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‘The Witcher 3’ Was The Highest Selling Game Of May

‘The Witcher 3’ was released last month, and gamers were extremely pleased with the game. However, ‘The Witcher 3’ was riddled with glitches and technical issues. Gamers complained on internet forums about ‘The Witcher 3’s’ problems. Nonetheless, it was recently reported that ‘The Witcher 3’ was the highest selling game of May. In spite of the problems, ‘The Witcher 3’ is so good that gamers had no choice but to purchase the game.

Officials of PlayStation 4 revealed that ‘The Witcher 3’ was the highest selling game for the console. Developers of ‘The Witcher 3’ are extremely happy with the critical success that the game has recieved. However, there are still several updates required in order to fix all of the technical issues with the game. Last week, ‘The Witcher 3’ would not start for gamer’s who purchased the game on the Xbox one. Luckily, the developers of ‘The Witcher 3’ quickly addressed the issue and it was fixed. Nonetheless, ‘The Witcher 3’ still suffers from several glitches, but that is to be expected with such a massive game.

GameRant recently published an article about ‘The Witcher 3’s’ widespread success. Fan Paul Mathieson is calling the game a classic, and many people believe it is the best game ever made. However, that is a debate for another day.