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GPB Global Resources and Innovation

GPB Global Resources is headquartered in Amsterdam, and has developed oil production opportunities in South America and Africa to great success. However, certain African countries, such as Mozambique, do not yet have a standardized legal structure regarding the extraction of resources like natural gas. Cote D’Ivoire only recently introduced new laws governing extraction, while Namibia and South Africa have well-established laws that make government petroleum agreements much easier to make. Another challenge is that poor or nonexistent infrastructure in remote locations, along with a tumultuous political climate, often make extraction difficult. For these reasons, government partners often finance infrastructure development in these areas. This can include roads, power plants, water systems, schools, and healthcare centers. More information about GPB Global Resources at

The world’s major economies are expected to continue using oil and natural gas for at least another 50 years. Oil-substitution efforts have reduced overall consumption, however, which has disrupted companies like GPB Global Resources. Because of the shift away from fossil fuels, oil companies must remain at the forefront of technology if they want to be successful. This can include better software for geological modeling, new survey methods, increased safety and inspection, and industrial drones. National disputes can also interrupt business, and strong communication is of mutual benefit to both companies like GPB Global Resources and local partners. The trade war between China and the United States, along with the recent attacks on oil infrastructure in the Persian Gulf, are prime examples of why oil companies must be cognizant of possible major changes in the market. Businesses need correct and up-to-date information in order to avoid being surprised by events such as these. GPB Global Resources’ industry experts have decades of experience, and the company is open to new developments in technology. Their founder and director, Boris Ivanov, has stated that companies must be mindful of how their actions impact stakeholders, and also of future global trends. Related:

HCR Wealth Advisors

Being prepared for your family’s future goes way beyond being able to meet the goals and objectives you set. The main way to make sure that your family is financially stable is to be sure to obtain not only the right amount but the right kind of life insurance. Not only does life insurance help reduce the impact of you passing financially, but it can also provide your family with options like the chance to replace lost income, maintain their current lifestyle, payoff education loans, and even eliminate debt.


This is where companies like HCR Wealth Advisors come in to play. HCR Wealth Advisors has a specific mission to establish long lasting relationships with their clients through things like trust, education, communication, and their service. They do not do the “one size fits all” kind of planning any more. They take the time to personalize and make each of their clients plans unique to their needs.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a Los Angeles based company that has almost 800 clients and almost $1 billion of assets under their management. HCR Wealth Advisors founder and Chief Executive Officer started his career at a simple brokerage firm. He founded his company based on simple core principles that still help HCR Wealth Advisors to this day. Greg’s entrepreneurial ability ended up steering the amazing growth of his company over the last 30 years. HCR Wealth Advisors not only expanded form a simply two-person operated service but they also dramatically expanded their client roster so it includes individuals in the entertainment industry.

The team is one of wealth advisors, not money hungry managers. The biggest difference between the two are that wealth advisors will take a broader approach to get to know clients and learn what their situation is and what their long- term goals are. As to where money managers will simply place the clients funds in a portfolio and make it look as good as possible so they get rewarded.

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Everything You Need To Know About Gulf Coast Western

If you are a keen follower of the oil and gas industry, then you’ve probably heard of Gulf Coast Western. You may be wondering what Gulf Coast Western is and why it has become a household name in the oil and gas industry. We have all the answers.

Let’s begin by answering the obvious question: What’s Gulf Coast Western? Gulf Coast Western is leading multinational oil and gas company that specializes in exploration and acquisition of oil and gas primarily in the Gulf of Mexico. The company was founded in 1970 by Mathew Fleeger’s father.

What Makes Gulf Coast Western Stand Out?

The first thing that makes this company stand out from its competitors is its legendary customer services. The people working at Gulf Coast Western treat their customers and partners like loyalties. Also, unlike other oil and gas companies, Gulf Coast Western is always ready to admit mistakes, solve problems, and cultivate stronger relationships with its customers and partners.

The company also came up with cerebral strategies that enable it to adopt new technologies, processes, and solutions quickly. Also, unlike other oil and gas firms that want to be jacks of all trades, Gulf Coast Western sticks to what they know best: exploration, development, and acquisition of oil and gas reserves. But that’s not all. The company also has an active and talented CEO. Here is more information about Gulf Coast Western’s CEO, Mathew Fleeger.

Mathew Fleeger

Mathew Fleeger is the current CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western. Mathew’s exceptional background in corporate structuring general partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions made him the perfect candidate for the leadership position within this growing organization. Mathew Fleeger is also the man who founded MedSolutions, Inc., a waste management company that specializes in the collection, disposal, and treatment of waste produced by health facilities. Mathew also has a rich educational background. He went to Southern Methodist University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business (finance and marketing).

Under his direction, Gulf Coast Western has been able to come up with unique marketing, sales and after-sales strategies that have enabled the company to stay top of the game with clients and prospects.