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Proactive Protection of Personal Information

Status Labs has been described as the “Olivia Pope & Associates” of the internet by The Daily Beast. The president of this organization is named Darius Fisher. Status Labs under Fisher’s leadership have made a business handling crises of the online variety and properly fixing the digital reputations of individuals who have been besmirched by internet riffraff. Clients are, if it were possible, inoculated; and if this can’t be done, after-the-fact damage repair is brought to bear.

Darius Fisher understands internet insanity, and has a basic checklist of things people online should have in mind . Especially with individuals that have a higher profile; whether that profile be in business, media, or elsewhere. Darius Fisher’s specialization is the remediation of digital reputation crises.

In the four years since Darius launched Status Labs, the staff surrounding this exceptionally vibrant entrepreneur has expanded to about thirty. Offices in New York and even so far as São Paulo have opened up. It makes sense. If a guy like Darius can give public figures a second chance, as well as politicians and executives, why wouldn’t his business steadily accrue clientele? Currently Darius’ operation boasts over 1,500 clients in some 35 different countries.

Darius Fisher is a native New Yorker, and recently worked as a political consultant and copywriter. PRWeek announced that Darius Fisher was among its “Year’s Innovation 50” list. This list recognizes rising presences in the digital communications and PR world.
There has been a lot of praise for Darius Fisher from PRWeek.

Darius Fisher is probably so good at what he does because he has firsthand experience of the ubiquitous insanity a variety of clients worldwide have had to deal with on the internet. He says that his own personal difficulties, “have made my character stronger,” and that does seem to be the case!

No wonder Darius Fisher and Status Labs have received honorable mentions from Yahoo! News and the New York Times. Their assistance for victims of the Ashley Madison kerfuffle was downright legendary! Fisher’s strategic vision for the company has helped build partnerships with various influential agencies and individuals. Darius understands that as personal privacy deteriorates in society, everybody eventually becomes a victim. Sure, now it’s some Ashley Madison shenanigans; tomorrow it’s Target, Sony, Adobe, or even the Home Depot. Just because the services AM provided weren’t mainstream doesn’t mean that hackers will avoid the mainstream. Protecting reputations proactively is thus Darius Fisher’s goal.