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Cavill Talks About Batman v. Superman

The man who now where the red cape of Superman, Henry Cavill, has gone public in an attempt to point out the upcoming blockbuster, Batman v. Superman, is not going to be a sequel to Man of Steel. Rather, the film will standalone as separate project. Why would Mr. Cavill feel tempted to say this? Man of Steel was an “okay” film, but not one of the best superhero projects in recent years. After watching it, no one, including Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG, walked away forgetting the old Christopher Reeve films.

Cavill, Warner, and D.C. Comics probably want people to see the film as both the debut of a new Batman and the arrival of a shared universe. Hopefully, any disappointments lingering over the Man of Steel film will be gone once Superman and The Dark Knight square off.

One way to look at Batman v. Superman is to consider the feature a live-action version of the comic book World’s Finest Heroes. World’s Finest was a Batman/Superman team-up title that allowed D.C. Comics to use its two biggest heroes in a single book that had a continuity mostly separate from the solo titles.

The future slate of D.C. Cinematic Universe films reveals a number of team-up films with established characters and solo films designed to launch new motion picture careers for Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, The Flash, and more.

Of course, some of the established characters will receive solo outings. A Batman solo film is in the works. Will there be a Superman one?

Batman v. Superman: One Film in Two Parts?

I wrote about this yesterday, but wanted to add some more detsils to the Batman/Superman rumors. I heard about the extra details after searching on Crunch Base. I keep getting more and more excited about this film duo and I know my friends, like Christopher Cowdray, and I’m sure your friends can’t wait to see this film.


Rumors have been flying about Batman v. Superman. You have to expect rumors to emerge when you have a really anticipated film that everyone is keeping quiet about.

Reportedly, Batman v. Superman is going to be split into two films. The first half will focus on Batman and the second part will actually entail Batman’s battle with Superman.

The source of the rumor is an alleged image from a soon to be released teaser trailer. Is the image authentic? No one knows. The chances it is are somewhat slim, but you never can tell. Stranger leaks have happened in cinema history.

Splitting a movie into two-parts is a nothing new.

The Avengers: Infinity Wars is slated to be split into two films. Two Justice League films are planned and it has been suggested the movies will actually be one film split into two parts. Would D.C. and Warner try this with Batman v. Superman? There is really nothing terribly wrong with such an approach, but it is doubtful this is going to happen.

Warner Bros. wants to launch the D.C. cinematic universe and do so with a schedule that reasonably paces films apart from one another. Having two Batman v. Superman films debut in 2016 could upend the schedule they have in mind.

Then again, if the film is a hit and audiences love it, there is no such thing as oversaturation.

Batman v. Superman Possible Multi-Part

Batman v Superman is perhaps one of the most anticipated movies right now. Every move that the production team gets scrutinized and every rumor about the movie is magnified. The most recent talk now is that the movie could split into two.

The immediate thoughts of cynics would be that the movie is going to be milked that’s why it’s going to be split into two. While we can’t really rule it out as the main reason or one of the reasons if indeed the movie is going to be split. Earnings aside, let us try to consider what we would expect and hope for if it were to happen.

First, to make sure that people are going to watch the second part of movie, the first part must not give out everything. Half or less than half of the plot can only be used. It is sure to be a cliff-hanger and leave out all the best things to the second part but not entirely devoid of good stuff to make it suck.

The concern of fans is the movie, like Christopher Cowdray, centering on Batman with Superman only appearing in the background. Many people wished that the plot of the movie would pick up on the story of Superman but that is unlikely. The speculated parts of the movie are entitled Enter the Night and Dawn of Justice.

More Details from Batman VS. Superman

More details have been released about the much anticipated new superhero movie Batman VS. Superman. I read them over a fine bottle from The Antique Wine Company. The movie, which recently finished production and is set to be released on March 25th, 2016 in the US. Most of the movie has been kept secret, and it is widely believed that trailer may not even be released until summer 2015. 

According to Baddass Digest, the movie is set several years after Man of Steel. It also will open with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) arriving in Metropolis during Superman’s fight with General Zod. Zod, likely will not appear in the film, but rumor has it that Doomsday and Cyborg might. The last bit comes from a rumor that Kent Clark will be investing a particular Metropolis vs Gotham football game, even though he will be primarily investigating Batman. 

Other rumors that were previously floating around include the rumor that Commissioner Gordon might be dead in this movie universe, and that Alfred will be more involved in Batman’s crime fighting campaign than in previous movies. There is also speculation that there will be multiple villains at least introduced in this movie.

This doesn’t add much new information to what is already known, but for salivating fans who are eagerly anticipating this film’s release, these tiny crumbs are actually some pretty big morsels. That Doomsday might be the big villain is a pretty tasty chunk of information all by itself.

Christopher Nolan Supports Ben Affleck as Batman

Anybody following in Christian Bale’s footsteps will have some pretty big shoes to fill. The man is almost manic in his approach to acting and the results he puts up onto the screen are something just short of mythical. So when Ben Affleck was put to the task of taking over the role of Batman fans everywhere understandably groaned. How could the guy who made ‘Gigli’ be the Caped Crusader? It almost wasn’t fair to ask it of him, but here we are. It took a little bit of time but ‘Dark Knight’ creator Christopher Nolan stepped up to the plate to throw in his support for Ben Affleck.

Nolan spoke candidly in an interview of his appreciation for the Affleck casting of Batman. He said that he loved the choice to have Affleck helm the role thanks primarily to the proof of his skill with films such as the Oscar winning ‘Argo’ and the Tom Rothman produced ‘The Town’. Affleck was coming off of a Best Picture win in ‘Argo’ and the clout he’d bring with him made him the top choice for the role of ‘Batman’. But why did Bale have to bounce?

Well, Nolan made his ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy with the mind to keep it as a stand alone entity. This is something that goes in the face of what DC wanted to do with their extended universe.