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Attorney James Bopp And Citizens United Fight For A More Equal Election Process

James Bopp actually got laughed out of court when he argued in favor of Citizens United (a conservative, non-profit political action group) being able to offer “Hillary – The Movie” at on-demand TV at the same time that Democratic presidential primaries were being held. The movie does not put either Bill or Hillary Clinton in a good light. Citizens United was informed by the Federal Election Commission that the movie couldn’t be shown during primaries because it was too much like a campaign add that didn’t specify who paid for it.

It was when James Bopp argued the movie wasn’t much different than something you’d see on 60 Minutes that Judge Lamberth laughed out loud saying “you can’t compare this to 60 Minutes.” Two years later he wasn’t laughing anymore when the Supreme Court reversed his ruling and gave Bopp the chance to change the entire structure of campaign-finance regulations and laws.


Bopp has an impressive reputation in the courts. Before he became the champion of Citizens United, his efforts in the Supreme Court helped knock big holes in the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law. Currently, he is pursuing quite a few cases that could eliminate caps on political contributions and if successful, take out public-financing laws all across the country.

End Citizens United has raised $4 million and expect that amount to rise to $35 million for midterms. They raise money of their own to push big money out of politics. Approximately 100,000 people have contributed in only the first quarter of this year with the end goal of electing “campaign-finance reform candidates” to Congress. Many who believe the White House shouldn’t be for sale to the highest bidder are ready to push their cause in the next election.

People who have donated to this cause do so because they feel as if “the system is rigged against them” as in “those with more money have more say,” and so they fight back by raising money to get people elected who believe as they do. Democrats are not at all happy about having Donald Trump as President and are ready to fight him and all his nominees, including Superior Court pick Judge Neil Gorsuch, in any way they can.

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George Soros: Beyond Political Donations

George Soros, the American business mogul, political activist and philanthropist, made a resounding comeback to active political activism by donating a whooping $25 million to support Hillary Clinton’s bid to become the country’s first female president. Some of the funds were donated directly to Clinton’s campaign kitty to support her campaign activities during the November 2016 presidential elections. However, the biggest portion of the funds were donated to various super Political Action Committees (PACs), which supported Clinton campaign against the Republican Party candidate, Donald J. Trump.

George Soros’ reemergence comes several years after he donated a staggering $27 million during the 2004 presidential elections, during which he supported the Democratic Party’s bid to recapture the presidency from President George Bush. In his new campaign donation, Mr. Soros also directed millions of dollars to various grassroots PACs including End Citizens United, which received the maximum $5,000 the organization permits. He also donated $1.5 million to Senate Majority PAC, which is an organization supporting the election of Democratic Party’s senate candidates. George Soros also donated millions of dollars to support organizations championing for human rights. He has financially supported causes dedicated to grassroots voter mobilization for various groups including minorities. Many viewed his reemergence as the much-needed boost to spur donations from other wealthy conservatives and liberals to support Clinton’s campaigns. Follow George Soros on

Funding Democratic Causes: Silently Revolutionizing American Society

George Soros’ engagement in public discourse extends beyond the political arena. He is also actively involved in social and philanthropic causes aimed at improving quality of life while also opening up the democratic space in the United States especially for the minorities. In 2015, he was at the center of the Ferguson protests, which saw thousands of people drawn from several cities converge in Ferguson to protest policy brutality. Through Open Society Foundations, a nonprofit he founded, George Soros donated millions of dollars to help with the organization of the grassroots movements that rose from the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin by a police officer. The funds were donated to several grassroots organizations and were used for various purposes including logistics.

Over the years, George Soros has silently led a silent revolution within the U.S justice system by sponsoring the candidature of pro-reform candidates for various elective positions within the justice system including district attorneys and sheriffs. He has primarily channeled his donations through super PACs that primarily support minority candidates for these positions. The funds have primarily been used to put buy campaign ads spaces in local media platforms. The ads not only support the candidature of the minority candidates; they also targeted their opponents who George Soros are proponents of the status quo. He has also donated $500 million towards actualization of his passion of creating business opportunities for the needy including immigrants and their host communities. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

George Soros’ Contribution Fails to Clinch Top Job for the Democrats

George Soros’ decision to contribute to the democratic camp was greeted with a lot of optimism. Soros last contribution to the democratic campaign was in the 2004 elections where George Bush won a second term in office. In that particular campaign, he had contributed $ 27 million. Soros then went back to the business world on when Kerry lost only to reemerge to back his good friend Hillary Clinton.

Soros’ Clinton Support

Soros, an 85 year old billionaire of Hungarian roots, is a close friend of the Clintons and his reappearance to sponsor Hillary was not much of a surprise. George Soros donated around $25 million in an effort to revitalize the democrats’ campaign for the Oval Office and other key state leadership positions. Although he was expected to attend Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention, he was caught up in pressing business engagements.

Many have said that apart from his close friendship with the Clinton’s, Soros was motivated by issues such as immigration, the justice system and religious tolerance, which he feels are not well represented by a Republican Presidency. George Soros’ contribution to the Clinton campaign was followed by other generous contributions such as Tom Steyer’s $31 million, Haim Saban’s $11.1 million, Fred Eychaner’s $11.1 million and Don Sussman’s $13.2 million.

The Aftermath

Now that the democrats have lost to president elect Donald Trump, the billionaire supporters in the Clinton camp and the main Democratic Leadership on Biography are meeting to strategize on the way forward. This meeting is convened when Liberals are reevaluating their participation and approach to elections in particular and American Politics in general. This meeting, courtesy of the Democratic Donor Club, includes personalities like Soros, Elizabeth Warren, the Democrats house leader Nancy Pelosi and Keith Ellison among others.

The meeting is of people who are uncomfortable with a Trump presidency, which they believe would erode all the strides made by Obama. They hope to thwart Donald’s 100 day plan and in so doing preserve the democrats gains under the presidency of Obama. The role of the Democratic Alliance at, which is responsible for the coordination of funding, is also part of the agenda at the meeting.