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Slyce Shares Technical Highlights, Finance Updates And Other News

Slyce’s 2015 Report And Fourth Quarter Results

Yahoo Finance released a very important report on Slyce’s recent business updates. This report includes key financial information regarding Slyce’s business procedures, new relationships, investor information, updates to their technology, CEO statements and more information. This information is relevant to anyone interested in investing or doing business with this emerging leader in the visual search shopping industry.

Business Highlights For Slyce

In a quick recap of the Business Highlights of this Yahoo Finance report of Slyce, we can clearly see the new relationships that are being built between Slyce and major retailers in online shopping and offline retailers. Slyce has partnered with SHOES.COM, a major online shoe retailer in North America, as of the second week of August in 2015. In late August of 2015, Slyce gained a relationship with Neiman Marcus in order to offer their entire product line to users of the application. Other partnerships and agreements include those between Slyce and Carnvial Shoes, and between Slyce and Urban Outfitters. All of these partnerships allow users of Slyce’s application to use image recognition software from Slyce’s application to visual search through retailer’s product offerings.

Financing Updates For Slyce

Slyce made a major change in the 2015 to 2016 year in its financing options by switching from a traditional short term finance option to a more lucrative private investment strategy. The new lead investor of Slyce’s company claimed a subscription worth a total of $3.5 million units of Slyce’s company.

Technical Highlights From Slyce

Slyce has had several specific technological achievements that have revolutionized the visual search industry and made their company the preeminent visual search company on the market. Their new Universal Scanner feature was added in the middle of October of 2015, and it is now their core product. This feature lets the users that come to Slyce’s application to use an AI recognition software that recognizes any image captured, including physical products, barcodes and non-watermarked images.