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Jack Plotkin and the Costs of the Modern Telehealth Field


Those who have paid attention to the healthcare industry over the past few years have likely seen that the cost of medicine has been one of the major focus points. In many parts of the country, people have had a hard time finding a doctor. This has been one of the major reasons why telehealth has become so popular. Over the past few years, the CTO of Virtual Health, Jack Plotkin, has been one of the people leading the charge to get telehealth more incorporated into the regular stream of healthcare. Due to changes in the healthcare field over the past few years, he believes that, this time, telehealth is here to stay.

Based on the information provided by Jack Plotkin, he thinks that the cost of telehealth is dropping. First, there is a lot of equipment that is required for someone to get a telehealth department up and running. During the past few years, the cost of this technology has dropped precipitously. Next, even though the price of these tools is starting to come down, the efficiency of the equipment has improved. This means that more people than ever before are going to have access to telehealth and all of its glory. Finally, there are also costs associated with maintaining this equipment and storing its data. While these costs used to be prohibitive, these costs are falling as well. Insurance companies are also starting to realize the benefits of using telehealth, leading to higher reimbursement rates than ever before.


This last point, according to Jack Plotkin, has been one of the biggest reasons why people are starting to see a rise in the world of telehealth. There is a paradigm shift taking place in the way insurance companies pay for healthcare. This has led to an increased focus on telehealth and all of its benefits. Jack Plotkin is leading telehealth into the future of healthcare.

Academy of Art University: A Day in the Life

Choosing a place to study that will be the perfect fit is one of the challenges that all students face. Pairing the end of high school with the sense of excitement and adventure has a nagging fear of choosing the wrong place. This makes you think, wouldn’t it be amazing if students could follow someone for a day or more at one of the colleges of their choice and actually get a feel for the people, campus, and overall atmosphere before you commit to going there?

Luckily, Sam Bear a student at the Academy of Art University, shared a typical day of study in the world of motion pictures and television. He was able to document everything that happens in a normal day of a student at the Academy of Art University. Sam starts by rising early at 9am in his room at the Commodore Dormitory to prepare himself for the day. The Commodore was built as a merchant seaman hotel in 1928 and is one of the 15 total residence facilities for the Academy of Art University.

Sam then takes part in 2 different classes in the School of Motion Pictures and Television. Each class is spaced far apart to make time for other college things like project collaborations, studying, and even relaxation. His first class, Production Design, begins at 11am. This is where the students are able to focus on a variety of things like props, sets, and even costumes. Classes like these give Sam the opportunity to share his work as well as be encouraged and challenged by his peers and professors. Sam is able to start building the relationships that will become crucial in his future career. At 3pm, he has a Directing Actors Class. This is a collaborative class that allows the students to work together.

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Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, And Investor Jason Hope

Every year the rejuvenation biotechnology conference is hosted by the SENS Research Foundation. Attendees of the conference are reminded by chief science officer and founder Aubrey de Grey, the importance of contributions and conference goal to help in the development of drugs that can correct in fight the effects of aging. The event is attended by experts who share their knowledge as well as learn from other speakers who have ideas that are targeted towards the treatment of molecular damage, Alzheimer’s disease, cellular damage, and cancer. Major priorities of the event are the development of preventive strategies as well as the building of the rejuvenation biotechnology industry. SENS is possible because of support from investors, researchers, and scientists. A major contributor and vocal opponent of the expansion of anti-aging research is entrepreneur Jason hope who has been a major factor for several years.

In 2010, $500,000 dollars was donated to the SENS Research Foundation by Jason Hope which along others donations, allowed the organization to build Cambridge SENS Laboratory as well as starting a new research program. Jason is happy to donate to the foundation because of their unique initiatives to fight aging and focus on cures for degenerative diseases like lung disease and Alzheimer’s which age and destroy bodies. These diseases cost billions of American dollars each year which is another crucial reason to find a solution.

Jason hope was born in Tempe, Arizona and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. He received is bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in finance. And later earned his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason received international recognition for business success shortly after business school making him a top mentor among top entrepreneurs as well as students. Jason is now involved in administering multiple projects and businesses. He also makes investment choices based on the research causes that he is passionate about and generously donates to anti-aging research as well as other causes. Another research interest that Jason Hope has is innovative thinking technology, smart technology, and automation. He enjoys blogging about his current ideas research and writing interests.

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Nitin Khanna Knows How To Market CBD

Nitin Khanna is a skilled entrepreneur who has managed successful businesses for many years. He also has started his own companies and continues to create more. He is successful and smart in many ways. One of his latest adventures in business is into CBD. As a Portland-based entrepreneur, it was an easy choice to bring to the market one of the newest and most sought after pain reliever. Khanna’s approach to providing the CBD is a little different than a bottle with a happy face on it. Like everything, Khanna does he has approached selling CBD in the most responsible way.

Nitin Khanna is the CEO of Cura Cannabis Solutions. The companies approach is offering marketing and packaging with a more sophisticated and streamlined approach. Solid colors, clean fonts, and white bottles give the CBD products more of a medical look than something fun and casual. Nitikin is dedicated to making sure there are no pesticides or other harmful substances in his CBD products. You can check their test results for purity and cleanliness on the website. The company offers vape with essential oils. Cannabis Solutions are wanting you to be able to have a nice flavor vape for every part of the day.

The CBD gels Cura offers run in line with how much gummies usually cost with CBD. It is about $65.00 for 30 gel caps that have about 33 mg of CBD in them. Nitin Khanna is dedicated to helping provide wellness for the many pain sufferers around the world. Cura started off with 15 employees and now has 125 employees. There are offices and processing plants in Oregon, Nevada, and California. Cura provides excellent jobs and products thanks to hard work and dedication from their leader Nitin Khanna. There is no doubt we will see more and more from Nitin Khanna in the business world.

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NGP VAN Develops Digital Solutions For Campaign Fundraisers

Overseeing a political campaign is a complex issue that can become quite expensive. Fundraising takes strategic planning and must be well-coordinated to successfully raise the money needed to generate political victory.


The Federal Election Committee reported in 2016 that the average expenditures for a winning campaign for United States Senator were well over $10 million. For campaigns seeking a seat in the House of Representatives, the average cost was $1.5 million. It has even been observed at the state and local levels that the cost of running a successful campaign for office is only getting more expensive.


More and more campaigns are turning to advanced technology to monitor progress and track campaign spending. A leader in the production of these technological advances is NGP VAN, an organization that provides digital solutions for Democratic and other progressive candidates, as well as parties in the non-profit sector.


By using NGP VAN products, managers of campaigns can organize and view data through an online interface that comes completes with charts and graphs to conveniently structure the mass of information. NGP VAN software has been used to power some of the largest political undertakings in the country including the successful 2008 and 2012 campaigns of former United States President Barack Obama.


Digital platforms like the one provided by NGP VAN is perfectly designed to integrate with other digital strategies such as peer-to-peer lending, email campaigning, and social media interaction. The technology provides the added benefit of consolidating campaign donations so that potential donors can make smaller but consistent donations to a campaign that they wish to support.


Through the products provided by NGP VAN, fundraising staff is now equipped with the tools to build a digital list of sponsors across a variety of platforms to build a network of contributors. This technology also provides donors with the ability to track their own donations as desired.


Technology like that which is provided by NGP VAN counters the idea that fundraising for campaigns is somehow an equivalent to collecting donations for a charity. Both hired staff, as well as volunteers, are more likely to enthusiastically seek campaign donations for candidates when not encumbered with thoughts of soliciting charity. The concept here is that donors give money to protect their own personal political interests and support the candidate that they feel is the best match to protect those interests. The technology provided by NGP VAN gives campaigns the best opportunity to capitalize on this viewpoint.


Eric Pulier Making New Plans With vAtomic Systems

Eric Pulier suffered some disappointment when he built a high quality cloud enterprise platform known as ServiceMesh only to find out it was not going to be incorporated in the buying company’s product suite the way he had hoped. But he decided to do something better by starting a new company known as vAtomic Systems, a mobile app based company that would explore how to disrupt mainstream industries just as Uber was already doing. According to Ideamensch, Pulier says this company will be researching gaming technology and putting it to work in the new apps they develop, and he’s excited about how new economic developments such as bitcoin and blockchain technology are going to work with this company.

Eric Pulier currently resides in Los Angeles but was born in Teaneck, NJ. He started taking on computers full force when he was still only in elementary school. He graduated magana cum laude from Harvard University with a bachelor’s in English and American literature while also holding a dual degree in computer science from MIT. He began his IT career as the founder of People Doing Things which eventually merged into Digital Evolution, a company that served all kinds of clients from motion picture production companies to automotive companies. He later became Chairman of US Interactive and while there started designing and building SOA-based software companies. His most notable developments besides ServiceMesh also include Akana, Desktone and Media Platform.

Eric Pulier not only advised and consulted for IT companies such as Microsoft, he also worked with the government and became respected by the Clinton Administration. He was appointed by President Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Committee in 1997 to head up the Presidential Technology Exhibition which included “Bridge to the 21st Century” and a live feed to the space shuttle. He was also a founding member of Starbright World, a foundation that built an interactive media system at many children’s hospitals. He also became a member of the Enterprise Leadership Council and is on the Board of Innovation at XPrize, a competition for young scientific-minded people. For more info about us: click here.

A Look at Technology Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is known as one of the prominent and most prosperous business and government technology industry entrepreneurs. He is a Harvard University Graduate. He is also a writer, published author, speaker, big-hearted philanthropist, and an entrepreneur who has established and advanced many strong foundations. He has accomplished a lot in the course of his career. He had created a Database Computer Company even before finishing high school. He also worked as a writer and editor of The Harvard Crimson, Harvard University’s daily newspaper. In 1991, Eric Pulier relocated to Los Angeles to follow his dreams.

Eric Pulier’s entrepreneurial success is as a result of him being an ideal person. Most of his companies get funded by big investment capital groups around the globe. These companies include Desktone, SOA software, and MediaPlatform. Pulier is also part of Clinton Global Initiative founded by Bill Clinton, and Enterprise Leadership Council’s Managing Director.

Xprize is possibly one of the most contemporary foundations by Eric Pulier. The program has multiple competitions and awards for enthusiastic individuals. His primary aim behind this was to support steadfast adults and teens who fail to achieve their dreams due to poverty. Another successful work by Eric Pulier was Akana which was an SOA software program. He later sold the business to Rogue Wave Software after expanding it to a compelling series of SOA solutions.

Eric Pulier is a generous humanitarian with several philanthropy projects. These projects include the Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp for kids suffering from chronic diseases. The other notable philanthropy project was his collaboration with Bill Clinton to create affordable cloud computing solutions to poor communities.

Pulier has published several works which include his book “Understanding Enterprise SOA” which provides an easy way of understanding the field. He has also acted a Forbes writer.

Eric Pulier has left a significant impression globally from his philanthropical deeds and establishment of the first online bilateral live feed stream.