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TigerSwan: A Highlighted Veteran’s Business

james reese tigerswanTigerSwan is a US business that focuses on protecting international and American based companies. The owner, James Reese, is a veteran who retired out of the Delta Forces in the late 2000s. During his time in the military, he served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many might say this is where James Reese fine-tuned his leadership talent that he was born with. TigerSwan is Reese’s newest challenge.

TigerSwan uses the newest equipment to train their elite staff. One piece they have relied upon lately is the Suburban SUV. This workhorse was put to the test. The crew practiced taking it out in the dark of night, but the drive is nothing like ours. They drive in the dark because during any of their missions this may be how they have to come into any compound or rescue situation. The team uses their high-tech night vision gear to survey the landscape and road ahead. The SUV must be able to traverse rugged landscape where no trail exists.

In addition to transportation, TigerSwan must use rifles and other firepower. They practice with their guns to keep their sharp edge, but their shooting is not on any average target practice range. TigerSwan needs its people to aim with accuracy after getting to the location. It could be night, blistering hot, and there could be gunfire all around them. TigerSwan prepares them for this environment by practice and mental preparation. The shooting range might include hitting a target off in the distance or obscured. The time of day can vary when the real missions strike, so everyone must get comfortable firing at night using night vision, during high noon with the temperature soaring, and at dusk when it is hard to see.

James Reese and the team at TigerSwan are proud to be a blend of veterans and other skilled workers. They are all very humble in their service, and they do not boost or show off any of their skills. They are a team that is there to protect and complete missions. Under the watchful care and eye of James Reese, TigerSwan is a shining example of a successful veteran business.

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The Past and Future of GreenSky

Online Lending

GreenSky is an online lending company that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was founded in 2006, and it has enjoyed tremendous success so far. Many customers enjoy working with the company for various reasons. Not only does GreenSky offer excellent customer service, but the company also has multiple lending programs that customers appreciate.

Online lending is a developing area of the banking industry. Numerous customers enjoy the convenience of online loans. Not only is online banking faster, but it is also easier to manage for most people.

Surviving the Financial Crisis

The financial crisis in 2008 happened just a few years after GreenSky was founded. The GreenSky credit program remained solvent for multiple reasons.

The GreenSky credit programs also had more demanding requirements than other online lending programs. While many online banks went bankrupt during the financial crisis, GreenSky grew every year. The company did make some changes to the GreenSky credit program to reduce financial risks after the crisis.

Housing Upgrades

With the strong housing market across the country, many people have interest in utilizing home equity to make various improvements. One of the biggest reasons that customers use the GreenSky credit program is to make home improvements.

Making a substantial home improvement is expensive. Not only have material prices increased, but paying for labor is costly as well. Most people underestimate the amount of money a significant home repair will require. The people who work at GreenSky have years of experience helping customers through this process.

Although the company is relatively new to the industry, the GreenSky credit program has overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers.

Sentient AI Better E-commerce Customer Experience for the End Users

When it comes to retail marketing on the internet, things have changed in the past few years completely. The e-commerce industry has been booming, and different retail sites are doing just about everything in their capacity to win more customers. Even though the marketing plays a critical role in how the e-commerce company increases its sales and penetrates the target market, it is eventually about the quality of the product and the services that would help the company make substantial progress in the long-term. Enhancing the e-commerce customer experience is also one of the significant factors that can help the customers stay with the brand. Better the experience of the customer on the site, more are the chances of higher conversion rates and for the customers to keep coming back to the site in the future.

One of the new techniques that the e-commerce companies are using these days is the implementation of the artificial intelligence technology. The AI technology can play a huge role in ensuring that the customers feel at home when shopping online at a site. The personalized concierge feeling that the artificial intelligence technology can provide is highly essential these days in ensuring that the customers can find what they are looking for without having to spend countless hours on the site, which may put them off and instead choose to go to a physical store to make their purchase. Any e-commerce site aims to keep the customers once they enter the site, and artificial intelligence technology takes into the account the customers’ browsing history, previous order, browsing pattern, products viewed, and more, to showcase them the products that would best meet their requirements and choice.

Artificial intelligence can play a vital role in giving the customers an enhanced e-commerce customer experience, which is what the customers want and the company intends to deliver. Artificial intelligence does not only help in making online shopping personalized and seamless but also helps the e-commerce companies to provide fast and attentive customer service to the customers. The chatbot powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technique helps in offloading much of the pressure off the manual customer service by answering the basic questions of the customers. Sentient AI is one of the most respected AI technology providers in the United States and has provided its AI-powered platform and technology to many online and offline companies. Sentient AI has many artificial intelligence based products and services to help the new age companies make the most of this latest technology.

Talk Fusion Releases Exciting New Training Platform

Talk Fusion recently announced a unique, new way for its associates to learn how to be successful in its network marketing program. “Talk Fusion University” is a web-based platform that associates can use to receive training directly from the company’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina. Not only is the platform full of motivational messaging and strategic insights on how associates can best market Talk Fusion’s products and business opportunity to others, but it’s also free!



Established in 2007 by Reina, Talk Fusion focuses on helping businesses market to customers using video. Video is more engaging than traditional forms of marketing like print or radio. By capturing the customer’s attention with high quality video solutions, Talk Fusion is able to help their clients increase market share, retain customers, and improve the bottom line. Talk Fusion utilizes its vast network of independent associates to market its products in countries around the world. Learn more:



Associates that take advantage of Talk Fusion University, have the opportunity to learn from one of the best. CEO Reina, a frequent contributor to news magazines and marketing industry publications, is considered an expert in the industry. He developed the learning platform made up of over 30 videos to help give Talk Fusion associates the fuel they need to succeed.



For those interested in learning how to earn extra income and build a better financial future, consider joining the Talk Fusion team. Now, with their new online training platform Talk Fusion University, it’s even easier for new associates to learn how to deliver the best video marketing solutions to Talk Fusion clients worldwide.