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The Top Five Movies to Look Forward to Coming out this Month!

Animal activist Keith Mann notes that the summer of movies is upon us and it will be in full bloom. June has a bunch of film favorites coming to theaters, here are the top 7 to look out for. Save your movie goers money because it’s going to be a busy month.
Entourage: The highly anticipated extension of the TV show is coming to the big screen. The plot of the movie is to reunite the entire gang (kind of like an American pie theme, but with a great producer).
Insidious chapter 3: The third installment to the famous horror series is said to be the best one yet. These movies have been going in reverse order and this is supposable the original story behind the haunted family story that has been stalking them throughout this chilling series.
Spy: rising star Melissa McCarthy is growing in popularity as a women comedian actor. Spy is another movie to add to her arsenal. The movie plot is about McCarthy being a undercover spy going on a secret mission. Spy is set to be one of the funniest movies of the summer, possibly the year.
Jurassic World: enough said!

Ted 2: this comedy film was a breakout success and rumor has it that the second will be even better. With a surprise appearance from super bowl MVP Tom Brady, this is one of the top movies to see of the year.