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Oren Frank’s Talkspace – A Revolutionary Approach to Therapy

Oren Frank, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talkspace, has developed an unprecedented platform for online therapy. Mr. Frank’s prestigious career has included positions such as Regional Creative Director at EMEA in London, CEO of Worldgroup Israel and Global Chief Creative Officer for MRM Worldwide. While this list doesn’t give all of the high level positions Frank has held, it does lend itself to his credibility as a leader in the corporate world. Check out Oren Frank’s videos

Oren Frank has developed an online platform that makes therapy accessible to individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have access to much needed psychological support. Because therapy can be costly for many, the Talkspace platform allows individuals to manage the way they receive therapy. It allows people to do therapy on their own terms and helps to mitigate the already existing stigma that comes with the word “therapy”. In his 2017 interview on Cheddar TV, Frank discusses how the stigma that is naturally associated with therapy has been a barrier to entry in his endeavor to expand the Talkspace platform. In his 2016 speech on the Future of Therapy, Oren discusses how our expensive yet ineffective system of healthcare has failed to accept this type of platform as a sufficient way to provide mental health support to individuals. In his speech, he references the fact that the major players in our healthcare system are, in fact, not motivated to see the potential of how the Talkspace platform could revolutionize how patients receive the mental healthcare support they need.

Oren Frank has used his own personal and private experiences to develop a platform that has helped tens of thousands of individuals. Through his own vulnerability and transparency, and sharing his own personal challenges, he is providing a much needed resource for individuals who face issues such as anxiety and depression.

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Talkspace – Mobile Therapy App That is Affordable, Feature-Rich and Easily Accessible

The technology has changed the medical world in a significant way in the last few years, and while it helps with many physical diseases, it is used productively to assist the people with mental health issues as well. One of the revolutionary therapy apps that started operation in the year 2012 is Talkspace, which has gone on to help millions of people across the United States to get relief from their mental health issues. Talkspace has a team of professional and experienced therapists with different specialties, and they are connected to the members according to the problems they are suffering from. People with depression are connected to a psychologist and psychiatrist, and members with relationship issues are connected accordingly. Read this article at

Talkspace has become widely popular in the United States because it offers treatment at a low price in comparison to the traditional therapy sessions. If there are psychiatric issues that have been troubling you for long, do not wait for it to get worse and start your therapy at Talkspace. The therapists at Talkspace are specially trained to provide treatment online and understand how to handle a delicate situation when the members are going through severe depression or anxiety. Talkspace doesn’t cost as much as conventional therapy, and it is why many young adults and even teenagers are using the services offered by Talkspace.

In the last few years, many new online counseling services have come up, but a simple search for the best online therapy app would easily prove that Talkspace is the mobile therapy app that has been dominating the sector. Talkspace is known to offer quality services at affordable prices, and every therapist is licensed and experienced, The company has also been receiving positive reviews from its millions of members, which can be seen in the various independent review sites online.

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Talkspace Aims to Put Telemedicine on the Map.

Technology has fundamentally changed the way that we interact with one another, so why wouldn’t it impact the medical world, as well? Telemedicine has been driving mobile technology forward as it aims to cater to a more receptive audience. From dealing with PTSD to working their way through depression, patients can now pursue mental health therapy from the comfort of their own homes. By downloading and signing up for the Talkspace application, patients around the country are gaining access to licensed medical professionals. Today, we are going to take a closer look at what the application has to offer. See more about of Talkspace at

Talkspace is a text messaging therapy application that is looking to transform the therapeutic world forever. After signing up for the program, new patients will work with a consulting therapist in order to build a personal profile of their needs, problems, and preferences. During this process, patients will be connected to licensed medical practitioners that all are actively certified for their profession. Once at this point in the process, patients will be able to tailor their therapy to fit their exact needs. Instant chat, video conferencing, text messaging and voice messaging are all available options for patients to pursue.

What makes Talkspace such an exciting piece of intellectual property is that it can cater to people who would have otherwise foregone their pursuit of therapy. Talkspace is ideal for people who are afraid of seeking professional help due to social stigmas. What’s more, Talkspace makes it possible for these same people to work up the courage necessary in order to seek further therapeutic attention. The visual progress maps that Talkspace relies on can help to inspire and motivate individuals as they build toward a better, healthier, and more mentally stable tomorrow. Talkspace isn’t just a gimmick and it is proof that telemedicine is here to stick around.

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Let’s Tweet About Talkspace with Oren Frank – a New Way to Get Therapy

Five years ago, CEO Oren Frank launched Talkspace, the startup app that allows customers access to therapy via their phone. Talkspace has two options for users to access therapy. For a weekly fee app users can be connected via messaging or phone to a therapist or mental health professional. Prices range from $49 to $79 weekly depending on the service selected with messaging being the cheapest. As Talkspace continues to grow and expand its services, Frank saw the need to hire a chief medical officer.

Oren Frank hired Neil Leibowitz a former senior medical director at UnitedHealth as the new chief medical officer for Talkspace. With this new hire the physicians who work for Talkspace will now be able to prescribe medicine to its one million users. The company is currently looking into what medications it might limit in terms of prescriptions. However, due to state and federal regulations medications will only be prescribed to patients who opt to use the video chat function.

Frank is hoping that the presence of Leibowitz will positively impact the app and its users. Frank not only wants to see this new add on boost revenue but also increase the amount of app users. Leibowitz says he was not sure about Talkspace at first and was skeptical to start working for such a company with such an interesting concept. Now, Leibowitz views Talkspace as a new way to provide affordable therapy.

Outside of working on Talkspace, Oren Frank maintains an active Twitter profile which he uses to market Talkspace. Frank posts various links to his app as well as information on how to access affordable therapists. One thing Frank is good at is marketing for his company. He retweets news articles on depression, ADHD, and other issues that his app might be able to help. Frank captions all of his retweets with a link to Talkspace’s Twitter account. He uses his personal social media to show others how important Talkspace is to him. He is offering an affordable service to those who might not have known about it if it weren’t for his Tweets.

Besides marketing for Talkspace, Oren Frank also shares his personal views about topics on his Twitter. Frank retweets and captions several things such as Tweets from President Donald Trump and news articles about social media. Frank shares a lot of hot topics in the news and responds with his views on the subjects. Frank not only uses his Twitter to market Talkspace but to advocate for things going on in the world. One thing is for sure, Oren Frank is making his mark on this world via Talkspace and Twitter.