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Lovaganza: Hard At Work Preparing The “Convoy Trilogy” And The “Extravaganza of Love”


Filmmakers Jean François and Genevieve Gagnon founded the film company Lovaganza in 2012. Taking its inspiration from World’s Fairs of the past, Lovaganza hopes to bring the world together through the magical medium of film. Right now, Lovaganza is hard at work preparing for their 2020 worldwide celebration.


The 2020 worldwide festivities will take place in America, Europe, Asia, Oceanaia, Africa, and the Middle East from May to September. Lovaganza will use the most modern film equipment available to tell their cinematic stories.


The central event of the 2020 show, however, is not a film. Lovaganza is preparing a live performance called “Extravaganza of Love” which will take place at the fair’s main pavilion. This show will feature some of the best dancers, acrobats, and actors from many different cultures. In the background of this exciting performance, Lovagnaza will project images of the earth on a 360-degree glassless 3D wraparound screen. This screen is currently called an Immerscope, and Lovaganza will show some of their films exclusively using this immersive technology.


So, what film is Lovaganza planning on showing on the Immerscope. Well, the Lovaganza team is now working hard on the “Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy.” Two of these films will be premiered before the actual Lovaganza 2020 celebrations, but they will also be shown on Immerscope at the 2020 fair.


The “Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy” follows a young priest who’s on a journey to stop war for good. These films are also called the “Bohemian Adventure.”


The inspiration for these films comes from the great shorts produced during the Great Depression. You can expect to see cliffhangers, old-fashioned outfits, and vintage vehicles in many of these pictures. Lovaganza hopes that the mixture of the past scenarios in the films with the futuristic technology of Immerscope will bring both the past and the future into the present for all viewers.


The first film in this trilogy is called “Follow Your Sunshine” and it’s set to be released in 2018. This film will follow the priest as he leaves his parish to spread the message of universal love.


The second film, called “The Prophecy,” will be released in 2019. In this film, the priest will learn about a nefarious secret organization called the Invisible Hand. The priest must combat the diabolical forces of this organization with the help of Emijean Spark, a child who has a strange and special gift.


The final film, called “The New World,” will premier at the 2020 festival. In this final installment of the series, the priest and Emijean Spark will face the Invisible Hand head-on in a climactic final battle.


Lovaganza will film these three movies all around the globe. Some of these locations include France, Spain, the USA, India, and Africa.


A few ads and screen tests have been released online for the “Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy.” Many filmgoers were surprised to see famous French actress Marie Ange Casta in a few of these ads. Casta has told French reporters that she will appear in the second film.


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Will A Deus Ex Film Bring Back The Glory Of Cyberpunk Cinema?

Deus Ex is one incredibly successful video game franchise. Now, a film version is in development for a major motion picture. While many are thrilled over the notion a new video game movie is soon to be released, others let out a collective groan. They may have been burned one too many times before with horrible video game adaptions for the screen.

Deus Ex may be a little different. The adaption should be given the benefit of the doubt. For one, the video game is rooted in the cyberpunk subgenre of science-fiction. Cyberpunk is a dark, Blade Runner-type look at the world. The government and the corporations have fused together. Society, itself, ends up being quite dysfunctional. A lot of misery occurs. Amidst this backdrop, an unlikely hero emerges and a lot of action ensures. It is all that action that ends up making even the worst films worth the time investment to watch.

Since Deus Ex is not coming out for another year or two, it is way too early to make any pronouncements about the quality of the movie sats Mr Amazing Loan. We can speculate that this particular film should be good thanks to the connection to an intriguingly dark subgenre. Cyberpunk films usually have an edge to them. This bitter edge allows the films to rise above the mediocre. Dues Ex could end up being an interesting cult film and not just throwaway entertainment.

Jai Courtney Calls Suicide Squad Dirty and Gritty

People are nervous about the new Suicide Squad movie . Even Australian actor, Jai Courtney, cringed when he heard the name of the character he was asked to play in the movie: Captain Boomerang. Suicide Squad cast photos show villains and antiheroes like Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and a revamped, and possibly horrifying Joker, played by Jared Leto. Captain Boomerang seems a little campy compared to these other characters known for being dark and broody. After talking with the film crew, Courtney changed his tune about his part in the movie, calling the film dirty and gritty. Captain Boomerang should fit right in.

According to James Dondero the initial cast photos from the filming of Suicide Squad have caused a stir in the DC fan universe. Will Smith as Deadshot was controversial at first, with internet comments mocking the ‘Fresh Prince.’ Director David Ayer promises to stay true to the comic book atmosphere in the new movie. Rumors include a cameo of the Jared Leto as the Joker in the Batman vs. Superman movie due out later this year, and a cameo of Ben Affleck in the Suicide Squad movie next year. The pictures that have been released certainly look true to the comics, and leave no reason to believe that this movie will suck.

There May Be A Part Two Of The New “Jurassic Park” Movie

“Jurassic Park” was an epic movie when it first came out, and part two and three did very well also. Jurassic Park hasn’t been in the movie theaters for many years, but they are is a reboot of the movie coming to theaters. The New “Jurassic Park” Movie. The movie will be based upon Jurassic Park being open, and the park is populated by spectators. The movie promises fun, excitement, adventure, and of course, dinosaurs.

More than likely, “Lost World,” was the most popular of the Jurassic Park series of movies according to what Matt Landis has read. The Lost World featured the dinosaurs in the wild, and a T-Rex ends up in the big city. The new upcoming Jurassic Park movie promises to be entertaining, but it may also be likely that a part two of the movie will be coming out in the future as well. The fact is, if a movie is successful, it’s likely that there will be a sequel to it. For instance, take the movie “Ted.” Ted was a sensation, and with some nudging, Seth McFarlane decided to make a part two of the movie. “Ted 2” will also be out this summer as well.

The new Jurassic Park movie may see a sequel in the future, but it’s likely to be based on what the current movie does at the box office. Jurassic Park will bring out many movie fans, so hopefully it’s enough to park a part two of the rebooted movie.

TRON 3 hopes crushed by Disney

Disney announced in 2010 that they were in production for a “TRON 3” film to follow the TRON: Legacy film. Well as of March of this year those plans have been canceled for the time being. Everyone wanted to see another film of the beautiful creative design of the Mouse House studio from Legacy (and the highly successful tomorrow land) but the truth of the matter is that they have too much on their plate that will be way more successful that the Tron: Legacy was in the box office. Disney took a huge hit with the TRON Giant and had to opt out of TRON 3 in order to produce more guaranteed successful films first. So this may not be the last of the Tron series, as Amen Clinics points out on The Daily Beast.

Disney does have some great films coming out that the mouse house will be a part of making including Suicide Squad, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies, several new star wars films and remakes of The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. Overall Tron fans will not be getting the futuristic light battles and high-speed chases that they were hoping for, but instead they have adventurous funny drunken pirates, space travel, light sabers, and beautiful remakes of timeless classics. Which will be available to view as early as this Christmas for the new Star Wars and then this time next year for the new Pirates.

Captain America’s Next Movie Uniform Revealed

Avengers: Age of Ultron has finally hit theaters and for most actors that were in a huge hit, it should be time to relax. That is not the case if the actor is playing a Marvel superhero. Already, the cast and crew have moved on to Atlanta to begin filming next year’s Captain America: Civil War. This includes nearly all of the Avengers, who will have to choose sides between Iron Man’s efforts to enforce a government registration of superheroes and Captain America fighting for personal freedom.

Marvel Studios has released conceptual art of Captain America and Iron Man’s new costumes for the film here. Cap’s new costume has less red so it will be more of a contrast when he and Iron Man finally face off. In addition, its lines have much in common with the tactical outfit that he wore in Winter Soldier. Chris Evans has said that was his favorite and the most comfortable uniform he has worn so far.

Comfort and a wide range of motion could mean that the upcoming film could be even more action packed than Age of Ultron, at least as far as Cap is concerned. That is what those on About are talking abot as well. The movie is already confirmed to be at least as character rich, which pleases Paul Mathieson. Most of the Avengers will be involved and they will be adding a few Marvel characters that will be getting their own movies in the near future. Spider Man is said to be making his MCU debut here before his 2016 solo film. The same goes for the Black Panther.

Martin Freeman joins Captain America

Captain America: Civil War is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated films for Marvel Phase III. As of right now, casting is being carried out for the upcoming Marvel film. For one thing, there is talk about the type of characters that are going to appear in Captain America: Civil War.

The latest announcement for the upcoming Captain America film is that Martin Freeman has been added to the cast. There is no information as to the character that Martin Freeman is going to play. On the Real Deal, people are only speculating  for now. Jason Halpern isn’t sure what to expect.

Another actor that is going to join the Marvel universe is Benedict Cumberbatch who will play as Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is going to be released about Six Months after Captain America: Civil War. This Captain America film is likely to be less of a Captain America solo act. As a matter of fact, Captain America might find himself in a fight with Tony Stark.

It is also likely that Spider-Man is going to make his official debut in the MCU during Captain America: Civil War. Spider-Man will then have his own stand alone movie.

Cavill Talks About Batman v. Superman

The man who now where the red cape of Superman, Henry Cavill, has gone public in an attempt to point out the upcoming blockbuster, Batman v. Superman, is not going to be a sequel to Man of Steel. Rather, the film will standalone as separate project. Why would Mr. Cavill feel tempted to say this? Man of Steel was an “okay” film, but not one of the best superhero projects in recent years. After watching it, no one, including Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG, walked away forgetting the old Christopher Reeve films.

Cavill, Warner, and D.C. Comics probably want people to see the film as both the debut of a new Batman and the arrival of a shared universe. Hopefully, any disappointments lingering over the Man of Steel film will be gone once Superman and The Dark Knight square off.

One way to look at Batman v. Superman is to consider the feature a live-action version of the comic book World’s Finest Heroes. World’s Finest was a Batman/Superman team-up title that allowed D.C. Comics to use its two biggest heroes in a single book that had a continuity mostly separate from the solo titles.

The future slate of D.C. Cinematic Universe films reveals a number of team-up films with established characters and solo films designed to launch new motion picture careers for Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, The Flash, and more.

Of course, some of the established characters will receive solo outings. A Batman solo film is in the works. Will there be a Superman one?

Carl Franklin Replaces John Singleton in Tupac Biopic

The Tupac biopic has been in the works for over four years, and there have been talks about a biopic ever since the rapper was killed almost 20 years ago in 1996 stated Kevin Seawright. In addition to all the other usual problems and changes that occur when a movie is in development hell for so long, there is now a changing of the guard on the proposed Tupac Shakur biopic. John Singleton is no longer attached to the product as director, after having a falling out over creative differences with Morgan Creek Productions, the company that is financing and producing the long-awaited film.

Since Singleton left, Carl Franklin has been tapped to replace him as director. Franklin is known for directing the Denzel Washington helmed movies Devil In A Blue Dress and Out of Time, as well as episodes of the Affair and House of Cards. Franklin is considered a well-rounded director who has plenty of experience, but he is not known for being in touch with the rap and hip hop community like Singleton was. Fans are concerned that it will be a mediocre biopic at best.

The movie which has been plagued with problems since the beginning, including a lawsuit over the rights to the story, does not have a script, nor have any casting choices been made which makes it incredibly difficult to say if and when it will ever see the light of day.

20 New “Star Wars” Texts Bridge Time Between Episodes Six and Seven

While rumors going as far back as June of 2014 indicated that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” would feature a noticeable contingent of the empire that would continue to oppose the victorious Rebel Alliance, the news left a bad taste in many fans’ mouths. The idea that the Empire could somehow still be pulling the strings seems especially glaring when one is informed that “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” takes place roughly three decades after the events depicted in “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi,” which seems more than enough time for regimes to change, fall, and reshuffle.

Lucasfilm has decided to settle all of the questions regarding this interim period of time over the course of 20 new books, comics, and novels, that are set to launch throughout the year and up to the December 18th release of “The Force Awakens” at the year’s closure.

Marcio Alaor BMG noted that a collection of media is a trilogy of books, beginning with “Star Wars: Aftermath,” that will specifically cover the period of time between “Force” and “Jedi.” The synopsis of “Aftermath” is that while rumors spread of the empire’s downfall, new regimes try to fill the power vacuum and that some people may not ever know about the downfall due to the sheer size of the former Empire.

Chuck Wendig’s “Star Wars: Aftermath” is set to release on September 4th of this year.