show are hanging in limbo. Might need to bust out the Bulletproof Coffee and wait for a decision, as there is not much anyone can do. That is until the show executives pitch ideas for Season 2 to the NBC within the next few days.

According to, “Constantine” will be available for streaming on Hulu and for the next two weeks, and the network will be looking at the ratings to determine whether or not the show gets another chance. While NBC does not have a better partner for “Grimm,” the show about the con-man magician did not perform good enough in live ratings to get a back nine pickup (nine episodes on top of the original order of thirteen).

The ideas for Season 2 of the show could sway the network to give the show another shot, and the fact that it does well enough when overall ratings, including streaming, DVR viewers, and individual episode purchases, are factored. So while fans have been supportive of the show, the fate of John and his band of particular supernatural crime fighters is somewhat hanging in the balance. Even Zed can not see the fate of the show, but fans are probably encouraged by the streaming test.