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Eleven Technicians Of Securus Technologies Receive The Prestigious BICSI Certification

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of inmate communications systems across North America, announced that eleven of its field services specialists have received the prestigious BICSI Installer I Certification. According to the management, the successful completion of the certification represents a milestone because it shows that Securus Technologies is committed to offer highest standards of technical expertise and professionalism to its stakeholders. The BICSI certification is offered by the Building Industry Consulting Service International, which is the professional body representing information and technology communication industry.


Achieving the certification is not a trivial affair because it requires prior knowledge of advanced communication infrastructure and hands-on practical training. The exam covers a broad range of subjects focusing on video, audio, and voice technologies. During the certification, technicians are required to solve multiple real-life scenarios, which enables them to design, install and manage different topographies. The project also involves dealing with different pathways, optical-fiber and copper based distribution systems.


BICSI certifications serve more than 23,000 ICT professionals, who can take advantage of various training, conferences, publications and credentials across 100 countries. According to Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice President, Operations for Securus Technologies, the training is fundamental to achieving high-standards that has been a hallmark of the company. He insisted that the growing standard of the communications industry requires technicians to solve critical problems. Therefore, BICSI Installer I Certification is an important step in delivering the best customer service to the client. He also claimed that technicians working for Securus Technologies have an impressive 15 years of field experience, on average. As Securus Technology believes heavily in certifications, it is also necessary for field experts to gain first-hand knowledge of the latest communication technologies.


It is notable that Securus Technologies serves more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies in the United States.