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Privinvest Continues To Grow Thanks To Its CEO And Co-Founder Iskandar Safa


Iskandar Safa has accomplished a lot during his lifetime, and he continues to find new successes within the shipbuilding industry as the CEO and chair of Privinvest.

While his company provides naval vessels to 40 navies from all around the world, it also constructs some of the most innovative superyachts on the planet Earth. Iskandar Safa recently commented during an interview that one of his company’s subsidiaries by the name of Nobiskrug has many orders for superyachts.

While Iskandar and his brother Akram continue to run the company, they are not very involved in its day-to-day operations. They leave that up to the more than 2,500 employees who work within all of Privinvest’s various subsidiaries. Safa has a lot of confidence in the teams he has hired but will sometimes take part with the sales of some of his company’s vessels if his team believes he can be of assistance. Read This Article for additional information.

Iskandar Safa feels that the success of Nobiskrug, which is one of Privinvest’s subsidiaries, has to do with the motivation of the people who work within the company. Nobiskrug is building many different yachts and one of these is the Black Shark, which is a yacht that is over 77 meters in length. His company has many new contracts and is getting ready to begin delivering its new super yacht Sailing Yacht A to customers soon. Visit This Page to learn more.

Iskandar Safa has acquired many different shipbuilding companies over the years in order to expand Privinvest. He acquired Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie some years back and was able to turn it into a success after it had been struggling before he took it over. Privinvest has its headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, but it also has shipyards in the Middle East, Germany, France, and the UK. Safa is always looking deeply into his company to see how he can help it to improve and grow.


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Innovative Shipbuilding Company CEO Iskandar Safa


Privinvest is one of the top shipbuilding companies in the world, and its customers range from those who are involved in national defense to those who want naval vessels, such as yachts, designed and constructed for their own personal use.

Middle Eastern businessman Iskandar Safa co-founded the company with his brother Akram, and it is headquartered in their home country of Lebanon, in the city of Beirut. More than 2,000 of its ships have been delivered to the navy branch of the military, as well as to private customers. Read This Article for more information.

Iskandar Safa has been a part of the ship engineering industry since 1991, when he purchased a shipyard in Cherbourg, France that was going through some financial struggle. Iskandar Safa managed to turn the business around within 2 years, growing its profits and hiring over 500 employees to help with production duties. Aside from his water vessel operations, Iskandar Safa was earlier involved in international trade as a representative of companies in the west such as the U.S. defense contractor Northrop.

Iskandar Safa also invested in a European hotel chain with his brother and increased its profitability substantially. After graduating from the American University of Beirut, the skilled executive moved to Saudi Arabia to work at his father’s civil engineering business. While he was there, he designed and built a military academy that included an airstrip. The academy was to be named for the man who was the King of that country at that time.

Iskandar Safa has always been determined to succeed , and he has said that he likes taking on big challenges. While in his youth, he was an Olympic discus throwing champion. He was also wounded in his stomach during the civil war that took place in his country years ago, but after he recovered, he continued to persistently pursue his entrepreneurial endeavors. He is now one of the wealthiest people in Lebanon.