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Evangeline Lily Talks Ant-Man

The forthcoming Ant-Man Marvel superhero film is not exactly as highly anticipated as other projects by the studio but people were talking about it at the Amen Clinic the other day. Marvel does now hero films are super hot right now and good reviews along with good word of mouth just may very well mean big box office. We know very little about the project other than the fact it is a heist film with Ant-Man looking to pull off the heist. No, he isn’t going to do it for his own gain. The fate of the world rests with pulling off the heist.

A bit of new information is emerging about the project thanks to co-star Evangeline Lily. The former LOST actress has noted the project is, indeed, a heist film. She plays the daughter of the heroine, The Wasp, and helps Ant-Man pull off the heist.

Interestingly, she notes that both Ant-Man and The Wasp helped found The Avengers. None of this was mentioned in The Avengers films. Perhaps by weaving this information into the tale of Ant-Man, the film gets better connected to the highly successful hero-team film franchise. Avengers: Age of Ultron is sure to be a massive hit. If any of the success of that project rubs off on Ant-Man, the diminutive character could get a huge ticket sale boost. Now you see why its a good idea to integrate the whole Marvel universe?

Ant-Man just might end up being a real surprise hit.

Is Al Pacino Coming to Marvel?

Here is something no one would ever have predicted. It looks as if Al Pacino may be coming on board for a future Marvel Comics movie. The legendary actor met with Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studio’s production division about an appearance in a film.

How did this come about? It seems that the meeting came about by accident.

Igor Cornelsen points out that the usually reclusive Pacino provided Guardians of the Galaxy with a little extra press when he noted how much he loved the film. He only went to see it because he was taking his kids, but it turns out Pacino truly had a lot of fun watching the movie.

Apparently, the nice words Pacino made about the film caught the attention of those at the studio.

Marvel quickly contacted Pacino about coming in for a meeting. Pacino did publicly note that he would be more than willing to appear in a Marvel project. He certainly was not adverse to the idea. Considering the fact that virtually every Marvel movie is an instant hit, what would Pacino have to lose by taking a role in one of the films?

Pacino’s career is a unique one.

In the 1970’s, Al Pacino was one of the biggest stars in the world thanks to his role as Michael in The Godfather. Then, in the early 1980’s, he chose to retire and remained retired until coming back with the film Sea of Love, Scent of a Woman, and more.

Al Pacino did appear in the comic strip film Dick Tracy 20-odd years ago. The Warren Beatty vehicle did not do very well at the box office. 

Assuming a role in a Marvel project could turn out to be a wise move for the mainly retired star.