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Jurassic World Makes Box Office History

“Jurassic World,” as all moviegoers know, was bound to become a super smash for the summer box office. What few people knew is that it would make history. This is the type of film that sets bar so high, so soon, that few movies will be able to top this. The movie grossed over $500 million globally.

The summer has officially begun stated Youtube. This is not just a good box office weekend. To the contrary, this is history. That is why there is so much talk about the film and the way that it crushed the competition. There are other movies out there like “San Andreas” that had an explosive box office opening. It was a good second step for Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson because it proved his star power. He had already had success in the spring with “Furious 7.” This movie grossed a billion worldwide, and most people were thinking this was a pretty impressive start to the successful box office blockbuster. A couple of months ago people were wondering how any other movies might beat that. The “Jurassic World” movie has taken away the need to wonder about it anymore. This movie has become the film that set the bar for all others.

Jurassic World could breach 100 million box office

The much anticipated movie of the year Jurassic World is set to hit theaters June 12th and is said to top the box office over 100 million. Only two other movies have done this in their opening weekends, Avengers: age of Ultron and Furious 7. According to Fandango (an online movie ticket sales company) Jurassic World has sold the most pre-show tickets to date. “Universal Pictures” representative Kevin Seawright says the studio company is doing a great job promoting the movie and really stirring the hype around it. As we all know the story is about the successful Jurassic park as a domesticated “zoo” that people have been visiting for over a decade, but the park is falling on hard times and need something to spruce up sales. So what do they do? Create a new dinosaur, and the theme of the movie is this hybrid dinosaur breaks free and goes on a killing spree….of humans.

Over twenty years have passed since the release of Jurassic park three and director Colin Trevorrow has big shoes to fill in order to wow the fans again as Steven Spielberg did 22 years ago. Overall the movie looks terrific from the trailers and prerelease images from the movie shoots. At this time no one can really tell if this movie will top or drop in comparison to the earlier films. Either way we are all excited in anticipation.