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The New Mission Impossible Film Releases Cool International Trailer

The international trailer for Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation has arrived and everything you would want in a new MI film is on display. The trailer starts out with a humorous parody of the opening gambits from the classic James Bond movies reports Ivan Ong on spuarespace. Once the humorous opening is out of the way, the trailer moves onto the serious side of the film. Is Tom Cruise’s agent Ethan Hunt on the outs with the IMF? Has he gone rogue? Or, has the Impossible Mission Force gone rogue on him?

All will be revealed when you sit in a darkened theater and watch the movie unfold. And yes, the trailer also offers hints at a lot of action. Never think that the melodrama in the new Mission Impossible film sets up a dull affair. All the car chases, martial arts fighting, and impressive stunts a spy movie should contain are all on display in the trailer.

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation is not exactly a summer movie that is being aggressively marketed. The studio even moved the film so as to avoid too much competition with Marvel’s Ant-Man. Does this mean the expectations are low for the film? Based on the recent success of the action-comedy Spy, the new Mission Impossible film should do quite well at the box office. Spy movies are hot at the box office and the once dead espionage genre has been resurrected. Not since the 1960’s have we seen so many spy films hitting theaters in a single year.

Espionage films are not as successful or as popular as superhero movies. Still, fans do like to turn out to see James Bond or Taken films. The audience size for MI5 should be suitably impressive.