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TigerSwan: A Highlighted Veteran’s Business

james reese tigerswanTigerSwan is a US business that focuses on protecting international and American based companies. The owner, James Reese, is a veteran who retired out of the Delta Forces in the late 2000s. During his time in the military, he served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many might say this is where James Reese fine-tuned his leadership talent that he was born with. TigerSwan is Reese’s newest challenge.

TigerSwan uses the newest equipment to train their elite staff. One piece they have relied upon lately is the Suburban SUV. This workhorse was put to the test. The crew practiced taking it out in the dark of night, but the drive is nothing like ours. They drive in the dark because during any of their missions this may be how they have to come into any compound or rescue situation. The team uses their high-tech night vision gear to survey the landscape and road ahead. The SUV must be able to traverse rugged landscape where no trail exists.

In addition to transportation, TigerSwan must use rifles and other firepower. They practice with their guns to keep their sharp edge, but their shooting is not on any average target practice range. TigerSwan needs its people to aim with accuracy after getting to the location. It could be night, blistering hot, and there could be gunfire all around them. TigerSwan prepares them for this environment by practice and mental preparation. The shooting range might include hitting a target off in the distance or obscured. The time of day can vary when the real missions strike, so everyone must get comfortable firing at night using night vision, during high noon with the temperature soaring, and at dusk when it is hard to see.

James Reese and the team at TigerSwan are proud to be a blend of veterans and other skilled workers. They are all very humble in their service, and they do not boost or show off any of their skills. They are a team that is there to protect and complete missions. Under the watchful care and eye of James Reese, TigerSwan is a shining example of a successful veteran business.

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The Business Life of Ian King

We all have different passions and interests to pursue in our lives. At some point, we realize this when we are already in something else. In such moments, we can either quit what we are doing to pursue our purpose or incorporate what we are doing to live the life we desire.

Ian King began his career as a psychiatrist. When he was in school, he realized he had a deep interest in the financial markets and trends. He was patient enough to complete his BS in phycology as he traded dot-com stocks. Despite his deviation from his career, Ian does not regret having his degree; he uses it as a tool in his business to help people understand why they need to invest in the cryptocurrencies. He has been in the business for more than two decades.

Ian King joined the Banyan Hills Publishing in 2017. The readers are fortunate to have an individual with a passion for digital currencies to advise them on the subject. The Banyan Hills hired him for the position because he has the experience in the buying and selling of all kinds of cryptocurrencies.

Like every successful investor, Ian King has a daily routine that helps improve his productivity. A routine is suggested in every venture to help create positive habits and increase productivity. Ian King begins his day by reading the news. After an update of what is going on in the market, he takes a cup of coffee. He then exercises or takes a walk in the park with his dog. He explains that this sets the pace of his day.

He then reads to see how the crypto assets are performing. The rest of his day is spent on monitoring the crypto trends. By so doing, he is able to stay at the top of the trends and answer all the questions that the clients have for him. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

Every successful individual has some character traits that make them productive in their venture. One of the ways to do this is by recognizing our weaknesses and working on them. For instance, Ian King understands that he is not a process-driven individual. He is easily distracted by new ideas. To overcome this, he makes a to-do-list and keeps checking what he has not accomplished as the day progresses.

Ian King is very contented with where he is in his life. He says that the only change he would change if he went back in times is spending only two years in college and the other two years traveling the world and meeting new people.