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Nick Vertucci Business Skills

Nick Vertucci is the establisher of Nick Vertucci Real Estate (NVEA). He originated from a humble background. His life started from being poor, and later he became a millionaire. Due to poverty, Vertucci family could rarely afford basics needs. The death of his father that occurred when he was 10 years old made life even more difficult for his family. This is mainly because he was the sole breadwinner and provider of Nick’s family. Vertucci’s life later changes shortly after his 18 years birthday when he started his own business which specializes in the marketing of computer accessories. His fruitful business suddenly came to an unexpected end at the time of dot-com crash that occurred in 2000. This crash led to the loss of his savings to the internet bubble. This led him to huge financial problems, and the accumulation of debts cost him his home. His financial problem came to an end when he later joins Real Estate Academy which influenced him to start a project of real estate business. He launched the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy well-known as NREA after being successful as a real estate investor.

During an interview, Nick was asked where he got the idea for NVREA, Nick Vertucci Real Estate. In response, he said that his idea started when he attended a Real Estate Training industry in 2004. He noted that he was losing his first business at the time during the dot-com crash. Nick then got an invitation to attend three days Real Estate training industry class. After acquiring some enough money for investing, he opted to start over a different business venture away from the tech business that left him under heavy debts. He began investing and accessing every house at a time (real estate investing term) which help him to change his financial status and rose from bankrupt to stable finance more than ten years down the line.

Nick Vertucci established a computer system that invested in single-family rentals. He purchased lenders house who were selling to recover their loans, he then renovates the houses and later leased them out with his system. Apart from his investment portfolio, he also provided them to other lenders. He also states that through Channels like My Radio at The Real Estate Investing Hour talk, he began to sell the houses by hundreds. Nick affirmed that he regained his financial freedom after he attained his objective in 2014. Vertucci decided to share his improved excellent investing plan to the public. He launched NVERA in January 2014 with the aim of establishing the most significant real estate training that the industry has never seen.