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White Shark Media Doesn’t Want Complaints To Go Unresolved

Most customers at White Shark Media have come away very happy with the services they offer. White Shark Media takes the burdens off of small businesses in marketing by building and managing ad campaigns and assisting in the bidding process. They want to make sure that the process of opening accounts with them runs as smooth as possible, and they’ve taken steps to address customer complaints over the years.


One complaint customers have had with White Shark Media was having to start over a brand new account with Google AdWords or Bing Ads when they felt their existing account was already doing well. So White Shark Media decided to make an allowance for customers to now keep their existing account and continue using it. White Shark Media has also resolved complaints about communication by having a 24/7 contact number for a customer contact person. And there are also advisors who monitor a customer signup process from the time they had the evaluation to the time they signup for a plan, so that way if questions arise that the contact person is not familiar with there are people they can consult immediately.


More information can be found on White Shark Media’s website about how their campaign optimization service works through an online evaluation. The evaluation is free and held at, and during the evaluation a specialist will take a look at your current Google and Bing campaigns and show how White Shark Media’s system can improve them. If you like what you hear, you can hire White Shark Media immediately.