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Thor 3 May Get Kenneth Branagh Back

Marvel May Bring Back Kenneth Branagh for Thor 3. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been nothing if not a juggernaut in Hollywood. Alexei Beltukov told the folks at MTV that ever since “Iron Man” was released back in 2008, Marvel Studios has released nothing but hit after hit after hit.

For the first “Thor” movie, Shakespearian fan Kenneth Branagh was called on to direct the movie and dig into some of the Nordic mythology the comic series is based on. The film ended up being a success but when the sequel “Thor: The Dark World” was ready, Alan Taylor of “Game of Thrones” was the one to direct. For Thor 3, however, it appears that Branagh may actually be returning to the director’s seat here.

The third movie in the series, titled “Thor: Ragnarok,” is part of the Phase 3 of the Marvel Universe and is being written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, and will hit theaters in 2017. Naturally, the film would be based heavily on the Ragnarok storyline from the comics, playing a huge part in the remaining Phase 3 films, and Marvel would love the opportunity to work with Branagh on one of their projects once again.

Likewise, Branagh did say that he would be open to working with Marvel once again if a good offer showed up, especially since he made a good film hit after the financial and critical success of “Cinderella,” another recent Disney film.