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Chinese Buyers Increase Real Estate Purchases in New York City

The Real Deal Magazine featured an article by Hiten Samtani titled, “Chinese are spreading their wings in NYC, resi experts say at TDR Shanghai forum,” which can be found at The Real Deal Magazine covers real estate news in NYC and it recently held its first ever real estate showcase and forum in Shanghai. This article talks about Chinese buyers increasing their residential investment purchases in NYC and presents several influential NYC real estate brokers and developers who explain why this is happening. They talk about how NYC apartments for rent on townrealestate is safe for a big city and developers are building incredible properties creating an environment where there is a constant demand from buyers.

One of the panelist in this forum was TOWN Residential CEO Andrew Heiberger. TOWN Residential was founded in 2010, has ten offices located throughout NYC and recently formed a partnership with the Miami based real estate firm Fortune international. TOWN focuses on marketing, selling and leasing high-end luxury residential properties and property developments. Mr. Heiberger says Chinese buyers are sensitive to real estate prices and typically look for properties that are in the range of $800 million to $2 million. He went on to say that the Real Estate Board of New York and the New York Attorney General’s Office highly regulate NYC brokerages making them more transparent so that consumers can be highly protected.

The panelist at the forum, which included brokers and developers such as Fredrik Eklund, Miki Naftali, Jonathan Simon, Stephen Kliegerman as well as Andrew Heiberger went on to explain how it can be difficult for foreigners to get financing to purchase real estate in NYC, so it helps if they come in with a lot of cash reserves. Currently many Chinese buyers are looking at properties in other parts of NYC outside of Manhattan as well as Harlem and Brooklyn. The panelist seemed to be satisfied with the current real estate market in NYC and even described what their dream home would be in the NYC.

Start Home Shopping In New York City Real Estate

Imagine someone who is only 19 years old, and they are ready to move out on their own. It’s likely that they may have had their parents help them to find a new place, but what if they live on the opposite side of the United States, and they’re looking to move to New York City? New York City is an amazing place to visit, and an even better place to live, but it may be difficult to find a home, especially for someone who has never lived in the city before. Those who visit the city may feel like they can easily find a new home in New York City, but it does take some skills and some time.

If finding New York City apartments for rent for the first time is looking for a great place to live, they will need some help. A real estate agent is the best help that you can get to find you a new home in New York City, and it can be a lot less time-consuming than looking for a home on your own. Yes, some people like the satisfaction of doing the work themselves, but what if you miss out on a great place by looking up homes on your own? If you really want to find a place that has everything that you want, whether you’re starting out in New York City are not, then a real estate agent is a wise decision.

Let your real estate agent get some information from you, and they can help you to determine what’s the best place for you to live in the big city. New York City has so many different types of dwellings that it may be difficult to choose what type of place you want to call home. A studio apartment, a condo, a loft, a penthouse and more are all available in New York City. With so many places that the city has to offer, you may be confused about which one to choose, but your real estate agent can help you decide.

Maybe the deciding factor will be the features a place has, so you’ll want to ask your agent about the different features available in homes across New York City. Town Real Estate is an excellent agency that has listings in New York City, unlike other agencies. If a company lists exclusively with Town Real Estate, then you can only get to those listings by working with them directly. You won’t be sorry once you sign up to work with Town Real Estate because they only have luxurious listings that many people would love to get into. Not only will you find a great place with Town Real Estate, but it may have everything you’ve been looking for.