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Max Makes Men Mad

In the past decade or so, a new wave of feminism has taken over a broader spectrum. Some might describe this new wave of feminism as being defensive and male bashing. There are even a number of men who have dubbed themselves menemists; a group to counteract the motives of feminist. Aaron Clarey is a blogger in charge of writing blog post for the site Return of the King. Clarey made headlines last week when he called for men to boycott the film Mad Max Fury Road. Clarey has gone on record to say that the movie is nothing more than a piece of feminist propaganda. He claims that the movie producers and production company have used explosions, car chases, and action scenes to distract men from their true intentions. Clarey has yet to see the movie but the blogger felt threatened when he watched the movies trailer scenes. Clarey noted that the movies main character played by Charlize Theron, spent a great deal of time barking orders at the men in the movie. Further in his blog post, he calls for all men to boycott the film. If men turn out in large numbers to see this film the movie industry and their portrayal of men will forever be changed. Clarey uses his voice as a catalyst to keep men from being distracted by the visually appealing effects that the movie could have. More than 2000 followers have commented liked and shared his blog post. His followers believe that the movie is a piece of feminist propaganda, and that is it is up to those who can see it to God those who are distracted. Fans at The Aspire New Brunswick ( know that  Mad Max is raking in the millions at the box office despite the bloggers protest order to boycott. He believes that Mad Max: Fury Road will ultimately distract men and rationalize what he believes to be feminist propaganda. Clarey has done what he can when it comes to Mad Max: Fury Road. His sights are on future action movies and what it might mean for men. With the strong following that he has, it is easy for him to find support to keep the fight going.