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Doe Deere Discusses How She Attained The American Dream As An Immigrant

Born and raised in Russia, Doe Deere arrived in the United States when she was 17 years old. Along with her mom and younger sister, they moved to New York City. Her mom, though, couldn’t find work as an accountant because she was unable to obtain her school records. While they found some work it wasn’t enough and the family ended up living in a homeless shelter in Manhattan.

Doe Deere says this was a really rough time in her life. She got through it by dreaming of becoming a fashion designer one day and would draw her creations. After six months a nonprofit, Sanctuary for Families, came to the rescue. They found her mom a job as an accountant, her younger sister got a full scholarship to Columbia University, and Doe Deere started attending the Fashion Institute of Technology.

They also were able to move out of the homeless shelter and into the Lehman Projects. This was a really rough neighborhood at the time but they had their own bedrooms and a kitchen so they were satisfied. Doe Deere says that things were finally going in a positive direction for the family.

She founded Lime Crime in 2008. This is a makeup company that became a huge success. She started this company in Los Angeles and grew it into one that has 35 people working for it. She says that she attained the American Dream and it is all because someone reached out and helped her family when they really needed it.

Today, Doe Deere is co-founding a new company, Poppy Angeloff. Her sister is her business partner for this company, also based in Los Angeles. They will be selling jewelry online that they craft themselves. She says that they are both petite women and that existing jewelry isn’t very attractive on smaller hands so they aim to solve this problem for others.

Poppy Angeloff is starting out as what Doe Deere calls an invisible boutique“. Their website is presently invitation-only and they are hard at work expanding their Instagram presence. She is also a new mother so this is a very busy time in her life.

Get a Great Look with Lime Crime

What if the makeup you apply did more wonders than just covering up your imperfections? What if it helped you to express you personality with confidence? If you would like to live a life of no apologies, then Lime Crime is here for you. We are a team of makeup lovers based in Los Angeles. We are highly committed to producing some of the best, true-to-color, safe cosmetics. Doe Deere, who is our founder and the CEO, started this great line with only a few hundred dollars and a dream. Currently, she ensures that all dreams on makeups become a reality and often encourages our fans never to stop dreaming.

It has become challenging to assume that split color dyes for the hair are turning out the next ombre. For us unicorns, we are very lucky as the trouble we go through in picking an alternative color is now solved as we can do both. If you are attempting to do this yourself, then some assistance will be necessary especially for the first time. Ensure that you have two bowls, some hair clips and flat dyeing brushes. Begin with one side by smearing color at roots and throughout to the ends, twist the hair and clip it to the side. Repeat the procedure with a second color and let it sit as you desire. When washing and rinsing, ensure that you wash each side separately. The first wash should be taken with care to avoid the colors mixing or washing out. Once you have dried it with a towel, then you are good to go to style as per your desires.

Our newest fall shades, squash and jinx were exciting and we had to do some experiment by mixing them up. The result according to Urban Outfitters was a gorgeous rusty brown that is awesome for fall and it is also super easy. This rusty shade was achieved through the following steps:
1. Apply squash on the lips normally and do not allow it to dry
2. Dab some jinx over the squash
3. Grab your lip brush or use the fingertip and blend. Continue adding jinx and blend as required until you achieve the muted brick shade that you are after.
4. Finally you have made a customized fall shade for yourself

Maybe the vibrant and bright colors are not your thing. Luckily, the washed out shabby look is still there and if you have not been playing with colors, then it is never too late to start. Our Mint Green is so great in that it one does not have to begin bright and vibrant like the case of other greens. You only have to ensure that you bleach your hair white before you apply color. Dilute mint hair dye with a hair conditioner in order to tone down and brighten the color.

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