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Dethroning Jurassic World

After a $511 million dollar weekend it would be impossible for any movie to dethrone “Jurassic World.” The new releases are just too light to be considered serious competitors for such a monster of a film. “Jurassic World” is the pure unadulterated definition of a blockbuster. The race is on, and fans are coming out to support what they like.

When Dewayne Johnson’s “San Andreas” made over $40 million for the weekend it was a big accomplishment. It was a signal that Johnson could hold his own as the lead star and bring in big returns on investments. The “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was a disappointment. The “Aloha” romantic comedy barely made any noise at the cash registers in movie theaters. Keith Mann said that the “Spy” comedy did well during the opening weekend, but none of these films are going to bounce back and dethrone “Jurassic World.”

Moviegoers are speculating that “Jurassic World” will be number one again because that is the only thing that makes sense. “Inside Out” has been promoted rather well, but it doesn’t have the power to dethrone “Jurassic World” either. There is even a Sundance Film called “Dope” that is being released on Friday. The budget wasn’t big so producers don’t expect gigantic profits either. It is, however, expected to make a decent profit. From the movie trailer it looks like it could become one of those urban classics like “House Party.”