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The Young Activist from North Korea

At the One Young World Summit in 2014, a young woman by the name Yeonmi Park captured the attention of the world when she delivered a speech about her escape from North Korea. Born from an educated and politically connected family, Park is an activist that concentrates on advocating for human rights. Park is a North Korean defector that now lives in South Korea who had to flee the country when her father faced hard labor for his involvement in black market trade. Park is an activist that uses Youtube to criticize the North Korean regime on the way that it treats its people. For her of love for justice, Park is a criminal justice student at the Dongguk University in South Korean.

In many forums, this activist speaks of her horrific journey of fleeing from the oppressive North Korean regime and how she ended up in South Korea. The young lady has consistently been the worry of the North Korean regime as she is quite outspoken about the ills that face this country. Park’s desire is for the North and Southern parts of Korea would re-unite to form one country that protects its citizens and their interests. Yeonmi is a remarkable young woman and is currently writing a book that captures her life in order for her to document it to a greater audience. Park grew up in a privileged background but things had to change after her father’s arrest meaning that she had experienced the best things that North Korea had to offer even under the Kim Dynasty.

She is also fearless regardless of the numerous threats that North Korean defectors face such as assignations. The North Korean government does not recognize Park and those that have fled the country as it views them as traitors that deserve severe punishment. Despite the danger that she faces, Park’s determination to change her native country is high as her intention is to do so in her very own unique way. She has also written for the Washington Post about her experience as an immigrant from North Korea and revealed the same to Guardian in an interview. Park spends a significant amount of her time volunteering at the Freedom Factory Corporation, which is an organization that deals in free market thinking. Additionally, she is the member of LiNK (Liberty in North Korea), an organization that does not generate any profits whose focus is on aiding North Korean refugees that hide in China. The organization also helps in resettling these refugees in the USA and in South Korea.

Her activism has led her to travel the world especially the US where she has spoken at several forums on creating awareness about the harsh conditions in North Korea. Other than being an activist against the ills in North Korea, Park also speaks positively about her native country and encourages people to tour and see its scenic beauty. She has also worked at the North-Korea Today podcast show alongside Casey Lartigue, where they used to discuss the life of North Korean refugees and other topics regarding the country. At a young age, Park seems to have made to the list of young influential persons in the world because of her bold activism.