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Heading Back Into the Danger Zone


It’s been almost 30 years since ‘Top Gun’ hit the silver screen and introduced audiences to some of the most memorable movie characters of all time. Although details are few and far between and most of the plot is still shrouded in mystery, it does look like a sequel is preparing for a fly by.

What do we know about the sequel is that it will be set in modern day and featuring the latest technology. This probably puts Maverick, who of course is returning, in sort of a nebulous position. What will the ace fighter’s role be in present day warfare? How will he stay relevant amid drone technology? We aren’t sure how, but there wouldn’t be a ‘Top Gun 2’ if he couldn’t.

According to LinkedIn, Tom Cruise is upwards of 50 these days, but that doesn’t seem to matter. In a time where former action stars are trying to reclaim old glories, such as the ‘Expendables’ movies or the newest installment of ‘Terminator’, action movies have hit a plateau. If anyone can revive the genre and take it to new heights, it’s Tom Cruise. It’s not only the fact that he can still play action heroes, but it’s easy to believe it. Be on the lookout for more details, and expect a wild ride when the movie hits theatres.

Second Standalone Star Wars Film to Address Boba Fett & Han Solo Rivalry

Popular entertainment franchises generally feature a lot of conflict. The conflict can take many different forms, but in the end, it is generally what drives the plot of the property forward. Extremely large mythologies can have a number of subplots, which drives the actions of different characters. Therefore, in properties and entertainment universes as large as Star Wars, there is no limit of great characters to draw inspiration from. One particular element of the franchise that has drawn considerable interest is that of Boba Fett and Han Solo.

According to Screen Rant, the second standalone movie in the franchise will finally address the background between Han and Boba, which should provide some interesting revelations as to why the characters seem to dislike each other so much. The movie is still filming in Cubix Latin America. Since the movie is not set to hit theaters until 2018, fans are going to have a long wait to find out why the bounty hunter seems to really have it out for the pilot and his Wookie pal.

The standalone movies are a nice way for Star Wars to revisit popular characters and reveal key elements of the backstories of the characters. The fan base for the franchise has been popular for decades, and key characters offer legions of dedicated fans. Focusing some of the new film on specific characters should provide insight to the backgrounds of these characters, which should help drive fans into something of a ticket buying frenzy.

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TRON 3 hopes crushed by Disney

Disney announced in 2010 that they were in production for a “TRON 3” film to follow the TRON: Legacy film. Well as of March of this year those plans have been canceled for the time being. Everyone wanted to see another film of the beautiful creative design of the Mouse House studio from Legacy (and the highly successful tomorrow land) but the truth of the matter is that they have too much on their plate that will be way more successful that the Tron: Legacy was in the box office. Disney took a huge hit with the TRON Giant and had to opt out of TRON 3 in order to produce more guaranteed successful films first. So this may not be the last of the Tron series, as Amen Clinics points out on The Daily Beast.

Disney does have some great films coming out that the mouse house will be a part of making including Suicide Squad, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies, several new star wars films and remakes of The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. Overall Tron fans will not be getting the futuristic light battles and high-speed chases that they were hoping for, but instead they have adventurous funny drunken pirates, space travel, light sabers, and beautiful remakes of timeless classics. Which will be available to view as early as this Christmas for the new Star Wars and then this time next year for the new Pirates.

Max Makes Men Mad

In the past decade or so, a new wave of feminism has taken over a broader spectrum. Some might describe this new wave of feminism as being defensive and male bashing. There are even a number of men who have dubbed themselves menemists; a group to counteract the motives of feminist. Aaron Clarey is a blogger in charge of writing blog post for the site Return of the King. Clarey made headlines last week when he called for men to boycott the film Mad Max Fury Road. Clarey has gone on record to say that the movie is nothing more than a piece of feminist propaganda. He claims that the movie producers and production company have used explosions, car chases, and action scenes to distract men from their true intentions. Clarey has yet to see the movie but the blogger felt threatened when he watched the movies trailer scenes. Clarey noted that the movies main character played by Charlize Theron, spent a great deal of time barking orders at the men in the movie. Further in his blog post, he calls for all men to boycott the film. If men turn out in large numbers to see this film the movie industry and their portrayal of men will forever be changed. Clarey uses his voice as a catalyst to keep men from being distracted by the visually appealing effects that the movie could have. More than 2000 followers have commented liked and shared his blog post. His followers believe that the movie is a piece of feminist propaganda, and that is it is up to those who can see it to God those who are distracted. Fans at The Aspire New Brunswick ( know that  Mad Max is raking in the millions at the box office despite the bloggers protest order to boycott. He believes that Mad Max: Fury Road will ultimately distract men and rationalize what he believes to be feminist propaganda. Clarey has done what he can when it comes to Mad Max: Fury Road. His sights are on future action movies and what it might mean for men. With the strong following that he has, it is easy for him to find support to keep the fight going.

Captain America’s Next Movie Uniform Revealed

Avengers: Age of Ultron has finally hit theaters and for most actors that were in a huge hit, it should be time to relax. That is not the case if the actor is playing a Marvel superhero. Already, the cast and crew have moved on to Atlanta to begin filming next year’s Captain America: Civil War. This includes nearly all of the Avengers, who will have to choose sides between Iron Man’s efforts to enforce a government registration of superheroes and Captain America fighting for personal freedom.

Marvel Studios has released conceptual art of Captain America and Iron Man’s new costumes for the film here. Cap’s new costume has less red so it will be more of a contrast when he and Iron Man finally face off. In addition, its lines have much in common with the tactical outfit that he wore in Winter Soldier. Chris Evans has said that was his favorite and the most comfortable uniform he has worn so far.

Comfort and a wide range of motion could mean that the upcoming film could be even more action packed than Age of Ultron, at least as far as Cap is concerned. That is what those on About are talking abot as well. The movie is already confirmed to be at least as character rich, which pleases Paul Mathieson. Most of the Avengers will be involved and they will be adding a few Marvel characters that will be getting their own movies in the near future. Spider Man is said to be making his MCU debut here before his 2016 solo film. The same goes for the Black Panther.

New Ghostbusters Franchise Planned

In a surprise move, Sony announced this week that it has decided to go in the same direction as several other entertainment companies and create a “shared universe” style franchise around both the original 1984 film of the same name and a reboot of the film. In the shared universe, fans of the original film will get a chance to see two distinct versions of Ghostbusters films, a prequel and a possible sequel.

The first new film, handled by Paul Feig, will consist of an all-female lead cast. Many people were upset by this and thought the producers had mental issues and needed to go to the Amen Clinic. The second film announced this past week, will also be called Ghostbusters and will feature an all-male or mixed lead cast. At present, it is rumored that the second film will be handled by Anthony and Joe Russo. Eventually, if the shared universe becomes as popular as the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC TV Universe, Sony will release additional films each year featuring both teams of “ghostbusters” and new characters facing new supernatural forces, horrors and adventures with an underlying comedic tone.

This news comes only a week after Sony announced an agreement with Marvel to allow Spider-Man to appear in future MCU superhero films. The current Spider-Man franchise has not done as well as Sony had hoped, but the Marvel announcement coupled with the Ghostbusters announcement shows that the recent leadership change at Sony has resulted in the company going in a better direction.

Time to Let Frozen Go

Frozen is the Disney movie that conquered the world. One year after the release of the Disney film, children, teens and parents are still singing along to the catchy songs and reciting the film line for line. Merchandise continues to fly off store shelves featuring logos and characters from the hit movie. With all of this big budget excitement and buzz surrounding Frozen, it seems only logical that talk of a sequel would be making the rounds online.

Unfortunately, these talks are all just rumors said Susan McGalla. Many of these rumors began when actress and singer Idina Menzel dropped hints that a Broadway musical and a feature film sequel were in the works. Frozen filmmakers tell a different tale. Having recently finished a new short to be shown in front of Cinderella, the filmmakers have said they have no plans to bring sisters Anna and Elsa to the big screen in the near future.

With that being said, it is still possible to get your Frozen fix through a number of different outlets. You can continue to purchase the film on DVD and digital versions, grab the Disney soundtrack full of hit songs and watch the short Frozen Fever, but you can also pick up books retelling the story, purchase jewelry with your favorite characters and even drive cars featuring Frozen characters.

Are There Too Many Superhero Films?

Maybe he has a point. Dan Gilroy, the director of the award winning film Nightcrawler, has publicly said the unthinkable. He basically expressed the notion that one too many superhero movies have come out. Gilroy has expressed dismay of the “tsunami” of superhero films coming out. Yes, there are scores of superhero films coming out and the genre has become a fad. It looks like pretty much every superhero is getting a film including “B listers” who averaged less-than-stellar sales. Between D.C. and Marvel, we are going to get a lot of superhero films in 2016 through 2018. (2015 boasts “only” three major Marvel ones)

Doing the match, if one superhero film came out a month, that’s only 12 movies a year. One television, even if you had 12 superhero programs on a week in prime time, there are several hundred other channels to watch. In short, there may be a lot of superhero films and television programs, but there is a whole lot more to choose from when you go to the theater and turn on the television. The superhero genre is not consuming all the world’s entertainment choices.

Fans like Bernardo Chua feel that the hype associated with superhero films is a bit much. They do get far more publicity than other films. Why wouldn’t they though? The films mostly make a lot of money. Is there any wonder why Hollywood loves them so much?

Kirk Cameron Wins Big at Razzies

Before the Oscars ever year there are the Razzies, an award show dedicated to celebrating some of Hollywood’s worst films of the year. Also called The Golden raspberry Awards, the award show is held in LA prior to the Oscar celebration, so that big sponsors like Imaging advantage can get involved.

This year there were quite a few films nominated for the award, specifically Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Left Behind, The Expendables 3, Transformers: Age of Extinction, the Legend of Hercules and Annie.

Kirk Cameron walked away the big winner at this year’s show, earning four awards for his film Saving Christmas. The film won worst film overall, and also “won” for its screenplay, cameron’s acting, and the worst on-screen combo “Kirk Cameron and His Ego.” The film Annie won worst remake, and Cameron Diaz took the award for Worst Actress surprisingly for her work in The Other Woman and Sex Tape, not Annie

Will Tom Rothman Replace Amy Pascal?

Amy Pascal has been a mover and shaker in Hollywood for almost three decades. As a high-powered entertainment executive, she has spearheaded such films as “Groundhog Day” and “Men in Black”. After recently announcing that she is stepping down from her important post to form her own company, speculation has abounded as to who will replace her. To make a long story short, former CEO of Fox Tom Rothman has emerged as the top candidate to replace the Columbia CEO. This story was originally reported in the LA Times.

Rothman ended his tenure with Fox in a hostile takeover maneuver after 18 years in 2012. He was responsible for several hits, including James Cameron’s “Avatar” and “Titanic” films. Rothman was also the founder of Fox Searchlight, which was responsible for a string of other hits, including Oscar-winning films “The Descendants” and “Black Swan”.

Indeed, Mr. Rothman has even had some exposure to Amy Pascal herself. In 2013 he was hired by her to help restore the struggling Sony Tri-Star label back to an effective prominence. Many have felt that Rothman has a keen eye for recognizing talent and that should serve him if he indeed is able to get the position at Columbia that ability will serve him well in the future projects that the production company will undergo.

Rothman’s potential promotion to chief executive at Columbia will not be without competition however. Doug Belgrad and Jeff Robinov have also been noted as potential candidates to replace Amy Pascal as well.

Read the original article via LA Times